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【広島】2021 Edition: Hiroshima - an absolute must this summer! Mountains, rivers or seas, we bring you our top 5 outdoor activities to enjoy!

【広島】2021 Edition: Hiroshima - an absolute must this summer! Mountains, rivers or seas, we bring you our top 5 outdoor activities to enjoy!

2021-07-12 Management office

The rainy season has finally ended and it’s time to enjoy the summer. How will you spend your summer vacation this year? We believe it is not an overstatement to say that most of us are worn out and tired both physically and mentally due to the constant lockdowns and isolations. We could all use a bit of a break and refresh a bit in the majestic outdoors. For all those who feel like that we bring a special feature focusing on must-go places in Hiroshima, where you can do just that! Hiroshima is most famous for its two World Heritage sites, the Atomic Dome and Itsukushima Shrine. But there is much more to the city, with just a few steps you can find yourself out of the bustling city and in the grand nature that surrounds it. Outdoor activities that let you relax and unwind are becoming extremely popular and in this special feature we would like to introduce you to our pick of top 5 outdoor activities in and around Hiroshima.

Oku-Yuki Shower Climbing - adventure awaits in crystal clear waters

The humble town of Yuki is located a mere hour away from Hiroshima. Surrounded by lush green nature as far as the eye can see, we will challenge ourselves with a bit of canyoning (known in Japan as “shower climbing”) on the crystal clear Minochi River. This adventure tour offers not just a stunning view of majestic waterfalls from the river, but also a chance to come in close contact with the unique flora and fauna indigenous to the area.

Our guides customize the tour to your preferences and abilities, so everyone regardless of age or skill can safely enjoy the experience.

During the tour the guide will take pictures of you and your group with a special camera, so you can bring home more than just fond memories!

Not just fun but also informative - learn about the nature and environment

The tour is very popular precisely because it is not “just” fun. The guides will use the majestic natural surroundings as both a stage and a textbook to teach you fascinating things about the environment and our coexistence with mother nature. Excellent experience for both children and adults alike!

Become one with nature

Let yourself be carried gently by the stream as you float on the river, or brave the stone walls as you climb the waterfalls. Enjoy nature to its fullest, breathe in the clean air, test your strength and stamina against the forces of nature and refresh your body and spirit. Become one with nature and mother Earth!

  • Brave the rivers of Hiroshima in this unique "Shower Climbing" experience

    Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesRecommended for groupsTraveling with the GirlsTrip with the GuysTo Make MemoriesOn the RiverStrenuous ExerciseOutdoor ActivitiesOut of the OrdinaryAvoid the 3 CsIncludes Guide

Enjoy the outdoors of Hiroshima on the “Buggy Wild Adventure”

*Buggies are special off-road vehicles designed for fields and mountain paths

Escape the mundane - the “Buggy Wild Adventure” will take you on a thrilling ride through the impressive western Chugoku Mountains at a total elevation of 1000m. The buggies are safe and easy to drive even by children! Since no driver’s license is necessary this tour is a great choice for families too!

Only here - the only guided buggy adventure tour in all of Chugoku, Kyushu and Shikoku!

Elevation, ups and downs, total distance traveled, just about everything about this tour is on a different level. For your safety and pleasure our guide will be with you at all times and guide you through the slopes, hills, and mountain roads. Embark a one-of-a-kind adventure whilst leaving all worries behind.

During winter the ski slopes get covered with snow, however in the warmer seasons we will brave the mountain paths dug out by the local wildlife and charge into grass fields as tall as a man. The higher we go the more thrilling the ride gets, until we reach the top of the mountain where we will be rewarded by a spectacular view of the Western Chugoku Mountains. Definitely a must-see!

Wide array of activities!

There’s a host of other thrilling activities waiting for you! Zip through the air like a bird with the Zipline ride, easily conquer the slopes with EMTB electrically assisted mountain bikes, let your kids or even your inner child go wild on the giant trampoline, wind down at the camping area or kick it up a notch at the luxurious glamping area, with your family or friends!

  • Enjoy a thrilling buggy ride through the nature of Hiroshima prefecture

    Kitahiroshima Area (Sandan-kyō/Yawata Wetlands)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesLone Wolves Welcome!Trip with the GuysTo Make MemoriesIn the MountainsStrenuous ExerciseOutdoor Activities

Diving experience at the southernmost tip of the Hiroshima Prefecture, with a stunning sunset!

Enjoy nature, enjoy the sea!

This diving experience makes use of specialized equipment, with which you can safely dive deep into a whole new world beneath the surface. Venture into the deep and encounter marine life, if the sea conditions are good you may even stumble upon schools of fish to swim with!

Expert guides will support you all the way through

The guides will guide you from the start all the way through, from the first steps and getting used to the water so even total beginners can safely enjoy this activity. The small group policy that pairs one guide with a maximum of two participants ensures you can enjoy the experience at your own pace. There is also snorkeling gear available for rent free of charge after your diving experience for those who would like to enjoy a bit more of the marine life. You will also get the pictures taken underwater for free as an extra souvenir to take back home!

Heal your body and soul with a magnificent view of the sea at a fashionable cafe at Kurahashi Island

The distance between the facility hosting this activity and the beach is a mere 30 seconds on foot, with countless fashionable restaurants and cafes as well as shower facilities and even lodgings in its vicinity. After your diving tour, how about enjoying a nice cold drink with a stunning, seaside sunset view from a lovely local café?

  • Perfect location, right at the sea

    Kure District (Yamato Museum/Ōkunoshima Rabbit Island)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesRecommended for groupsSmall GroupTraveling with the GirlsTrip with the GuysTo Make MemoriesMarine SportOutdoor Activities

Become one with the sea with this popular SUP experience!

*This SUP experience is hosted by the same organization as the diving tour mentioned above.

No special skill necessary!

The most fascinating thing about the SUP experience is the feeling of newfound freedom of movement as you stand on the water surface. Even a first-timer will be able to stand and paddle on the SUP in a mere 30 minutes, making it easy to enjoy the experience from the very beginning. All basics, including proper operation and techniques will be thoroughly covered so leave all worries behind and hop on board! SUPs are known for their high buoyancy, so it’s easy to get the hang of them and enjoy them even if you have no prior experience with board sports whatsoever.

Enjoy a lovely tea after your SUP experience

Chill out and relax with a nice drink at a local café with an amazing ocean view after the SUP experience. Depending on the time, you might be lucky enough to catch the Golden hour, reminiscent of the northern lights!
*In photography the Golden hour refers to the first and last hour of sunlight during the day, when a specific photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light, dyeing the clouds and sky in various shades of purple, pink and orange.

  • *SUP Experience* Perfect location, right at the sea

    Kure District (Yamato Museum/Ōkunoshima Rabbit Island)

    Recommended for couplesRecommended for groupsLone Wolves Welcome!Small GroupTraveling with the GirlsTo Make MemoriesMarine SportOutdoor Activities

Beach snorkeling experience, perfect for marine sports beginners!

*This snorkeling experience is hosted by the same organization as the diving and SUP tours mentioned above.

Sea sports first-timers are more than welcome!

No need to worry about getting seasick! We will focus mostly on the shallows, so this experience is perfect for small children as well as non-swimmers! All participants will be asked to wear a wetsuit that also helps regulate body temperature, so there is no need to worry about sunburn nor wounds.

Thorough support from the instructors

This snorkeling experience is perfect for all those who came to Kurahashi Island to have fun and enjoy marine sports, but are perhaps not the best swimmers out there. With the support of our experienced instructors, you will be able to enjoy your day in a safe and relaxed environment. After the experience you can rent out the snorkeling gear for free and enjoy the marine life at your own discretion and leisure.

Kick back and relax after the snorkeling experience at a local café

After your experience, stop by at a local café that offers a stunning view to go with the drink bar. Kick back and relax as you enjoy the magnificent view of a sunset over the horizon

  • Snorkeling Experience April-November Perfect location, right at the sea

    Kure District (Yamato Museum/Ōkunoshima Rabbit Island)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesRecommended for groupsSmall GroupTraveling with the GirlsTrip with the GuysTo Make MemoriesMarine SportOutdoor Activities


If you haven’t decided yet, how about a trip to Hiroshima for summer this year, for a bit of physical R&R? All activities mentioned above include professional guides and instructors that will gently support you all the way through, making each and every experience a great choice for beginners as well! We have also many other exciting activities waiting for you, so please do feel free to check them out!

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