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  • In Kyushu travel, popular tourist destinations such as Fukuoka and Nagasaki are scattered throughout the prefecture, and to be honest, you may not plan a trip to Saga Prefecture for its own sake. However, Saga Prefecture has a variety of attractive tourist destinations, including Karatsu, Imari and Arita, which are famous for their pottery, Yobuko, where you can eat excellent squid, and Ureshino, where you can enjoy one of the three most beautiful skin baths in Japan! Every fall, one of Asia's largest balloon festivals is held, and the sight of colorful balloons floating in the sky is breathtaking. This article introduces some of the must-visit tourist destinations in Saga. Use this article to plan your trip to Saga, and visit Saga to enjoy the atmosphere that can only be experienced when traveling alone as a woman.


  • Although we usually take trains without thinking about it, there are trains that are specially designed for sightseeing. That is the "sightseeing train ", which has been gaining popularity in recent years not only for its transportation "but also for the enjoyment of the ride "itself. In Japan, there are various types of sightseeing trains, including sightseeing trains with fun "vehicles ", food ", windows "", and events """ . This article focuses on the "36 Plus 3 ", which circles around Kyushu from among JR Kyushu's trains, which are particularly focused on sightseeing trains, and introduces the interior of the train. We hope that those who are interested in sightseeing trains, those who plan to travel to Kyushu, and those who want to enjoy a luxurious trip will find this information useful. This train is full of unique features as well as sophisticated looks and interior design full of character, so that passengers can fully enjoy the climate along the train route and the scenery from the train windows. The sightseeing train ride is not only a convenient means of transportation, but also an unforgettable event in itself. We hope you enjoy your trip to Kyushu with many exciting stories to tell.


  • Even if you have a long-awaited holiday coming up, it may not be as easy as you think to choose a place where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. It would be a real waste of time to waste time worrying about where to go. In this issue, we have picked up spots in Kyushu and Okinawa that can be enjoyed by the whole family, from adults to children, by prefecture. Please take a look at them for your reference.


  • Kyushu, rich in nature, is a treasure trove of scenic spots to visit on a road trip. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean by driving along the coast, or enjoy an exhilarating drive through the mountains. Here are 10 of the most beautiful spots in Kyushu that you can visit on a road trip.


  • Saga Prefecture is famous for its pottery, such as Arita-yaki, Imari-yaki, and Karatsu-yaki, but there are also many places with spectacular views, such as "Mifuneyama Rakuen "where you can enjoy digital art in a peaceful setting in magnificent nature, or "Nanatsugama ", a natural monument, where you can take a cruise to see the caves. Saga Prefecture is also famous for its fresh crab, squid, and other seafood, and is a treasure trove of high-quality natural hot springs that are said to leave your skin moist and smooth. Therefore, this article will introduce four carefully selected ryokan and hotels from four major types of hot springs in Saga Prefecture: Tara Onsen, Takeo Onsen, Ureshino Onsen, and Koyu Onsen.

    2022-07-12 Management office

  • Saga is a prefecture with delicious pork, beef, and vegetables. It is also the No. 1 curry consumption prefecture, and no matter where you eat curry, you will never go wrong! Saga is also home to local delicacies such as Sicilian rice and majemba, making it a region with many things to enjoy. We hope you will try some of Saga's famous gourmet foods.

    2022-03-10 Management office

  • Saga Prefecture is characterized by a mild climate with the Genkainada Sea to the north and the Ariake Sea to the south. There are many scenic tourist spots, and fresh seafood, grilled foods, and hot springs are very popular. Saga Prefecture is recommended for those who want to enjoy a relaxing trip. In this issue, we pick up seven popular tourist spots recommended for a trip to Saga.

    2022-01-13 Management office

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