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  • Food theme parks, where you can see the production process of familiar foods and enjoy tasting them, are ideal for outings with parents and children or for date nights. In this issue, we will introduce six food parks in Saitama Prefecture.


  • Every year on March 3, "the Peach Festival ", many households decorate their homes with hina dolls in the hope that girls will grow up healthy and happy. Numerous hina dolls can be seen on street corners, and many events are planned. In Saitama Prefecture, "Iwatsuki Nagashibina "and "Konosu Bikkuri Hinamatsuri "are held every year in two areas known as doll towns.


  • On Setsubun day, February 3 every year, bean-throwing ceremonies are held at temples and shrines throughout Japan. Saitama Prefecture also holds such events, and we will introduce three of them: Kawagoe Kita-in Temple, Naritasan Kawagoe Betsuin Temple, and Onijin Shrine, where beans are thrown with a unique call. If you time it right, you can participate in two bean-throwing ceremonies in one day at two temples in Kawagoe City.


  • As the New Year begins, people are tempted to visit temples and shrines to pray for good luck in the coming year. Temples and shrines throughout Japan are crowded with worshippers. Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine, Chou Shrine, and Kuizu Shrine, all located in Saitama City, are popular Hatsumode spots overflowing with charm.


  • Nagatoro in northwestern Saitama Prefecture can be visited in about two hours from central Tokyo. The Arakawa River and Hodosan Mountains surround Nagatoro Station on the Chichibu Railway Line, and the area is filled with nature. The riverbanks and mountainsides change their colors and expressions as the seasons change, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons. On the Arakawa River, wooden boats for line rafting and rafting boats take you on a ride on the water. Campgrounds have been set up along the riverbanks, offering a full range of waterfront activities. Events such as the Fire Festival and Funadama Festival are also held, making Nagatoro a sightseeing spot that beckons visitors to return repeatedly.


  • Kanto is the center of Japan. It is home to everything that Japan has to offer. If you go on a trip to Kanto, you will find that it is filled with things that you can only enjoy there, things that are of a much higher grade than those in the countryside, and things that are available in greater variety and quantity. But if it rains and you don't think you'll be able to enjoy yourself outside, you'll have to give up on the places you wanted to go and change your plans. However, there are many places in the Kanto region where you can still have fun. Here are some such spots that can be enjoyed even on rainy days.


  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended hotels and inns around Saitama area. The Saitama area is a cozy region with a quiet atmosphere even in the Kanto region, which has a strong urban image, and has a wide variety of tourist attractions. It is an attractive sightseeing area that can be enjoyed from various angles by taking advantage of these features. Many people plan to travel to other parts of the Kanto region, and accommodations are also used by those who do so. In this article, we will introduce some recommended hotels and inns around Saitama Prefecture, so please take a look at them.

    2022-05-27 Management office

  • We will introduce some of the best gourmet food in Saitama Prefecture, which has many attractions such as the Railway Museum, Hikawa Shrine, Chichibu Shrine and Nagatoro Iwatami. Saitama is not only famous for its sightseeing spots, but also for its gourmet food, so be sure to try some.

    2022-01-28 Management office

  • Saitama Prefecture is located within a short distance from Tokyo. It is easily accessible from Tokyo, and you can visit many of Saitama's sightseeing spots even on a day trip. We would like to introduce 10 sightseeing spots in Saitama Prefecture. If you are considering visiting Saitama Prefecture, please take a look at them.

    2021-12-06 Management office

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