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  • Hyogo Prefecture has a variety of faces, from Chinatowns with an old-fashioned retro feel to port towns with a fashionable sea shining through. Kobe is a wonderful city where many people say they would like to live, has many areas with a deep atmosphere, and is blessed with many tourist resources due to its location between the Kansai region and the Chubu region. Such areas are naturally often the setting for animated films. We hope you will use this article as a guide to visit the sacred sites of your favorite works.

    2024-05-17 Management office

  • There are many historical buildings in Japan with a retro feel from the Meiji and Taisho periods. The buildings from the period when Western culture flourished and modernization progressed have an atmosphere different from that of modern buildings. Why not experience the romance of the Meiji and Taisho eras in these retro-inspired buildings that have been preserved by human hands?


  • Where can I improve my luck in love at shrines in Kansai? It is the spring season of new encounters and we hope for a good marriage. It is also the season when we want to ride the wave with the help of God as we start a new life. In the Kansai area where there are many temples and shrines such as Kyoto and Nara, we will introduce 10 shrines that are beneficial for matchmaking and love.


  • Baseball is known as one of the most traditional Japanese sports along with Sumo. Baseball is a discipline that has gained tremendous support from the adult generation in Japan, and still functions as the common language of the adult generation today. It is no exaggeration to say that Koshien Stadium is the most prominent and prestigious of such baseball stadiums. In addition to being the site of the national high school baseball tournament every summer, the stadium is also home to the Hanshin Tigers, one of Japan's most popular baseball teams, and is visited by many people. Please enjoy an extraordinary moment at this wonderful ballpark that can be enjoyed by the masses, from baseball enthusiasts to those who are not so interested in baseball.

    2023-11-22 Management office

  • Izushi soba, a local dish of Izushi, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, also known as "Tajima's Little Kyoto ", where the elegant townscape still remains. It is characterized by its unique style of being served on small plates. The current way of eating Izushi Soba is to pour the sauce in a tokkuri (Japanese rice wine cup) into a Soba-no-inokuchi, and enjoy it with various condiments such as green onions, wasabi, grated radish, grated yam, raw egg, and so on. It is said that you are a full-fledged soba (buckwheat noodle) connoisseur if you can eat 15 to 20 small plates, depending on the restaurant. "is a sign that you are a soba connoisseur. "is the title you receive when you eat 15 to 20 small plates. Depending on the restaurant and the number of plates you eat, you may even get a year's free membership. There is also a plan for eating and walking around. For details, please contact the Izushi Tourist Center. It is recommended that you get the stamps of the stores you visited stamped on the back of the Chirimen Kinchaku, which will be a great souvenir of your trip. In this issue, we would like to introduce seven famous Izushi soba restaurants that you should definitely try when you visit Izushi. Please take a look at them as a reference for your trip.


  • The Kansai area is a treasure trove of spots where you can enjoy water activities such as oceans, rivers, and lakes. Within a day trip distance from the Keihanshin area, you can have a lot of fun with water. Here are 10 water activities in Kansai where you can enjoy the great nature in summer. This is the perfect summer vacation getaway.


  • Would you like to play in nature to the fullest on your days off? The Kansai area has both oceans and mountains, and there are many outdoor fields with excellent accessibility from the Keihanshin area. You can enjoy them on a day trip or incorporate them into one of the activities on your trip. Here are 10 outdoor experiences for families to enjoy.


  • With the weather getting warmer across the country, it is the time of year to get outside. This spring, why don't you go out into nature where flowers are blooming and the air is dazzlingly green, where you can take a stroll in an hour or two, or take a ropeway to feel the great outdoors. Even inexperienced climbers can easily get close to nature. Here are 10 hiking courses in spring in Japan.


  • Awaji Island, a famous onion producing area, has an extraordinary facility covered in onions. Its name is "Uzuno-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum ". This time, we will tell you all about the charms of Uzu no Oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall, an astonishing facility full of onion points.


  • In the cold winter, you want to take a hot spring bath to warm up your body from the inside out. It is good to relax in a place with little snow or at a super public bath, but if you go to the trouble, why not enjoy a snow bath, which is only possible in winter? A warm onsen with a view of the snow is a special experience. Here are 10 snow viewing baths that can be easily enjoyed on a day trip without staying overnight.


  • When you decide to go somewhere with your family on your next holiday, you may often wonder where there are spots where you and your children can have fun together. Here we will introduce some spots in the Kansai area that can be enjoyed by both parents and children.


  • The afternoon tea is very attractive, with a seasonally changing menu and plenty of sweets and savories to enjoy. In this issue, we will introduce 10 afternoon teas in Kansai that are perfect for a girls' night out, a little treat, or just a luxurious experience.


  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven islands in the Seto Inland Sea area that I recommend. The Seto Inland Sea, with its warm waters, is blessed with a very large number of islands, allowing us to enjoy the rich nature. Open time is recommended for a wide range of people, from tourists to locals. We hope you will enjoy these spots and have a wonderful time.

    2022-08-23 Management office

  • Awaji Island, which is also a treasure trove of food, has many tourist attractions, and many people visit the island for sightseeing on a yearly basis. Surrounded by 360 degrees of the sea, Awaji Island is a popular year-round tourist destination with a great resort atmosphere, and people are constantly staying on the island because of its many attractions. Here are some hotels on Awaji Island that offer the best of both worlds: the sea, hot springs, and food, so you can fully enjoy the resort atmosphere.

    2021-09-03 Management office

  • When you hear the word "local gourmet" in Hyogo Prefecture, you may easily think of "Akashiyaki "or "Kobe Beef ". However, Hyogo Prefecture is characterized by its wide area from east to west and from north to south, as well as its abundance of seafood from both the sea and the mountains. In this article, we will introduce some of Hyogo's local delicacies, from the most famous to the rarest.

    2021-09-03 Management office

  • Hyogo Prefecture has many sightseeing spots, including fashionable areas where you can enjoy lots of shopping "Kobe "and the Himeji "area where you can enjoy the World Heritage Site Himeji Castle up close ". However, many families with children choose a place to go out in terms of having fun for their children as well. So, in this issue, we will introduce several excursion spots in Hyogo Prefecture that you can enjoy with your children.

    2021-09-02 Management office

  • We have collected hotels and inns that will make you happy when you stay after sightseeing in Kinosaki Onsen, the ruins of Takeda Castle, and Ikuno Ginzan Silver Mine in Tajima area. All of them are great places to stay for everyone or for couples, so everyone will be happy. Enjoy eating delicious Tajima beef, crab and other fresh seafood, drinking, laughing, and having a good time in the hot springs.

    2021-09-02 Management office

  • Tamba tourism is an area with many nature-themed attractions such as Takayama Temple, Tamba Grandma's Village, and Kawashiro Park. It is a sightseeing spot where many people consider staying overnight because it is a place associated with warlords and Kuroi Castle is also a point of interest to keep in mind, and the area is too large to visit in a single day. At such times, we have gathered a list of accommodations where you can stay while enjoying the natural bounty of Tamba.

    2021-09-01 Management office

  • If you are tired from your daily work, you may want to look at nice scenery on your days off for healing. Hyogo Prefecture has both mountains and the sea nearby, so there are many spots where you can see various faces of wonderful scenery. In this issue, we will introduce a selection of spots with spectacular views where you can get in touch with nature in particular. Please heal your mind and body by experiencing nature in each of the four seasons.

    2021-08-31 Management office

  • Himeji is famous for Himeji Castle, the only place in Hyogo Prefecture registered as a World Heritage Site. "Kokoen "and many other places rich in nature and historical spots are located in the surrounding area. Himeji is a perfect sightseeing spot for couples who usually have little time alone together to relax and spend time together. How about spending a relaxing evening at a hotel while walking the streets of Himeji and reminiscing about the old days? In this issue, we will introduce several hotels where couples can spend a relaxing time together.

    2021-08-31 Management office

  • Hyogo Prefecture has many areas, including land facing the sea, land surrounded by mountains and rich in nature, and remote islands. "It is also called the epitome of Japan ". In Hyogo Prefecture, there are many spots where you can be refreshed by its rich natural environment. So, in this issue, we will introduce some of the most heartwarming spots, including Himeji Castle ", which is also a World Heritage Site ".

    2021-08-30 Management office

  • Kobe has many sightseeing spots, such as the Ijinkan Street with its national atmosphere, Motomachi with its stores and cafes, and Harborland where you can feel the sea breeze, all of which are perfect for a girls' trip as they offer stylish spots to walk around and take pictures. If you are going to go to the trouble of sightseeing in Kobe, you might as well stay at a stylish hotel and have a great time. In this issue, we will introduce some stylish hotels that are perfect for a girls' trip.

    2021-08-30 Management office

  • Kobe Ijinkan is located at the top of a hill overlooking the city of Kobe. Among the exotic Ijinkan buildings, we will introduce seven buildings that you should not miss. You can make your own original perfume, borrow a Sherlock Holmes costume, or even have your picture taken in a Dutch traditional costume at a Kobe Ijinkan. We hope you enjoy your visit.

    2021-08-27 Management office

  • Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture is famous for the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the world's longest and tallest suspension bridge, vast flower gardens nurtured by the mild climate, and one of the largest onion production areas in Japan. The island has a long and narrow topography, measuring 22 km east to west and 53 km north to south, and can be traveled from north to south in about 40 minutes by expressway, making it very popular as an area that can be easily visited from both Honshu and Shikoku. In this issue, we will introduce six sightseeing spots where you can fully enjoy Awaji Island, which is rich in nature, including the sea, mountains, and flowers.

    2021-08-27 Management office

  • Did you know that the Tajima area of Hyogo Prefecture has many sightseeing spots with spectacular views? Located in the northern part of the prefecture, the Tajima area is rich in nature, surrounded by mountains such as Hyonosen and the Sea of Japan. The San'in Kaigan Geopark offers a wide range of geotourism activities that allow visitors to get a closer look at the strange rock formations and geological heritage. In this issue, we will pick up seven sightseeing spots in the Tajima area where you can enjoy spectacular views and discover their hidden charms. Why not take a trip with your family or friends this summer?

    2021-08-26 Management office

  • The Tamba-Sasayama area in Hyogo Prefecture has many cute retro tourist attractions, making it a popular tourist area for all generations. Another secret of the area's popularity is its relatively easy accessibility, requiring only an hour or less from the Hanshin area. This area, consisting of the cities of Tamba and Sasayama, is famous throughout Japan for its high quality foodstuffs such as Tamba black beans and Tamba chestnuts, which are grown in a climate of varying temperatures and clear streams. Sasayama Castle Town is dotted with cute retro general merchandise stores and cafes in renovated merchant houses that retain traces of their history. Why not enjoy a casual stroll through the town?

    2021-08-25 Management office

  • This article introduces eight family-friendly tourist attractions in the Harima area of Hyogo Prefecture. This time we focused on areas such as Himeji Castle, which is designated as a World Heritage Site, and Ako City, which is associated with "Chushingura ". There are many places to visit, from historical buildings to leisure facilities that families can enjoy together. Why not find your favorite spot and enjoy a trip with your family?

    2021-08-24 Management office

  • From exotic locations to places where you can experience the gentleness of nature and even hot springs! Kobe has many faces. Because of its many faces, Kobe is an attractive place to find a way to enjoy yourself, but first-timers may be at a loss as to where to go. For such people, we will introduce some of the most popular tourist spots on the high street that even a beginner to Kobe will surely enjoy. Try combining several of them according to your own travel plans.

    2021-08-23 Management office

  • We have collected restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite gourmet food on Awaji Island, which is also known as a treasure trove of food. Whether it is because Awaji Island is delicious or Awaji Island itself is gourmet, there are many delicious foods on Awaji Island. The winner of the local burger grand prix is also readily available, so be sure to go home with plenty of delicious food.

    2021-08-20 Management office


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