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[Hyogo ]If you want to stay in the natural Tamba area! 7 recommended hotels and inns

[Hyogo ]If you want to stay in the natural Tamba area! 7 recommended hotels and inns

2021-09-01 Management office

Tamba tourism is an area with many nature-themed attractions such as Takayama Temple, Tamba Grandma's Village, and Kawashiro Park.
It is a sightseeing spot where many people consider staying overnight because it is a place associated with warlords and Kuroi Castle is also a point of interest to keep in mind, and the area is too large to visit in a single day. At such times, we have gathered a list of accommodations where you can stay while enjoying the natural bounty of Tamba.
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Keisen Hotel in Tamba

Surrounded by nature, this ryokan is famous for its relaxed and relaxing Tajima beef sukiyaki.
You can take a rest and relax in this Japanese-style ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in the style of an old private house. Why don't you forget about time by enjoying Tajima beef and Japanese black beef sukiyaki while enjoying the large bath, baths with lots of natural light, and open-air baths?

Botan-nabe is also available.

Beef is also good, but for those who insist, there is also a botan nabe course. Kaiseki meals and other dishes are also available, and you can have more for lunch after checking out.
With meadows stretching as far as the eye can see, you can spend your time in a clean, Japanese-style room to relax and enjoy yourself.
The large number of repeat guests is a testament to the inn's charm and high level of satisfaction.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Tanba no Yado Keisen
Address: 400-1 Hiramatsu, Kasuga-cho, Tamba-shi, Hyogo 669-4133
Phone number: 0795-74-1873
Budget: 10,000-14,999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Surrounded by the nature of Tamba, this Japanese-style ryokan in the style of an old private house offers a relaxing stay. The cuisine, including sukiyaki and botan nabe, is also known for its excellent quality.

A Moment in the Forest at Camp Resort

At Mori no Hitoki, an auto campground, visitors can stay in cottages, a camp hotel, or a deckhouse.
There is also a trailer lodge where you can stay however you like. Of course, pets are welcome to stay with you, so you can go out and stay together. There are many barbecue tools and rentals available, as well as a restaurant, so you can choose from a variety of lodging options, whether you want to stay for a quick night or a full night.

Kayaking experience is also available!

Activities such as kayaking and paragliding are available, and the night sky is starlit to a wonderful degree.
This is a wonderful facility where you can bathe in the forest, play in the woods, and enrich your enjoyment of nature. Breakfast is buffet style, and for lunch you can choose from a pasta course, mixed lunch, pizza, and more. A large outdoor bath is also available for 200 yen.

"Facility Information "
Name: Camp Resort Mori no Hitotoki (Forest Moments)
Address: 52-1 Nagao, Yodo, Ichijima-cho, Tamba, Hyogo 669-4335
Phone number: 0795-78-9111
Budget: from 20,000 yen for a cottage for up to 5 people.
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and facilities: You can camp in the forest and stay in cottages. Meals, baths, and activities are also provided.

Ryokan Harimaya

It is a long-established ryokan, established 130 years ago. The inn is popular for its full-bodied cuisine using seasonal ingredients from Tamba.
Perhaps the warm hospitality is the secret of the many repeat customers. The area is also a major producer of medicinal herbs, and by the time you return home, you may be in good health.
The inn is famous for its cuisine, so you can expect everything from the food! Indulge in kaiseki cuisine and be soothed by the beauty of the mountain village.

Cooking alone is acceptable.

The menu features dishes loved by locals, such as a medicinal soup of suppon and seasonal crab dishes.
The most popular dish is the eel dish, where you can enjoy freshly processed exquisite eel.
It is also nice to be able to choose your favorite menu, such as a kaiseki meal or an eel course.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan Name: Ryokan Harimaya
Address: 279 Wada, Sannan-cho, Tamba, Hyogo 669-3157
Phone number: 0795-76-0021
Budget: 6,000 yen and up
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: You can enjoy a variety of luxurious dishes at a 130-year-old ryokan in a land with lots of nature.

Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA

Japan's first decentralized hotel was born in the natural surroundings of Tanba Sasayama.
Built in 2015, there are a total of 9 buildings with 21 rooms, where you can stay to blend in with the castle town.
Television and lighting are kept to a minimum, so you can sleep as if you were living and listening to the sounds of nature. All rooms are modern Japanese-style rooms, allowing you to enjoy a spacious old-fashioned stay.

Pet-friendly rooms available

Some rooms come with a large dog run, and some rooms have ingenious features such as floor heating and non-slip flooring. Since you can enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese-style house as it is, you will find it easy to spend your time if you adjust to the season, although the confidentiality is low.
The restaurant also offers French cuisine using many of Tamba's specialties.
"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA
Address: ONAE Building, 25 Nishimachi, Sasayama, Tanba, Hyogo 669-2342, Japan
Phone number: 0120-210-289
Budget: 22,000 - 30,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: 21 rooms in 9 old houses in the castle town, where you can stay as if you were living in town.

Village Maruyama

The inn is a renovated Japanese-style house built in the Edo period (1603-1867) and turned into a minshuku, where you can stay as if you were living in the house.
The rooms are modern and stylish, and breakfast is prepared by the village mothers. You are sure to enjoy the hot and fresh food prepared by the mothers!
For dinner, there is a French restaurant and a buckwheat noodle restaurant in the village, so you can choose either one to eat. A stylish kitchen is also provided, so you can cook your own meals.

There is also a wood stove in the room!

Since it is a one-building rental, it can accommodate up to 6 people, and the larger the group, the more economical it is.
There are also activities such as a pizza oven experience, biking, mountain climbing, wood-chopping, and firefly viewing, so even if you just want to enjoy the scenery, there are plenty of activities for you to participate in.
We recommend staying in a village with blue skies, greenery, and birdsong, as if you were living there.

"Ryokan Information "
Name of the inn: Shuraku Maruyama
Address: 30 Maruyama, Sasayama, Tanba, Hyogo 669-2361, Japan
Phone number: 079-506-0243
Budget: 25,000 yen and up
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: You can stay as if you were living in an old private house for rent in a mountain village.

Tamba Shinoyama Nearby

This 400-year-old ryokan is said to be the birthplace of botan-nabe. It is a rare ryokan where you can eat wild boar.
As a ryokan, everything you eat is delicious! The rooms are spacious and have been renovated to incorporate new things, yet are modern and clean.
You can enjoy delicious meals and nature in a luxurious inn.

Feel the difference in the passage of time!

You can spend time relaxing in a spacious room.
Take a stroll, enjoy the cuisine, or take a bath in the large public baths. It is recommended to take a long walk in this historic ryokan where the Crown Prince once stayed. The old wooden staircase that has remained since the establishment of the ryokan is also deeply moving when you think of the history of the many people who have climbed it.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Tambasasayama Kinmata
Address: 81 Nikaicho, Tamba-Sasayama, Hyogo 669-2331
Phone number: 079-552-2191
Budget: 20,000 yen to 29,999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This quaint ryotei ryokan stands in the downtown area. It is said to be the inn where botan-nabe (hot pot) originated, and wild boar is served.

NIPPONIA Houkawa Sky Farm

This is also a newly built accommodation for rent in a single building.
You can spend a relaxing time overlooking the terraced rice fields, which have a history as the manor of Todaiji Temple, as if you have the whole place to yourself. The rooms are equipped with wood-burning stoves, providing an extraordinary experience that is different from the ordinary.
At night, you will enjoy the luxury and elegance of being surrounded by the starry sky and listening to the croaking of frogs. In the morning, you will be enveloped by the fantastic atmosphere of the terraced rice fields as they are enveloped by the morning glow.

The view is a treat!

Every view from the room is a treat, and the natural treasures of the giant salamander and the morel tree frog, the red-bellied gecko, are common inhabitants.
Breakfast is a typical meal of rice cooked in an earthenware pot, freshly picked vegetables, pickles, miso soup, and eggs, but everything is made from freshly harvested ingredients, making it a truly luxurious meal. A kitchen is also included, so you can cook your own meals. The bath is made of cypress and has a spacious feel. All amenities are organic, making this an inn where you can truly become one with nature.

"Ryokan Information "
Name: NIPPONIA Gokawa Tenkuu Noen
Address: 283, Gokawashinden, Tanba-Sasayama, Hyogo 669-2421, Japan
Phone number: 080-4024-2072
Budget: 22,000 yen per adult for double occupancy
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space & Facilities: A newly built, single-bedroom inn located in a heavenly setting overlooking terraced rice paddies, offering the luxury of being one with nature.


If you have come to Tamba, we recommend that you enjoy nature.
It is easy and enjoyable, so be proactive and get into nature. Also, it is said that whatever you eat is delicious, so I recommend that you be willing to try foods that you have never eaten before. You will have an experience that you would not normally have.
We hope you will return home with an exclusive view of the wonderful scenery.

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