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  • Okinawa has many remote islands, the most popular of which is "Ishigaki Island ". It is a particularly popular place among the Yaeyama Islands, which consist of 12 islands. Ishigaki Island is filled with beautiful nature such as the world's rare coral reefs and the emerald green sea that fascinates everyone. So "we would like to introduce 9 attractive sightseeing spots "in Ishigaki Island. Please take a look at the mysterious atmosphere of the limestone caves and the overwhelming scale of the scenery that will make you forget the stresses of everyday life, all of which are special spots that can only be found on Ishigaki Island.

    2024-05-20 Management office

  • Hyogo Prefecture has a variety of faces, from Chinatowns with an old-fashioned retro feel to port towns with a fashionable sea shining through. Kobe is a wonderful city where many people say they would like to live, has many areas with a deep atmosphere, and is blessed with many tourist resources due to its location between the Kansai region and the Chubu region. Such areas are naturally often the setting for animated films. We hope you will use this article as a guide to visit the sacred sites of your favorite works.

    2024-05-17 Management office

  • I have the impression that many of the animations set in Saitama Prefecture are sold with a proportionally warm and relaxed atmosphere. The abundance of nature gives a cozy impression in contrast to the surrounding urban area. In such a calm atmosphere, you can experience the world of your favorite works.

    2024-05-16 Management office

  • Every year, "Kinkakuji "is one of the major spots in Kyoto that many people visit. There are a number of temples in the surrounding area other than "Kinkakuji "that offer a typical Kyoto atmosphere. Although this area is located in the mountains of Kyoto, many people live here and there are many stores, so the streets are easy to walk and shopping can be enjoyed. In this article, we will introduce some recommended hotels and ryokan that are located around the "Kinkakuji "area, which is perfect for sightseeing in Kyoto, and where you can stay for between 10,000 yen and 50,000 yen.

    2024-05-15 Management office

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