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  • There are many historical buildings in Japan with a retro feel from the Meiji and Taisho periods. The buildings from the period when Western culture flourished and modernization progressed have an atmosphere different from that of modern buildings. Why not experience the romance of the Meiji and Taisho eras in these retro-inspired buildings that have been preserved by human hands?


  • Oita Prefecture "Yufuin "is a popular spot for experiencing the beauty of the four seasons. It is very famous among women's travelers as a place where they can enjoy the original Japanese landscape while strolling through the hot spring resort area, and at the same time enjoy the cute and fashionable atmosphere. It is a popular tourist destination, but the relaxed atmosphere that prevails makes it an ideal place for a solo female traveler to relax and refresh herself without worrying about being seen. This article introduces various tourist spots recommended for solo female travelers. Enjoy the unique experience of Yufuin, forget the hustle and bustle of daily life, and find your own favorite sightseeing spots.


  • Although we usually take trains without thinking about it, there are trains that are specially designed for sightseeing. That is the "sightseeing train ", which has been gaining popularity in recent years not only for its transportation "but also for the enjoyment of the ride "itself. In Japan, there are various types of sightseeing trains, including sightseeing trains with fun "vehicles ", food ", windows "", and events """ . This article focuses on the "36 Plus 3 ", which circles around Kyushu from among JR Kyushu's trains, which are particularly focused on sightseeing trains, and introduces the interior of the train. We hope that those who are interested in sightseeing trains, those who plan to travel to Kyushu, and those who want to enjoy a luxurious trip will find this information useful. This train is full of unique features as well as sophisticated looks and interior design full of character, so that passengers can fully enjoy the climate along the train route and the scenery from the train windows. The sightseeing train ride is not only a convenient means of transportation, but also an unforgettable event in itself. We hope you enjoy your trip to Kyushu with many exciting stories to tell.


  • Even if you have a long-awaited holiday coming up, it may not be as easy as you think to choose a place where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. It would be a real waste of time to waste time worrying about where to go. In this issue, we have picked up spots in Kyushu and Okinawa that can be enjoyed by the whole family, from adults to children, by prefecture. Please take a look at them for your reference.


  • With the weather getting warmer across the country, it is the time of year to get outside. This spring, why don't you go out into nature where flowers are blooming and the air is dazzlingly green, where you can take a stroll in an hour or two, or take a ropeway to feel the great outdoors. Even inexperienced climbers can easily get close to nature. Here are 10 hiking courses in spring in Japan.


  • Kyushu, rich in nature, is a treasure trove of scenic spots to visit on a road trip. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean by driving along the coast, or enjoy an exhilarating drive through the mountains. Here are 10 of the most beautiful spots in Kyushu that you can visit on a road trip.


  • Oita Prefecture, which boasts the largest number of hot springs in Japan, is dotted with fascinating hot spring resorts such as Beppu and Yufuin. This article focuses on the Beppu area and introduces its charms. It is recommended for a refreshing trip, with a wide variety of local delicacies that are very popular among women travelers, such as jigoku-mushi (steamed food steamed in hell). Beppu Yufuin is a recommended spot for solo travelers who can enjoy sightseeing without worrying about being seen, as it has a relaxed, adult atmosphere in a good sense of the word. Please refer to this article to plan your Oita solo trip.


  • When it comes to sightseeing in Oita, the golden course is to take a relaxing soak in the hot springs of Beppu, the highest peak of hot springs in Japan, including a visit to hell, and then to buy fashionable souvenirs in Yufuin. In addition, there are many lesser-known hot spring resorts in Oita Prefecture, where you can enjoy various types of hot springs just by touring around the prefecture. This article introduces four recommended inns, including one inn each in Beppu City and Yufu City, the main hot spring destinations in Oita, as well as a lovely plum-filled inn in Hita City and an inn where you can enjoy Taisho retro style. All of the inns rank high on the list of inns where women want to stay, and in addition to the quality of the hot springs and cuisine, they all offer plenty of photo opportunities.

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  • Oita is known as the best "music prefecture "in Japan, including the popular Beppu Hot Springs. Oita is not only famous for its hot springs, but also for its delicious local food. We would like to introduce some of the best Oita gourmet foods that you should try. Please take a look at them when you travel to Oita.

    2022-03-15 Management office

  • Oita Prefecture is the number one hot spring prefecture in Japan, and is extremely popular among both domestic and international tourists. The number of hot springs in the prefecture, including Beppu Onsen and Yufuin, is the largest in Japan in terms of the number of springs and the amount of hot springs gushing forth. Oita Prefecture is a must-visit destination for all hot spring lovers. In fact, there are many other attractive tourist spots in Oita Prefecture besides hot springs. In this issue, we will introduce seven carefully selected sightseeing spots, including hot springs, that you should not miss.

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