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Kyushu: 10 Spectacular Scenic Spots to Visit on a Road Trip

Kyushu: 10 Spectacular Scenic Spots to Visit on a Road Trip


Kyushu, rich in nature, is a treasure trove of scenic spots to visit on a road trip. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean by driving along the coast, or enjoy an exhilarating drive through the mountains. Here are 10 of the most beautiful spots in Kyushu that you can visit on a road trip.

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Fukuoka Hiraodai

Hiraodai, located in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, offers magnificent views of the karst plateau. It is exhilarating to ride through the vast green land, the size of five Tokyo Domes, dotted with white limestone formations. From the gazebo, you can see a 360-degree panorama of Hiraodai. If you arrive at the viewing platform around noon, you will be able to see the sun's rays reflecting off the limestone rocks, creating a spectacular view that shines brightly.
Near Hiraodai, there is a facility called "Solaland Hiraodai," which has a restaurant and campground. It is recommended to drop by there when taking a break from driving. Take a drive and enjoy the miraculous view created by the earth.

Location: Kokura Minami Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Official website: http://www.hiraodai.jp/

Fukuoka Itoshima

Itoshima, located in Fukuoka Prefecture, is an easily accessible driving spot, about 60 minutes by car from Hakata, the center of Fukuoka. It is refreshing to drive while enjoying the beautiful view of the Sea of Japan. Stop by tourist spots such as "Married Couple Rock," with its mysterious torii gate floating in the sea, and "Studio Kura," where you can appreciate art.
Itoshima" has many fashionable cafes and restaurants along the coast. It is recommended to stop by for a break in your drive, or to take out and eat while gazing at the sea. In winter, oyster huts line the streets, so it is good to eat oysters to your heart's content. This is a driving spot where you can spend the whole day.

Location: Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Official website: https://kanko-itoshima.jp/

Saga: Home of the Sicilian Ferns

Shichimensou-no-Sato, located in Saga Prefecture, is a spectacular spot on the Ariake Sea coast. The shichimensou is a rare plant that grows on tidal flats. In late autumn, when the weather gradually cools down, the road along the Ariake Sea is dyed bright red with shichimensou. The red of the shchimensou and the blue of the Ariake Sea create a beautiful contrast. You can drive past them on the road, but if you want to go all out, take a walk near the shichimensou trees.
On the other side of the Ariake Sea, you can see Mt. Unzen Fugendake and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and mountains. The autumn leaves that form at your feet are a spectacular sight only in autumn.

Location: Oaza Shimokoga, Higashiyoga-cho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture
Official website: https://www.asobo-saga.jp/search/detail.html?id=78

Nagasaki Ikitsuki Sunset Way

The Ikitsuki Sunset Way begins when you cross the Ikitsuki Ohashi Bridge from Hirado in northern Nagasaki Prefecture. As the name suggests, you can enjoy driving while watching the beautiful sunset. The bright red sunset over the East China Sea is breathtaking. The deep blue sea and cliff islands along the coastline give the area a Mediterranean-like atmosphere.
When you drive along the Ikitsuki Sunset Way, be sure to stop by the Oobae Lighthouse, a white lighthouse that rises 100 meters above the cliffs and is sure to be a picture-perfect sight. At sunset, the sky, sea, and lighthouse are all dyed red by the setting sun, creating a fantastic view.

Location: Satomen, Ikitsuki Town, Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Official website: https://www.nagasaki-tabinet.com/guide/64446

Kumamoto Milk Road

The "Milk Road" running through Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture is a prefectural road along the northeastern ridge of the Aso Outer Rim. On "Milk Road," where grasslands spread out, you will be healed by the beautiful scenery as if you were in the European Alps. There is "Daikanbo" along the road, where you can see a great panorama of the five Aso peaks. If you visit early in the morning, you may be lucky enough to see the sea of clouds below.
Through Milk Road, you can easily access Kusasenri and Uchimaki Hot Springs, which are famous sightseeing spots in Aso. Enjoy delicious meat and dairy products grown in the great nature of Aso, and relax in the hot springs to recover from the fatigue of the drive. It is also easily accessible from Aso Kumamoto Airport, making it a great driving course to visit on your trip.

Location: Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Official website: https://www.asocity-kanko.jp/

Kumamoto Amakusa West Coast Sunset Line

The Amakusa West Coast Sunset Line is the most western of the "Amakusa Islands," the western edge of Kumamoto Prefecture. As the name suggests, it is a driving course where you can see a spectacular sunset, and has been selected as one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan. You can enjoy an excellent and exhilarating drive with a view of the beautiful East China Sea.
If you drive along the "Amakusa West Coast Sunset Line," you can drop in at such scenic spots as "Onikaigaura Observatory" and "Jusanbutsu Park. You can see the crystal clear ocean up close, or gaze at the endless horizon of the East China Sea. On the way from Amakusa Airport to "Amakusa West Coast Sunset Line," there is also "Shimoda Onsen" with an ocean view, so you can relax in a hot spring after a long day of driving.

Location: Amakusa Town and Kawaura Town, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Official website: https://kumamoto.guide/spots/detail/11480

Oita Yemataki

At Yabakei Gorge in Oita Prefecture, you can enjoy a drive through a spectacularly beautiful valley. The best time to visit is in autumn, when the leaves turn beautifully red. At the spot called "Ichimoku Hakkei (Eight Views at a Glance)," you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of oddly shaped rocks and autumn leaves. The view of colorful trees covering the white rock surface is truly spectacular. After that, you can enjoy driving along the canyon while viewing the autumn leaves.
If you are tired of driving, take a break at the Balun Balun Forest located uptown. It is a lodging facility surrounded by the forest, but you can also use the cafe. You can enjoy reading a book while swaying in a hammock, or tuck into homemade basque cheesecake at the café where the sun shines through the trees. This is a driving course where you can fully enjoy the natural beauty of Yabakei.

Location:Oita Prefecture Nakatsu City, Honye Magei-cho Sogi
Official website: https://nakatsuyaba.com/?introduce=doumon0815

Oita Yamanami Highway

The Yamanami Highway is a mountain driving course that runs from Beppu and Yufuin in Oita Prefecture through the Kujyu mountain range to Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture. As you approach the Kujyu mountain range, Mt. Hot springs, which are a blessing of the volcano, are gushing out in many places in the powerful scenery. The hot spring baths while viewing the great nature of Kujyuu are exceptional.
There is a rest house at Makinoto Pass, where you can take a break and enjoy the spectacular view of the two mountains, Kujyu and Aso. The Yamanami Highway, which connects the two representative mountainous regions of Kyushu, offers a contrast of verdant mountains and blue skies that can be enjoyed to the fullest when visiting in early summer.

Location: Taketa City, Oita Prefecture
Official website: https://www.env.go.jp/park/guide/kuju/recommend/10.html

Miyazaki Horikiri Pass

Horikiri Pass in Miyazaki Prefecture is a pleasant driving course along the road by the sea. Phoenix trees are planted near the sea, creating a tropical atmosphere. The Horikiri Pass can be seen after passing through the mountains from Miyazaki City. The spectacular view of the Sea of Hyuga that spreads out before your eyes as you leave the mountainous area is sure to impress you.
Driving along the coast, you can also see "Oni no washer plate" with its large jagged rocks. If you get tired of driving, take a break at "Michi no Eki Phoenix" (Roadside Station Phoenix). You can enjoy mango soft-serve ice cream and hyuganatsu soft-serve ice cream, both of which are unique to Miyazaki. You will feel like you are at a tropical resort when you enjoy the ice cream while gazing at the ocean and Phoenix.

Location: 984 Uchiumi, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Official website: https://www.miyazaki-city.tourism.or.jp/spot/10006

Kagoshima Roadside Station Tarumizu

Michi no Eki Tarumizu Roadside Station in Kagoshima Prefecture is located very close to Sakurajima. After sightseeing in the Osumi Peninsula, you should definitely stop by this roadside station on your way to Kagoshima City. While the spectacular view of Sakurajima floating in Kinko Bay is impressive, the highlight of Michi no Eki Tarumizu is the footbath. Visitors can enjoy the footbath free of charge while gazing at Sakurajima approaching before their eyes.
At the restaurant attached to Michi-no-Eki Tarumizu, you can enjoy seafood bowls made with fish caught in the ocean right in front of you, as well as dishes using local brand chicken and brand pork. From the ocean-view restaurant, if you are lucky, you can even see dolphins swimming in Kinko Bay. This is a must-visit roadside station when you come to Kagoshima.

Location: 1038-1 Ushinemori, Tarumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Official website: https://mitinoeki-tarumizu.com/


We have introduced 10 of the most spectacular places to visit in Kyushu. Kyushu is home to both ocean and mountains, so you can enjoy magnificent nature, delicious food, and hot springs on this unique driving course. Why not take a trip to Kyushu by car and enjoy an exhilarating road trip? You are sure to have an extraordinary experience.

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