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  • Nagano Prefecture is full of nature, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. In terms of hot springs, Nagano Prefecture ranks among the top in Japan in various aspects, including "the second largest number of hot spring resorts and hot spring accommodations in Japan ". 1 There are so many ryokan that it is hard to know which one to choose. Which ryokan satisfies all the requirements of nature, food, hot springs, history, etc.? If you are wondering "Which ryokan meets all of my requirements, nature, food, hot springs, history, etc.? Here are seven carefully selected attractive ryokan that meet those requirements. Please refer to this page. 1 "From "Japan Hot Springs Association

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  • There are many historical buildings in Japan with a retro feel from the Meiji and Taisho periods. The buildings from the period when Western culture flourished and modernization progressed have an atmosphere different from that of modern buildings. Why not experience the romance of the Meiji and Taisho eras in these retro-inspired buildings that have been preserved by human hands?


  • Nagano Prefecture is full of nature and still retains a variety of cultures and traditions. For this reason, there are many hotels that take advantage of Nagano's charms, and many people are unsure of where to stay when planning their trip. In this article, we will introduce seven carefully selected recommended hotels where you can enjoy the charms of Nagano! Please refer to them in planning your trip.

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  • Located on the border between Nagano and Gunma prefectures, at an altitude of 13,00 m above sea level, is the unexplored "Onishidashien ". Located in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, which was created by the 1783 eruption of Mt. Asama, this push-out garden is one of the few facilities in Japan where visitors can walk right next to lava. The high elevation makes for a relatively cool walk even in summer. Enjoy a great walk and feel the power of untouched nature!


  • Nagano Prefecture reminds us of its magnificent nature and clean, clear water. In the case of Nagano Prefecture, the main characteristic of the installation spots is that everything is in harmony with the beautiful nature, not just man-made objects. Karuizawa, a popular summer resort, is lined with fashionable and cute stores, but at the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of the trees and the flowing river space. In addition, we will introduce four carefully selected Instagram-worthy spots where man-made objects and nature are well mixed, such as the spectacular sea of clouds and Matsumoto Castle with the Northern Alps in the borrowed scenery. These are all spots where you can enjoy the blessed nature of Nagano together with fashionable and photogenic buildings.

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  • A spot on the border between Gunma and Nagano Prefectures with spectacular views. "Old Usui Pass ". This article introduces the observation park at an altitude of 1,200 meters, which offers such a wonderful view, and the surrounding tourist attractions. Karuizawa, a summer resort and at an altitude of 1,200 meters, is a refreshing place to visit even in summer. It is highly recommended when you want a change of scenery and want to enjoy the autumn leaves! There is also the "red bus "that runs from Kyukaruizawa to the gazebo, so why don't you enjoy the autumn nature while enjoying the scenery?


  • The Karuizawa area is popular as a vacation home and has an attractive, upscale atmosphere. It is also noted as a "summer resort "for cool air in the summer. Why was Karuizawa chosen as a summer resort in the first place? Some of you may be wondering why Karuizawa was chosen as a summer resort in the first place. The reason Karuizawa is cool, in fact, is said to be due to its high altitude. Studies have shown that for every 100 meters of elevation gain, the temperature drops by 0.6 degrees Celsius. The elevation of Karuizawa is about 1000 meters. And Tokyo's elevation is about 40 meters. It is shocking to see such a difference in elevation. Why not escape the scorching heat of Tokyo and spend an elegant moment in Karuizawa? This article introduces some of the most attractive tourist spots in the Karuizawa area. The author, who has been visiting Karuizawa every year for nearly 15 years, has carefully selected "the must-visit "spots for your first visit to Karuizawa! Please refer to this article to plan your Karuizawa sightseeing tour.


  • It is said that "about 10% of Japan's museums and art galleries are located in Nagano Prefecture. "From Nagano Prefecture Tourism Official Website " There are many artists and historical figures associated with Nagano, so it is no surprise that there are many fascinating art galleries and museums in the area. However, many people are not sure which of the many museums is the best one to include in their travel plans. This article presents a selection of fascinating museums and art galleries that we recommend to those who are not sure what to expect.

    2023-09-14 Management office

  • The three major temples and shrines in Nagano Prefecture are "Zenkoji Temple ""Suwa Taisha Shrine ""Togakushi Shrine " These three temples and shrines have a solemn mood that is sure to bring good fortune, but they are also designed for the enjoyment of their worshippers. In this article, we summarize these three temples and shrines, which are considered power spots in Nagano Prefecture, in an easy-to-understand manner, and also take a closer look at red seals, lodging houses, and festivals. For the benefit of women who collect red seals, we will also introduce the red seals of the three temples and shrines in Nagano. This is a spot where you can take stylish and quaint pictures while touring three power spots that are full of unexpected charms.

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  • With the weather getting warmer across the country, it is the time of year to get outside. This spring, why don't you go out into nature where flowers are blooming and the air is dazzlingly green, where you can take a stroll in an hour or two, or take a ropeway to feel the great outdoors. Even inexperienced climbers can easily get close to nature. Here are 10 hiking courses in spring in Japan.


  • "Bee Heaven "is located in Tomi-shi, Nagano Prefecture. It is a famous and unusual spot that has been featured in the media many times, and is highly recommended for those who want to visit a slightly different sightseeing spot. This article will provide you with plenty of information on the highlights of Bee Heaven!


  • In this article, we will introduce six carefully selected places where you can experience the natural beauty of Nagano Prefecture no matter what time of year you visit: spring, summer, fall, or winter. We hope you will find them useful in planning your trip.

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  • Nagano Prefecture is the fourth largest prefecture in Japan in terms of area, so it has numerous famous tourist attractions due to its numerous histories and cultures. Among them, this article introduces six carefully selected, attractive, hole-in-the-wall spots where you can further enjoy Nagano Prefecture. "If you have already visited all the famous tourist attractions ""and this is your second time to visit Nagano ", we recommend this page for those who want to enjoy Nagano Prefecture even more.

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  • When you visit Nagano Prefecture, the first thing you may notice is the cute, round, rustic "oyaki ". Nagano Prefecture is blessed with beautiful water and abundant nature, so no matter what you make, the taste of the ingredients is outstanding. In addition to "Oyaki "and "Gohei Mochi "made with Nagano's seasonal vegetables and high-quality udon flour and rice, we have carefully selected five famous restaurants in Nagano where you can enjoy the most delicious local specialties such as Shinshu soba noodles, Sauce katsudon, "Oshibori udon "and many other local gourmet dishes. These are restaurants where you can enjoy local delicacies while taking your time to pick up souvenirs or enjoy walking around the city in Nagano.

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  • For greedy girls who want to enjoy the beautiful nature unique to Nagano Prefecture, spend some time wandering around the cute sundries and souvenir shops, and check out the historical buildings that can only be seen in Nagano Prefecture, we have carefully selected three spots that are the key points of the golden course as sightseeing spots in Nagano Prefecture. We have carefully selected three spots that are the key points of the golden course of sightseeing attractions in Nagano Prefecture. These spots look great for taking memorable photos of your trip to Nagano, so you may be able to take amazing photos that will surprise people on SNS just by sightseeing. We will introduce in detail some of the best spots where you can stretch out and enjoy the charms of Nagano.

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