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  • If you are looking for authentic kaiseki cuisine in Kochi Prefecture, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy beautiful Japanese cuisine unique to Tosa, complete with fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables. Although the word "kaiseki" may sound expensive, we have carefully selected four restaurants where you can enjoy truly delicious cuisine at the most reasonable price possible. Three wonderful ryotei restaurants that serve dishes that not only taste but also look beautiful are all places where you can quietly face beautiful cuisine and be filled with a sense of peace and tranquility. We will introduce restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine, interspersed with a famous restaurant for chamois, which Ryoma Sakamoto is said to have missed out on eating.

    2024-02-16 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture is famous for seafood such as bonito, which is blessed by the Kuroshio Current, and citrus fruits grown in the prefecture's mild and blessed climate, but there are also many excellent B-class gourmet restaurants and local gourmet foods that can only be enjoyed in Kochi Prefecture that make use of local ingredients. Among B-class gourmet restaurants that are inexpensive, quick and easy to eat, we have carefully selected four restaurants that are loved by locals and tourists alike and have been cherished for many years. Photos of delicious meals line up on social networking sites when you travel somewhere, and the restaurants introduced here are all those that have become the talk of the town on social networking sites. It might be a good idea to make a plan to eat all the B-class gourmet food unique to Tosa once in a while.

    2024-01-17 Management office

  • Because Kochi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean, it is a treasure trove of marine products, and there are many restaurants where you can taste a variety of foods. Among the most famous Japanese foods available in Kochi Prefecture are bonito tataki and eel. Another attraction of Japanese cuisine is that it makes use of unusual ingredients that you have never tasted before, such as utsubo cuisine and local dishes unique to Kochi Prefecture. Here we introduce a selection of Japanese restaurants that can only be found in Kochi Prefecture.

    2023-11-07 Management office

  • Many people think of the names of great achievers such as "Sakamoto Ryoma," "Itagaki Taisuke," and "John Manjiro" when they think of Kochi Prefecture's famous history. However, there are many people who have achieved great things in the history of Kochi Prefecture. However, Kochi Prefecture is also home to 3 national treasures, 84 important cultural properties, and 1,865 special natural monuments (national, prefectural, and municipal), many of which are still in existence today. Among them are many power spots and social networking sites. This article introduces 7 carefully selected Japanese heritage and important cultural asset spots that you must visit when you visit Kochi Prefecture.

    2023-09-06 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Shikoku Mountains to the north, resulting in a warm and mild climate. The prefecture is also known for its famous bonito tataki (bonito strips) and Kochi's specialty chicken, the "Tosa Jiro," and is now attracting attention as a gourmet prefecture. One of the local foods that is loved by the locals is ramen, which is made with these ingredients as the broth. In this article, we will introduce a selection of recommended ramen shops that the locals love.

    2023-05-16 Management office

  • Here are some recommended spots in Kochi Prefecture, from goofy date spots to core date spots. These are all spots where you can get to know your lover or partner even better, so please enjoy yourselves.

    2023-04-05 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture is a dynamic place with the natural beauty of the Shimanto River and the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean, and it also retains a historical aspect. Here are some movies set in Kochi Prefecture, which has such a unique character.


  • There are many satisfying hotels in Kochi. Hotels where you can have a spectacular view all to yourself, hotels with good accessibility near tourist attractions, and so on. If you have come all the way to Kochi, we recommend that you visit places called "unexplored areas" and enjoy Kochi to the fullest, while staying at a hotel for a relaxing stay and having fun before returning home.

    2022-12-12 Management office

  • Kochi is a wonderful tourist destination where you can enjoy the great outdoors wherever you go! In Kochi, where a lot of nature remains, there is a place that I highly recommend if you want to see a spectacular natural view and landscape. Please visit these places when you come to Kochi for sightseeing.

    2022-09-27 Management office

  • Kochi is a tourist destination with a lot of nature, but also many artistic buildings and artistic spots. We will recommend some of the most spectacular museums and art galleries in the area, so please take a look.

    2022-09-15 Management office

  • Kochi is home to the 88 sacred sites of Shikoku, numbered 24 through 39, and is a town where many pilgrims walk. The 88 sacred shrines of Shikoku are also recommended, and there are many temples in Kochi that are also highly recommended. In particular, since the area is associated with Kukai, you can follow in his footsteps. Please enjoy the temples, shrines, and Buddhist temples in Kochi, which are full of history.

    2022-09-13 Management office

  • There are many recommended sightseeing spots in Kochi, but this time we would like to introduce some hole-in-the-wall sightseeing spots for those who do not like too many people. We hope you will enjoy Kochi in a way that you rarely see it.

    2022-08-22 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture has many sightseeing spots, and the biggest attraction is the ocean overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The ocean alone makes it an Instagram-worthy spot, but if you take a short drive, you will find many spots where you can enjoy the great outdoors even more. Try capturing Kochi's large scale nature in your photos.

    2022-08-08 Management office

  • Kochi offers not only sightseeing but also many delicious foods. Kochi has a catchphrase, "Kochi-ya," which means "Kochi house," and the wish that people would come to Kochi and feel at home has become well known throughout the country. Despite the lack of convenient transportation, Kochi is a popular tourist destination with many visitors coming from all over the country to enjoy the local specialties and cuisine. Even today, the number of tourists continues to grow, and buses are even available for gourmet tours. Here are some of the best gourmet specialties of Kochi.

    2022-06-10 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture, with its abundance of nature, offers many places to enjoy. There are plenty of gourmet foods and activities to enjoy, but of course there are also many sightseeing spots. Here are some of the best places to visit in Kochi, so please enjoy your stay.

    2022-05-17 Management office

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