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  • Gunma Prefecture "ranks fourth in the nation in wheat production. In season, you can see the golden fields of shining ears everywhere. Perhaps because of this environment, Gunma Prefecture residents love noodle dishes. Ramen, in particular, is very popular in the prefecture. In this issue, we introduce a famous restaurant in Takasaki City, the center of Gunma Prefecture. Go for the delicious ramen noodles that you must wait in line for.


  • In Hiroshima Prefecture, there are many delicious ramen restaurants as well as okonomiyaki. In this article, I, as a long-time resident of Hiroshima Prefecture, would like to introduce some ramen restaurants that I really recommend, so please take a look.

    2023-09-11 Management office

  • When you want to eat delicious food in Yokohama, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous "Chinatown. But there is another food theme park that you should definitely visit. That is "Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum ". We have compiled a detailed list of the highlights of this facility, nicknamed "Ra Expo," as well as the signature menus of the stores that have opened their doors.


  • Kochi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Shikoku Mountains to the north, resulting in a warm and mild climate. The prefecture is also known for its famous bonito tataki (bonito strips) and Kochi's specialty chicken, the "Tosa Jiro," and is now attracting attention as a gourmet prefecture. One of the local foods that is loved by the locals is ramen, which is made with these ingredients as the broth. In this article, we will introduce a selection of recommended ramen shops that the locals love.

    2023-05-16 Management office

  • This may seem surprising to people from other parts of Japan, but Niigata Prefecture is a region where ramen has developed to such an extent that the locals call it "a ramen superpower ". Notably, there are five main categories of ramen called Niigata's five major ramen: "Nagaoka ginger soy sauce ""Tsubame back fat ""Niigata thick miso ""Niigata light soy sauce ""Sanjo curry ". It is interesting to note, however, that there are popular restaurants that do not belong to any of these categories. So, please take a look at the seven popular ramen stores we have picked up for you.


  • I suddenly feel like eating ramen. There are many delicious ramen shops in Ehime Prefecture that will make any food connoisseur swoon. We will introduce only popular local restaurants where both children and adults, young and old, can eat. They are all full of charm that you will want to visit when you travel to Ehime Prefecture. Please be sure to include Ehime's ramen stores in your travel plans.


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