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  • Tateyama offers a tropical resort atmosphere just a 110-minute drive from Tokyo. This article introduces recommended spots for those who want to get a head start on summer on their first trip to Tateyama or a women's road trip! There are many places that are essential for a women's trip to Tateyama, from the royal sightseeing spots that you must visit to photojournalistic spots and sweets. Since all of Tateyama's sightseeing spots are a little far from each other, we recommend renting a car and driving around. If you are traveling by bus, we recommend that you check the timetable and plan your trip accordingly. Please take a Tateyama road trip and get a head start on summer♪


  • As the severe cold eases and the arrival of spring is felt, ume (plum) blossoms begin to bloom. There are many attractive ume viewing spots scattered throughout Japan. Chiba Prefecture is also home to many ume viewing spots, and we will introduce two of them, Naritasan Park and Shimizu Park.


  • Kanto is the center of Japan. It is home to everything that Japan has to offer. If you go on a trip to Kanto, you will find that it is filled with things that you can only enjoy there, things that are of a much higher grade than those in the countryside, and things that are available in greater variety and quantity. But if it rains and you don't think you'll be able to enjoy yourself outside, you'll have to give up on the places you wanted to go and change your plans. However, there are many places in the Kanto region where you can still have fun. Here are some such spots that can be enjoyed even on rainy days.


  • In Chiba Prefecture, which is rich in nature, we will introduce some spots where you can see spectacular views. There are many places with spectacular views of the ocean, mountains, and other natural wonders, so it is recommended that you go out and look for a variety of places. Enjoy the spectacular scenery in Chiba Prefecture, which is just a short distance from Tokyo but still has many hidden gems.

    2021-11-26 Management office

  • Art
    Chiba is home to many art museums, well-stocked museums, and science museums. Please refer to the following list of museums and art museums that are absolutely enjoyable for both children and adults.

    2021-11-24 Management office

  • There are many historic spots in Chiba Prefecture. Even in recent years, a grave buried with a dog was found in a large shell mound, and the place has many spots of historical importance of some kind. We have compiled a list of such spots for your reference when sightseeing in Chiba.

    2021-11-17 Management office

  • Here are some of the best ramen restaurants in Chiba Prefecture, known as the ramen battleground, where you can enjoy the tastiest ramen in season. You can enjoy a wide variety of delicious ramen, from light ramen to Jiro-style ramen, so please refer to this page when sightseeing in Chiba.

    2021-11-16 Management office

  • Here are some recommended ryokan in Chiba Prefecture, just a short distance from Tokyo, where you can spend an extraordinarily luxurious time. We hope you will enjoy the luxury of adult life at these ryokan, all of which offer ocean, hot springs, nature, and gastronomy to your great satisfaction.

    2021-11-12 Management office

  • After a good time at the Disney Resort, you can stay at one of the official hotels or partner hotels in the area to stay in the dreamland atmosphere. To make your fun-filled memories even more enjoyable, here are some recommended Disney Resort Hotels.

    2021-11-11 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to recommend seven spots in Chiba Prefecture that are rich in nature. Chiba Prefecture has a strong image as an urban center in the Kanto region, but there are many attractive spots that offer rich nature and a calm atmosphere, somewhat different from Tokyo and other areas. We hope you will spend a relaxing and tranquil time in Chiba Prefecture, experiencing its rich nature.

    2021-11-10 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 temples and shrines in Chiba area. While the Chiba area has an image of an urban center, there are many traditional temples and shrines and spots where you can feel the history that is uniquely Japanese.

    2021-11-09 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven of the most recommended installation spots in Chiba Prefecture. Chiba Prefecture is often hidden in the shadow of Tokyo, but while there are some firmly urban places, it is also unique in that it has some attractive spots that offer a rich sense of nature. Chiba Prefecture's abundant nature soothes the hearts of many people, and it is a land that offers peace of mind to those who live in the city and lead hectic lifestyles. We hope you will use this article as a guide to find a spot where you can enjoy taking photos.

    2021-11-08 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven recommended tourist attractions in Chiba Prefecture. Chiba Prefecture is a central urban area in the Kanto region. While it has a glamorous image, it is also a region that is hidden in the shadow of Tokyo. It can be said that Chiba Prefecture is a place where you can enjoy unique sightseeing spots and travel that can only be enjoyed here. We hope that this article will help you enjoy a fulfilling tour of Chiba Prefecture.

    2021-11-05 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven recommended restaurants and eateries in Chiba Prefecture. The Chiba area is a central part of the Kanto region, somewhat far from Tokyo, so while there is a solid variety of restaurants, there are also many cozy restaurants that give a sense of openness and stylishness. It is a well-balanced area that will stick with many people, and eating and drinking in such an area is a unique pleasure. Enjoy a superb time in this wonderful city by eating a meal that can only be found here. There are plenty of places to go on a date or to spend time with your loved one. This article is a must-see!

    2021-11-04 Management office

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