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  • Nara Prefecture is famous as the site of the ancient capital of Japan, and is a traditional city in the Kinki region. It is also an exciting place to visit, with numerous temples and historical buildings still in existence, as well as being used as a key access point to Kyoto and other cities. You can feel at ease in the calm and quiet atmosphere, and also enjoy the human touch typical of the Kinki region. The unique atmosphere of the area, combined with the many places where various works have originated, makes it a great place to visit and see the sacred places of your favorite works.

    2024-04-10 Management office

  • There are many historical buildings in Japan with a retro feel from the Meiji and Taisho periods. The buildings from the period when Western culture flourished and modernization progressed have an atmosphere different from that of modern buildings. Why not experience the romance of the Meiji and Taisho eras in these retro-inspired buildings that have been preserved by human hands?


  • Where can I improve my luck in love at shrines in Kansai? It is the spring season of new encounters and we hope for a good marriage. It is also the season when we want to ride the wave with the help of God as we start a new life. In the Kansai area where there are many temples and shrines such as Kyoto and Nara, we will introduce 10 shrines that are beneficial for matchmaking and love.


  • Nara Prefecture is blessed with historic temples and shrines and abundant nature. There are many places famous for their autumn foliage, which can be enjoyed from mid-October to early December in most years. In this article, the author, a former bus guide, carefully selected some of the best autumn foliage spots in Nara Prefecture.


  • The Kansai area is a treasure trove of spots where you can enjoy water activities such as oceans, rivers, and lakes. Within a day trip distance from the Keihanshin area, you can have a lot of fun with water. Here are 10 water activities in Kansai where you can enjoy the great nature in summer. This is the perfect summer vacation getaway.


  • Would you like to play in nature to the fullest on your days off? The Kansai area has both oceans and mountains, and there are many outdoor fields with excellent accessibility from the Keihanshin area. You can enjoy them on a day trip or incorporate them into one of the activities on your trip. Here are 10 outdoor experiences for families to enjoy.


  • Nara Prefecture is home to many World Heritage sites, national treasures, and important cultural assets. While the standard tourist spots such as Todai-ji Temple and Horyu-ji Temple are attractive, there are actually many other great tourist spots as well! In this issue, the author, who has worked in the travel industry for 7 years, will introduce you to the best places to visit in Nara.


  • Horyu-ji Temple was the first temple in Japan to be registered as a World Heritage site. Although it is often associated with a staid image as a venerable temple, it is actually a very impressive and interesting place to visit. In this article, we will introduce some of the highlights of Horyu-ji Temple and how to make your visit more enjoyable.


  • When you decide to go somewhere with your family on your next holiday, you may often wonder where there are spots where you and your children can have fun together. Here we will introduce some spots in the Kansai area that can be enjoyed by both parents and children.


  • The afternoon tea is very attractive, with a seasonally changing menu and plenty of sweets and savories to enjoy. In this issue, we will introduce 10 afternoon teas in Kansai that are perfect for a girls' night out, a little treat, or just a luxurious experience.


  • Nara Park, a World Heritage Site, is a famous sightseeing spot. Many people get hungry while walking around and sightseeing in the large grounds. So, we would like to introduce you to some lunch options that you should definitely try when you visit Nara Park. We will introduce a wide range of restaurants, from those that require reservations to those that you can casually visit, so please take a look.

    2021-10-06 Management office

  • If you go sightseeing to Yoshinoyama, there are many restaurants where you can eat and go home. After seeing Yoshinoyama, which is also a World Heritage site, it is a good idea to have lunch at a good restaurant before going back to see the World Heritage site. Try the food that reflects the season and the land, and recharge your energy.

    2021-10-05 Management office

  • There are several snack shops and tea shops in Nara Park, famous for its deer and the Great Buddha, but this time we will introduce you to cafes where you can enjoy delicious sweets just one step outside of Nara Park. We have gathered together all the sweets from popular stores in Nara, so if you are looking for sweets and cafes near Nara Park, please take a look at them.

    2021-10-04 Management office

  • Yoshinoyama, registered as a World Heritage site, is known as the best cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan. Furthermore, there are many cafes and stores near Yoshinoyama where you can enjoy sweets. Please be sure to enjoy sweets that make the most of the land, such as Japanese sweets using Yoshino kuzu (a specialty of Yoshino), imadori cafes, cake shops, and pesticide-free cafes.

    2021-10-01 Management office

  • I would like to have a delicious dinner in Nara City! We will introduce some of the best restaurants that are perfect for those times when you want to have a delicious dinner in Nara City. From French, Italian, Yakiniku to Kappo, please choose according to what you want to eat and your mood. All of the restaurants are highly rated and have many fans, so you can be sure of a delicious meal. Please refer to this page if you are not sure what to have for dinner in Nara City.

    2021-09-29 Management office

  • Near Nara Park, a popular tourist destination, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Japanese food. There are ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants) and restaurants not only near Nara Park but also in Nara Park, and all of them are reputed to be delicious, but we would like to introduce some of the best restaurants that you should try. Please refer to it when you visit Nara Park.

    2021-09-28 Management office

  • The difference between a kofun and a mausoleum is that a kofun is the tomb of an influential person and is made of heaped up earth in the shape of a mound, while a mausoleum is the tomb of an emperor. It is said that there are 31 mausoleums of emperors in Nara. All of them in Nara are large and many of them remain in beautiful condition. We invite you to see the ancient tombs and mausoleums that remain beautiful while blending in with the modern world.

    2021-09-27 Management office

  • Many places in Nara require reservations if you want to eat good Japanese food, but this time we will introduce some recommended Japanese restaurants that are worth making a reservation for. From hideaway restaurants to Japanese cuisine in hotels, and from easy-to-get-to places to more intricately located restaurants, you can enjoy delicious Japanese food at any time of the day. Please go and try it in person.

    2021-09-24 Management office

  • Nara has many places where you can see beautiful night views and play with animals, perfect for a date. There are many things that you can only experience in Nara that will make the two of you get to know each other better. Please find the perfect date spot and go out!

    2021-09-22 Management office

  • If you are planning to visit Nara, Nara Park is a sightseeing spot that you should not miss. After Nara Park, there are many other tourist attractions in Nara, all of which have much to offer. You will have a great time sightseeing as if you were going around Nara in a circle. Let's eat and drink delicious food and take your time to enjoy Nara. In this article, we will introduce some of Nara's tourist attractions that you should keep in mind.

    2021-09-21 Management office

  • Art
    Nara, a city with a rich history, has many museums and art museums. There are also many museums of Nara's unique culture, and we will introduce some of the most interesting museums and art museums. Historical museums, archives, and all this stuff? You will be amazed at how much there is to see and do, so be sure to take a sightseeing tour.

    2021-09-17 Management office

  • Nara is home to the "Ancient Monuments of Nara", a group of eight cultural properties, each of which is a World Heritage Site, consisting of facilities, historic sites, and natural monuments. We will introduce all of the historical heritage that Nara has preserved, so please visit them when you come to Nara for sightseeing. Six of the buildings are national treasures and their sites are designated as historic sites, and two are designated as special historic sites or special natural monuments, making a total of eight in all.

    2021-09-16 Management office

  • It may come as a surprise, but Nara is one of the regions with a strong ramen culture. Starting with Tenri ramen, there are many ramen shops serving stamina ramen, thick ramen, light ramen, tsukemen, etc. There are also many yatai ramen stalls where you can enjoy a variety of ramen! There are also many yatai ramen stalls where you can enjoy a variety of ramen! I will introduce some ramen restaurants that are popular among tourists and that I hope you will try when you come to Nara.

    2021-09-15 Management office

  • Nara, a city with many World Heritage sites, has many quality ryokan that enhance the quality of the ancient capital of Nara while maintaining the atmosphere of a World Heritage site. We will introduce some of the best located ryokan with a luxurious atmosphere. Please stay at one of these hotels because they are all very particular about their accommodations!

    2021-09-14 Management office

  • Stylish, clean, cozy and delicious food will make you happy when you stay there. Here are some hotels in Nara that will fulfill such desires. Everyone wants to carefully select not only sightseeing but also lodging. There are many hotels in Nara that will satisfy you very much! Please try to choose one based on your own non-negotiable points such as location, bath, and stylishness.

    2021-09-13 Management office

  • Nara's old tourist attractions remain everywhere and are still as beautiful as ever. Although the town is a basin, once you enter the town, you will see a series of mountains over 1,000 meters high, which can be considered unexplored landscapes. In the valleys of the mountains, there are waterfalls, cherry blossoms, and highlands that can be called prairies, offering many healing spots. We have collected such spots in Nara where you can see beautiful landscapes with a strong sense of nature in Nara sightseeing.

    2021-09-10 Management office

  • There are many temples and shrines in historic Nara. There are many temples surrounding Nara Park, and there are also historical temples a little further away. The main tourist attractions on the main road have a lot to offer, and there are many things for tourists to see and do. In this issue, we will introduce some temples and shrines that you should definitely visit when you come to Nara.

    2021-09-09 Management office

  • What you must definitely keep in mind in Nara are the deer in Nara Park. All of them look cute and adorable to anyone who sees them. But Nara is not only Nara Park. Nara also has many Insta-worthy spots and cute menus. We have selected a few of the best Instagram-worthy spots in Nara to introduce to you. Please come back home with lots of pictures while sightseeing.

    2021-09-08 Management office

  • Nara actually has a lot of delicious food. What's more, the trouble is that they are so delicious that they are addictive. The specialty menus of all the restaurants are so addictive that you will want to eat them over and over again, which is the enemy of dieting. Here are some popular restaurants and popular menus using Nara's specialties that are absolutely delicious.

    2021-09-06 Management office

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