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  • Ginzan Onsen, the setting of the NHK morning drama "Oshin ". Ginzan Onsen, an undeniably popular hot spring resort town to visit at least once, is famous for its nostalgic atmosphere of Taisho-romance. You will also see many tourists wearing kimono or hakama and walking around the hot spring resort area! This article introduces many such attractions of Ginzan Onsen. Why not go to Ginzan Onsen to relieve your daily fatigue?


  • Yamaguchi Prefecture is a treasure trove of gastronomy and nature from the mountains and the sea. With its numerous spectacular views and deep historical ties, the area is actually home to many photogenic spots that look great on social networking sites. In this article, we will introduce cute and colorful spots that girls will surely "love" and that are ideal for a girls' trip. Please take a look at it as a reference for sightseeing in Yamaguchi!


  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven recommended hotels, ryokan, and other accommodations in the Yamaguchi area. Yamaguchi Prefecture is unique in that it is relatively located in the south of Japan and enjoys mild and comfortable temperatures. It has the warmth of the Seto Inland Sea, which has a warm image, and the somewhat rugged beauty of the Sea of Japan, creating a unique climate. While enjoying the view of the sea, you will surely create memories. We hope you will stay at one of the hotels or ryokan listed in this article and create some pleasant memories in the Yamaguchi area.

    2022-06-06 Management office

  • Yamaguchi Prefecture, with its many tourist attractions, also has a thriving fishing industry and many delicious foods. For this reason, the prefecture is also famous for its gourmet sightseeing. The prefecture has an abundance of delicious ingredients such as puffer fish and pike conger eel, a unique culture such as mikan nabe (orange hot pot), and many delicious Japanese sweets to eat. We would like to introduce some of the most recommended gourmet foods in Yamaguchi. We hope you will try them during your visit to Yamaguchi.

    2022-02-03 Management office

  • Yamaguchi Prefecture is located at the southernmost tip of Honshu. There are many attractive sightseeing spots, including historical spots such as the Kanmon Straits, where historical events took place, and Hagi, which produced many warriors from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period, as well as areas overflowing with nature. Here are seven sightseeing spots that you should not miss when you are lost in Yamaguchi.

    2021-12-10 Management office

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