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  • Have you ever been on a trip but got tired from traveling, or didn't get to see much of the sights because you had to spend so much time on the road? This is especially true in unfamiliar areas, as we are not familiar with the area. In such cases, we recommend hotels near train stations. A hotel near the station will greatly reduce the time required for transportation and allow you to sightsee more wisely. So, we recommend "6 hotels for sightseeing in Kyoto "for 10,000-50,000 yen near Kyoto Station. All of them are luxury hotels with a lot of attention to detail, perfect for a little luxury travel, so please take a look.

    2024-03-05 Management office

  • Popular destinations in Kanagawa Prefecture "Yokohama ". Many people may have a fashionable image of Yokohama, such as the Minato Mirai area with its red brick warehouses and Ferris wheel, or the Chinatown area. In this issue, Hamakko, born and raised in Yokohama, carefully selects and introduces popular cafes in this fashionable area of Minato Mirai! We will introduce a total of 11 cafes, from classic cafes to hole-in-the-wall cafes, so be sure to visit the cafes that interest you!


  • Kanazawa is a wonderful city that combines historical architecture with a modern contemporary atmosphere "Kanazawa ". When most people think of Kanazawa's tourist attractions, they probably think of Kozumon Gate, the ruins of Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen Garden, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. Of course, all of those facilities are wonderful and highly recommended, but there are many other wonderful sightseeing spots in Kanazawa! In this article, I would like to introduce three such "slightly more conventional" sightseeing spots in Kanazawa that are not introduced on the main road. Please use this article as a guide for sightseeing in Kanazawa and enjoy a different face of Kanazawa!


  • Onomichi offers many sightseeing spots such as eating and drinking in the Onomichi Main Street Shopping Arcade, "Senkoji Park "where you can also view the city of Onomichi and the Seto Inland Sea, strolling along the slopes, visiting historic temples and movie locations, and the excellent Onomichi Ramen! "You may have heard of it even if you have never been there, as it is famous as the city of hills ""the city of literature ""the city of movies ". In this article, we will tell you about all the attractions of such an emotional town, Onomichi, including its sightseeing spots and delicious restaurants. We hope that those who are thinking of going sightseeing in Onomichi or are wondering where to go next will find this information useful!


  • The sun is getting warmer and it feels like spring. It is the season for beautiful flowers to sprout after the cold winter. In Japan, which has four distinct seasons, there are many places where you can see beautiful flower gardens. Here are 10 beautiful flower gardens in Japan that you should visit at least once.


  • Nagano Prefecture is full of nature, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. In terms of hot springs, Nagano Prefecture ranks among the top in Japan in various aspects, including "the second largest number of hot spring resorts and hot spring accommodations in Japan ". 1 There are so many ryokan that it is hard to know which one to choose. Which ryokan satisfies all the requirements of nature, food, hot springs, history, etc.? If you are wondering "Which ryokan meets all of my requirements, nature, food, hot springs, history, etc.? Here are seven carefully selected attractive ryokan that meet those requirements. Please refer to this page. 1 "From "Japan Hot Springs Association

    2024-02-26 Management office

  • Akita Prefecture is rich in nature, and the area still retains a very Japanese landscape. Because of its location, the area is often a sacred place for anime, which is often depicted in a way that moderately tickles the heartstrings of the Japanese people. Tohoku, such as Akita Prefecture, is rarely considered that central in tourism, but if you have a favorite work of art, you may find it an interesting region to visit on purpose.

    2024-02-22 Management office

  • Located in the Chubu region, Shizuoka Prefecture is rich in nature, with Mt. Not only that, but its location between Tokyo and Nagoya has led to the development of industry, and the interaction of its people has resulted in a rich cultural variety. In this article, we have selected six museums and art galleries in the Shizuoka area that are very attractive and worth visiting. Why not make them your next excursion?

    2024-02-21 Management office

  • Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku has many power spots filled with the power of nature and life force. Here are 10 of the best of them.


  • Ishigaki Island, with its beautiful ocean, marine activities, and nature, is one of the most popular tropical islands. Ishigaki Island, a treasure trove of rich ingredients, has a lot of delicious food. In this article, we will introduce 5 exquisite gourmet dishes that you should try if you visit Ishigaki Island.

    2024-02-19 Management office

  • If you are looking for authentic kaiseki cuisine in Kochi Prefecture, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy beautiful Japanese cuisine unique to Tosa, complete with fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables. Although the word "kaiseki" may sound expensive, we have carefully selected four restaurants where you can enjoy truly delicious cuisine at the most reasonable price possible. Three wonderful ryotei restaurants that serve dishes that not only taste but also look beautiful are all places where you can quietly face beautiful cuisine and be filled with a sense of peace and tranquility. We will introduce restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine, interspersed with a famous restaurant for chamois, which Ryoma Sakamoto is said to have missed out on eating.

    2024-02-16 Management office

  • In this issue, we will introduce six ryokans in the Karasuma/Kawaramachi area, one of Kyoto's most popular tourist destinations, where you can stay for 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen. While there are many luxurious and modern hotels in Japan these days, there are many ryokans in the ancient capital of Kyoto that are as charming as such hotels. Karasuma/Kawaramachi is a historically and culturally very important town, including Kyoto's kitchen "Nishiki Market "and "the site of the Ikedaya riot ". The ryokans introduced here are places where you can fully experience the history and culture of Kyoto, such as ryokans that have been in business for more than 100 years and ryokans where you can enjoy authentic Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine, both of which have been around since that time.

    2024-02-15 Management office

  • Mie Prefecture is a traditional Kinki city, famous as the site of the ancient capital. It is also an exciting place to visit, with numerous temples and historical buildings still in existence, as well as being used as a key access point to Kyoto and other cities. You can feel at ease in the calm and quiet atmosphere, and also enjoy the human touch typical of the Kinki region. The unique atmosphere of the area, combined with the many places where various works have originated, makes it a great place to visit and see the sacred places of your favorite works.

    2024-02-13 Management office

  • As the severe cold eases and the arrival of spring is felt, ume (plum) blossoms begin to bloom. There are many attractive ume viewing spots scattered throughout Japan. There are many ume viewing spots in Kanagawa Prefecture, and we will introduce six of them: Sankeien, Negishi Forest Park, Okurayama Park, Hodogaya Park, Yokodai West Park, and Kodomonokuni in Yokohama City.


  • While today there are many ways to shop, such as mail order and department stores, the market is another option that is full of old-fashioned charm, where you can enjoy shopping while interacting with the shopkeepers. In addition to local specialties, markets have a lively and friendly atmosphere. This article introduces seven of the many markets in Japan. If you find a market near your next destination, why not include it in your plans?


  • There are many historical buildings in Japan with a retro feel from the Meiji and Taisho periods. The buildings from the period when Western culture flourished and modernization progressed have an atmosphere different from that of modern buildings. Why not experience the romance of the Meiji and Taisho eras in these retro-inspired buildings that have been preserved by human hands?


  • Sapporo Clock Tower Sapporo, which shows completely different faces in each of the four seasons, is a very popular spot that consistently ranks high in numerous popular tourist destination rankings. You can enjoy the orderly beauty of the area, which was systematically developed as the capital of the province after the establishment of the Settlement Office at the beginning of the Meiji period (1868-1912). There are many gourmet foods, historic sights, and photogenic spots that are unique to Hokkaido. In this issue, we introduce a model course recommended for [one-day trip alone ]to enjoy Sapporo from other prefectures! Please use this article as a guide to visit Sapporo as a summer getaway tourism destination.


  • Nagano Prefecture is full of nature and still retains a variety of cultures and traditions. For this reason, there are many hotels that take advantage of Nagano's charms, and many people are unsure of where to stay when planning their trip. In this article, we will introduce seven carefully selected recommended hotels where you can enjoy the charms of Nagano! Please refer to them in planning your trip.

    2024-02-02 Management office

  • Spring is the season for cherry blossom viewing. Cherry blossoms are a special flower for Japanese people, and many people look forward to this season with great anticipation. For those people, Kyoto's cherry blossom viewing spots are definitely worth a visit. In the ancient capital of Kyoto, cherry blossoms can be seen in a variety of situations, including temples and shrines, in nature such as riverbanks and mountains, and in Kyoto-like townscapes such as machiya (traditional townhouses). This article introduces 16 such perfect hanami spots in Kyoto for your reference.

    2024-02-01 Management office

  • Miyako Island, with its beautiful emerald green sea, also known as Miyako blue, is a rapidly growing tourist area. There are many such rich hotels on Miyako Island where you would like to stay at least once. This article introduces some of Miyakojima's luxury hotels where you can enjoy the best hospitality.


  • A "specialty store" that pursues the taste and excellence of a single product. In recent years, a number of specialty stores have grown in strength, especially in the Tokyo metropolitan area. However, it is not always in the Tokyo metropolitan area that specialty stores are established. A new wave is emerging in rural areas. This article focuses on specialty stores in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. We propose a "food trip" to visit wonderful local restaurants. Discover the dazzling world of delicious food from the countryside.


  • This is the season when the weather suddenly turns bad, such as typhoons and sudden guerrilla downpours. Has it been raining on the day you plan to go on a date and all you do is go on room dates instead of going out? It's too bad the weather is so bad, but it's a date, so we want to play as much as we can. In this issue, we will introduce some weather-permitting date spots for couples to enjoy. This article is not only a great way to get out of a rainy day date rut, but also for those who are considering a date for an important day that they do not want to be affected by the weather! Please check it out.


  • Lunch time is very important for office workers. If you work in Tokyo, there are many fashionable stores nearby! Because time is limited between jobs, you never want to make a mistake in choosing the right restaurant. In this issue, we will introduce some recommended lunch spots in the Toranomon-Shinbashi area, where there is a particularly high concentration of restaurants! It is easy to get lost in too many restaurants, but please recharge your energy at lunch time and use it to energize your work in the afternoon!


  • Shiga Prefecture is home to the well-known Lake Biwa. The large scale and vivid waterside scenery, so large you would think it was the ocean if you saw it up close, of course attracts people and is fully utilized in the artwork. There is more than enough demand for tourism, and Shiga Prefecture can be recommended for pilgrimages to sacred places, especially for those who enjoy driving around and taking in the spectacular scenery.

    2024-01-24 Management office

  • When it comes to hamburgers, major chain restaurants may be the first to come to mind, but there are many famous hamburger restaurants in Hiroshima Prefecture that are surprisingly unknown. We have selected a number of excellent hamburger restaurants that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning American palates, so please take a look.

    2024-01-23 Management office

  • Ginzan Onsen, the setting of the NHK morning drama "Oshin ". Ginzan Onsen, an undeniably popular hot spring resort town to visit at least once, is famous for its nostalgic atmosphere of Taisho-romance. You will also see many tourists wearing kimono or hakama and walking around the hot spring resort area! This article introduces many such attractions of Ginzan Onsen. Why not go to Ginzan Onsen to relieve your daily fatigue?


  • National Hitachi Seaside Park Hitachinaka is a place where you can enjoy seasonal nature and seafood. Since it is easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area by car, bus, or train, it is attracting attention as a one-day trip spot. In this article, we picked up popular sightseeing and outing spots that you should definitely mention when you visit Hitachinaka, and came up with a recommended sightseeing route for a day trip from the Tokyo metropolitan area. If you are planning a road trip to enjoy nature and seafood, or if you are planning to visit Hitachinaka, please refer to this article for your sightseeing!


  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended date spots in the Niigata area. I would like to introduce a number of places where two couples can create wonderful memories together. We will list a very wide range of places, from places with gorgeous nature and scenery to hands-on facilities, so please refer to them and create fun memories that will last a lifetime.

    2024-01-18 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture is famous for seafood such as bonito, which is blessed by the Kuroshio Current, and citrus fruits grown in the prefecture's mild and blessed climate, but there are also many excellent B-class gourmet restaurants and local gourmet foods that can only be enjoyed in Kochi Prefecture that make use of local ingredients. Among B-class gourmet restaurants that are inexpensive, quick and easy to eat, we have carefully selected four restaurants that are loved by locals and tourists alike and have been cherished for many years. Photos of delicious meals line up on social networking sites when you travel somewhere, and the restaurants introduced here are all those that have become the talk of the town on social networking sites. It might be a good idea to make a plan to eat all the B-class gourmet food unique to Tosa once in a while.

    2024-01-17 Management office

  • Yamaguchi Prefecture is a treasure trove of gastronomy and nature from the mountains and the sea. With its numerous spectacular views and deep historical ties, the area is actually home to many photogenic spots that look great on social networking sites. In this article, we will introduce cute and colorful spots that girls will surely "love" and that are ideal for a girls' trip. Please take a look at it as a reference for sightseeing in Yamaguchi!


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