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  • A parfait filled with fresh cream and fruit. It has an irresistible appeal to those with a sweet tooth. I often see very beautiful looking parfaits on social networking sites, and I can't help but want to eat them. In recent years, Gunma Prefecture has seen an increase in the number of stores offering fashionable parfaits. So, we would like to introduce parfaits available in the center of Gunma Prefecture "Takasaki City ". We will compile a list of our very best recommendations, both visually and in taste.


  • Did you know that there are many excellent sandwich stores in Hiroshima Prefecture? In this article, we will secretly tell you about everything from the best places to eat delicious sandwiches in the vicinity of Hiroshima City to hole-in-the-wall places, so you can fall more and more in love with sandwiches.

    2024-03-27 Management office

  • Popular destinations in Kanagawa Prefecture "Yokohama ". Many people may have a fashionable image of Yokohama, such as the Minato Mirai area with its red brick warehouses and Ferris wheel, or the Chinatown area. In this issue, Hamakko, born and raised in Yokohama, carefully selects and introduces popular cafes in this fashionable area of Minato Mirai! We will introduce a total of 11 cafes, from classic cafes to hole-in-the-wall cafes, so be sure to visit the cafes that interest you!


  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven recommended sweets stores and cafes in the Shizuoka Prefecture area. Speaking of the area of Shizuoka Prefecture, the nature with Mt. Fuji as its starting point is wonderful, but combined with such an open atmosphere, the culture of fashionable cafes and sweets is also thriving. The wide variety of genres from Japanese sweets to Western sweets is also enjoyable, and the cultivation of fruits is also a feature of the area, coupled with the benefits of the calm climate near the sea. We hope you will enjoy a variety of sweets and sweet foods and fully enjoy your visit to Shizuoka.

    2024-02-14 Management office

  • It is now December and the weather has turned cold. While winter is filled with many events such as Christmas, winter vacation, and New Year's, it is also cold and you feel like staying indoors. But it is also the time of year when you can enjoy the spectacular winter scenery, snowy landscapes lit up with lights, miraculous natural phenomena such as Hokkaido's drift ice and tree ice, and delicious winter cuisine in the hot spring resort areas. This article introduces a number of sightseeing spots that you should definitely visit in such an attractive winter season. Spend your travel time with your family, friends, and loved ones to sightsee and reassess the year ahead.


  • Fukuoka Prefecture is the most populous prefecture in Kyushu. Not only is it easily accessible from Honshu and dotted with popular tourist attractions such as historical sites and scenic spots, but it is also a great place to enjoy exquisite cuisine. This article introduces the very best recommended spots in Fukuoka Prefecture, such a popular tourist destination, by area. Please refer to this page when planning your trip to Fukuoka.


  • Hiroshima Prefecture is famous nationwide for its local delicacies such as Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, oysters, and autumn-leaf buns, but there are also many other lesser-known but superbly delicious Hiroshima gourmet foods. We have selected a number of restaurants that offer Hiroshima's local delicacies that are well-known to locals but not so major in Japan.

    2023-11-17 Management office

  • In Hiroshima Prefecture, there are many little-known but delicious coffee shops that offer excellent coffee. In this article, I, as a resident of Hiroshima Prefecture, recommend a selection of coffee shops that you should visit at least once.

    2023-10-24 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended tea stores in the Shizuoka area. Shizuoka, as it goes without saying, is known for its specialty, tea. The image of Shizuoka = tea has taken root throughout the country, and because it is such a specialty, tourists are eager to drink it. There is also a Japanese atmosphere, and you can enjoy an extraordinary, traditional, and calm atmosphere. We hope you will use this article as a guide to taste the tea that is representative of the Shizuoka area.

    2023-09-29 Management office

  • The Kitahama area of Osaka is lined with many modern and fashionable modern buildings such as the Central Public Hall and Nakanoshima Library. One of the most crowded cafes is "Kitahama Retro ", which was created by renovating a Western-style building from the Meiji era. This article introduces the charm of Kitahama Retro, its popular menu, and tips for minimizing wait times.


  • Ehime has so many cafes and bakeries. We will introduce 10 bakeries that we recommend, including popular bakeries with long-established stores that have been around for a long time, and bakeries that have a long lineup of customers. If you are looking for a bakery in Ehime Prefecture, please refer to this article.


  • Tokyo is the well-known capital city and one of the largest cities in Japan. The atmosphere of such a glamorous city is matched by the atmosphere of fashionable cafes, and many women pursue cafes as if attracted by the sparkling brilliance of the city. Each café has its own unique colors and charms, so please pay attention to them and enjoy a luxurious time of a higher grade.

    2023-05-19 Management office

  • With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line to Kanazawa in 2015, the Ishikawa area has become even more significantly more valuable as a tourist destination. In fact, it is also a prefecture that often ranks high in the national ranking of cake consumption based on purchase value. Ishikawa is a prefecture with a sweet tooth, and naturally, there are many sweet stores to satisfy your craving for sweets. In this issue, we will introduce five attractive sweets stores in the Ishikawa area.


  • Motomachi and Chinatown in Yokohama are known as a gourmet and sightseeing spot. Among them, the number of cafes offering unique coffee has been increasing recently. We recommend the following cafes in Motomachi and Chinatown, where individuality shines through and delicious coffee is served.


  • Marunouchi is an area where you can enjoy beautiful cityscapes and historic buildings such as the station building, a nationally designated Important Cultural Property, and the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, as well as many commercial facilities. This article introduces stylish cafes recommended for date night.


  • In Kyoto, there are many attractive cafes, such as those renovated from old private homes and those offering unique Kyoto-style menus. It would be wonderful if you could visit such cafes with your pets. So, we would like to introduce eight "pet-friendly "cafes in Kyoto. Some cafes have menus for pets, pet salons, and hotels. We have introduced cafes in various areas of Kyoto, so please take a look at them for your reference.

    2022-12-20 Management office

  • Nagoya City, known as the "coffee kingdom," is home to numerous coffee shops. Among them, one that has captivated many people over the years is Cafe Mountain in Showa Ward. In this article, we will introduce the charm of Cafe Mountain, a hidden gem in Nagoya.


  • The afternoon tea is very attractive, with a seasonally changing menu and plenty of sweets and savories to enjoy. In this issue, we will introduce 10 afternoon teas in Kansai that are perfect for a girls' night out, a little treat, or just a luxurious experience.


  • Afternoon tea with tea and light meals such as scones and cakes. This custom originated in England and is popular as an elegant and relaxing way to spend time. Many of you may feel the need to enjoy an elegant afternoon tea once in a while in the midst of your busy daily life. So "we would like to introduce you to eight places in Tokyo "where you can enjoy an elegant afternoon tea. In Tokyo, there are many places to enjoy afternoon tea, and there are even some restaurants that specialize in afternoon tea. "Please read to the end of this page to see all the wonderful stores that you will definitely want to visit ".

    2022-09-21 Management office

  • Miyajima is one of Hiroshima's most popular tourist destinations! Miyajima is always crowded with people from both inside and outside of the prefecture. You can visit the Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site, be healed by fish at the Miyajima Aquarium, and play with deer all over the island, and you will never get bored even if you stay for a whole day. After arriving at Miyajima, you can enjoy eating oysters and nigiriten (nigiri tempura) in the shopping street leading to Itsukushima Shrine, and you will feel as if you are at a festival. Stylish cafes are popping up one after another on Miyajima. Here are five cafes we recommend for a short break after a long day of walking.

    2022-09-05 Management office

  • How do you spend your mornings on your days off? Some of you go for a run or a walk in the morning, and some of you may sleep in until noon because you are tired from work or school. On your day off, if a delicious breakfast is waiting for you, you may want to do some morning activities! In this issue, we will introduce four mornings in Hiroshima. You can stop by not only on your days off but also before work, so you can absorb nutrients in the morning and get a good start to your day.

    2022-08-17 Management office

  • There are many delicious bakeries in Hiroshima! Bakeries with a reputation for good taste are very popular every day, not only within the city, but also in places a little further away that can only be reached by car. There are various kinds of breads such as hard breads, high-grade breads, and unique breads. Many of them are actively using Instagram these days, so it is easy to check information on new releases and sell-outs! In this issue, we will introduce four bakeries in Hiroshima City. Please visit various bakeries and find your favorites!

    2022-05-09 Management office

  • Oysters, okonomiyaki, and momiji manju have long been standard Hiroshima specialties, but it is sweets made with lemons that are becoming a new standard. Hiroshima Prefecture produces the largest amount of lemons in Japan, and lemons grown in the mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea can be eaten right down to the peel. Sweets made with lemons are not only sweet, but also have a moderate sourness, making them tasty even for those who do not usually eat sweets. In this issue, we will introduce six cafes that offer sweets made with lemons, a local specialty.

    2022-03-25 Management office

  • When you visit Wakayama Prefecture, you will first be interested in the local gourmet foods and local soul food that you must try, but at the same time, spending time relaxing in a cute cafe is also an important part of a girl's trip. Wakayama Prefecture is famous for its citrus fruits due to its mild climate, but there are also some really delicious local gourmet restaurants. We will introduce two local gourmet restaurants that have been loved by the locals and two cute and photogenic cafes where you can spend an enchanting time in between. We have carefully selected restaurants that you can visit in Wakayama City so that you will remember them when you have a hard time choosing a restaurant in Wakayama.

    2022-02-04 Management office

  • Nagoya has many cafes that are a perfect blend of retro and stylish, with menus that are full of Instagram-worthy dishes! Of course, they are not only photogenic, but also delicious. We have gathered together some of the most Instagram-worthy cafes and menus, from lunch to sweets, so please visit the ones you are interested in.

    2021-10-13 Management office

  • There are several snack shops and tea shops in Nara Park, famous for its deer and the Great Buddha, but this time we will introduce you to cafes where you can enjoy delicious sweets just one step outside of Nara Park. We have gathered together all the sweets from popular stores in Nara, so if you are looking for sweets and cafes near Nara Park, please take a look at them.

    2021-10-04 Management office

  • Yoshinoyama, registered as a World Heritage site, is known as the best cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan. Furthermore, there are many cafes and stores near Yoshinoyama where you can enjoy sweets. Please be sure to enjoy sweets that make the most of the land, such as Japanese sweets using Yoshino kuzu (a specialty of Yoshino), imadori cafes, cake shops, and pesticide-free cafes.

    2021-10-01 Management office

  • Shibuya is one of the most popular areas in Tokyo as a trend-setting area lined with fashion stores and commercial facilities. There are countless shopping and sightseeing spots such as Shibuya Center Gai and SHIBUYA109. Here we introduce six stores where you can take a break and enjoy delicious sweets while strolling through this exciting Shibuya area. We have introduced everything from stores with excellent access near the station to cafes in back alleys, so please take a look for yourself.

    2021-09-07 Management office

  • I want to eat delicious sweets in the Arashiyama/Saga area, which is always a part of the sightseeing course among the tourist attractions in Kyoto! Here are some cafes and eateries where you can enjoy delicious sweets in the Arashiyama/Saga area, which is a must-see sightseeing course in Kyoto. Please try the delicious sweets in the Arashiyama area, where you will find a variety of sweets that can only be eaten on the spot, souvenirs, and sweets made for eating and walking around. All of the restaurants have Kyoto-like characteristics and are sure to be delicious.

    2021-08-26 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended cafes in Kawaramachi/Karasuma area. The Kawaramachi/Karasuma area is an area that follows the traditional streetscape and history typical of Kyoto, and is characterized by its calm atmosphere. A moment spent in a café in a relaxed atmosphere is truly a supreme experience. Enjoy this unique Kyoto experience. The area is also the center of Kyoto Prefecture, so it is easy for many people to visit.

    2021-08-17 Management office


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