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  • Even if you have a long-awaited holiday coming up, it may not be as easy as you think to choose a place where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. It would be a real waste of time to waste time worrying about where to go. In this issue, we have picked up spots in Kyushu and Okinawa that can be enjoyed by the whole family, from adults to children, by prefecture. Please take a look at them for your reference.


  • With the weather getting warmer across the country, it is the time of year to get outside. This spring, why don't you go out into nature where flowers are blooming and the air is dazzlingly green, where you can take a stroll in an hour or two, or take a ropeway to feel the great outdoors. Even inexperienced climbers can easily get close to nature. Here are 10 hiking courses in spring in Japan.


  • Kyushu, rich in nature, is a treasure trove of scenic spots to visit on a road trip. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean by driving along the coast, or enjoy an exhilarating drive through the mountains. Here are 10 of the most beautiful spots in Kyushu that you can visit on a road trip.


  • We introduce some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Okinawa Prefecture, one of Japan's most popular remote island resorts! In this article, we will introduce seven great installation spots in Okinawa Prefecture. The sparkling ocean, magnificent nature, and sunny atmosphere all make Okinawa Prefecture a gorgeous place to visit. Here are some suggestions for sightseeing spots that you can capture in your photos and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    2023-03-29 Management office

  • Oita Prefecture, which boasts the largest number of hot springs in Japan, is dotted with fascinating hot spring resorts such as Beppu and Yufuin. This article focuses on the Beppu area and introduces its charms. It is recommended for a refreshing trip, with a wide variety of local delicacies that are very popular among women travelers, such as jigoku-mushi (steamed food steamed in hell). Beppu Yufuin is a recommended spot for solo travelers who can enjoy sightseeing without worrying about being seen, as it has a relaxed, adult atmosphere in a good sense of the word. Please refer to this article to plan your Oita solo trip.


  • The tropical island of Okinawa Prefecture is a summer travel destination. It is famous for swimming and marine activities in the beautiful ocean. However, springtime in Okinawa is not to be missed. It is more reasonably priced than the high season in summer, and there are activities that can only be done in spring. Here are 10 sightseeing spots in Okinawa that you can visit during your spring vacation.


  • Fukuoka is home to many popular bakeries, from famous stores in Tokyo where you have to wait in line to get in, to smaller, more intimate stores that serve delicious bread.


  • Works with a storyline, such as animations, movies, and dramas, are sometimes set in a particular region or city. In some cases, this is because the original author's hometown is in that area, or because the characteristics of that area are important to the story, so it was set there. Fans of the work can recall memorable scenes and experience the background of the story firsthand by visiting "sacred places "as the original location of the scene. Here, we introduce "sacred sites "in Kumamoto Prefecture.


  • In the cold winter, you want to take a hot spring bath to warm up your body from the inside out. It is good to relax in a place with little snow or at a super public bath, but if you go to the trouble, why not enjoy a snow bath, which is only possible in winter? A warm onsen with a view of the snow is a special experience. Here are 10 snow viewing baths that can be easily enjoyed on a day trip without staying overnight.


  • We introduce seven power spots in Okinawa Prefecture, one of Japan's most popular remote island resorts! The sun and white sand beaches of Okinawa are exotic, and the power spots in this unusual atmosphere are sure to bring you good luck. Recharge your batteries by experiencing the mysterious charms that Okinawa Prefecture has to offer.

    2022-11-28 Management office

  • Okinawa Prefecture has become Japan's remote island resort that many people long to visit, especially during the summer months. Okinawa Prefecture is a large prefecture, but Ishigaki Island is particularly popular among its residents, and many people go out of their way to visit the island. Ishigaki Island is a refreshing place to enjoy the refreshing feeling around "sea "that is typical of Okinawa Prefecture. This article will surely make you want to visit such a wonderful spot.

    2022-10-25 Management office

  • The clear emerald green and endless cobalt blue of the sea. The island of Miyako in Okinawa Prefecture is famous for the beauty of its sea. "Some of the beaches are so beautiful that they have been called the best in the East ( "), and their scenery attracts the hearts of all who see them. In addition to the ocean, the area is full of tropical flora and fauna, gourmet food, and other attractions, making it a place that is constantly visited by tourists. In this issue, we will introduce 10 recommended sightseeing spots on Miyako Island, Okinawa.

    2022-09-02 Management office

  • Okinawa has many attractions such as beautiful seas, delicious food, historical buildings, and culture. Okinawa is a popular tourist destination throughout Japan because of its natural scenery and relaxing atmosphere, which cannot be seen in Honshu. There are many remote islands in Okinawa, such as Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island, but this time we will focus on the main island of Okinawa and introduce eight attractive sightseeing spots. There are a variety of places where you can enjoy the natural flavors, shopping and dining, and the unique culture of Okinawa. This article is sure to make you want to go to Okinawa, so please read to the end.

    2022-08-04 Management office

  • Although Kagoshima Prefecture is located at the southernmost tip of Japan, it retains much of its pristine nature and is home to many popular islands, including Kirishima, Tanegashima, Yakushima, and Amami Oshima. It is also a good place to visit historical spots, as it has produced many great historical figures such as Takamori Saigo and Toshimichi Okubo. In this article, we will introduce hotels and ryokan that are very popular among Insta-girls, such as a lodge that offers a panoramic view of the majestic Sakurajima and an open-air bath that seems to become one with the gorge, as well as a lodge with an infinity hot spring popular among girls' trips and a wellness resort hotel on Amami-Oshima.

    2022-07-15 Management office

  • In Miyazaki Prefecture, there are many hotels where you can enjoy a tropical resort that makes you feel as if you are overseas. It is a land where you can enjoy an extraordinary travel experience by taking advantage of the wonderful nature and sea, such as the subtropical vegetation "Aoshima "and the beautiful valley "Takachiho Gorge ", which is a national scenic beauty and natural monument. If you are planning to travel to Miyazaki, staying at a hotel that looks great on SNS and taking great pictures will be one of the most memorable experiences. This article introduces four hotels for girls, including a hotel where you can enjoy sea sports such as surfing and SUP unique to tropical Miyazaki Prefecture, a hotel with an ocean view, and a beautiful art hotel.

    2022-07-15 Management office

  • When it comes to sightseeing in Oita, the golden course is to take a relaxing soak in the hot springs of Beppu, the highest peak of hot springs in Japan, including a visit to hell, and then to buy fashionable souvenirs in Yufuin. In addition, there are many lesser-known hot spring resorts in Oita Prefecture, where you can enjoy various types of hot springs just by touring around the prefecture. This article introduces four recommended inns, including one inn each in Beppu City and Yufu City, the main hot spring destinations in Oita, as well as a lovely plum-filled inn in Hita City and an inn where you can enjoy Taisho retro style. All of the inns rank high on the list of inns where women want to stay, and in addition to the quality of the hot springs and cuisine, they all offer plenty of photo opportunities.

    2022-07-14 Management office

  • Kumamoto Prefecture is dotted with hot spring resorts such as Kurokawa Onsen, Amakusa Onsen, and Shirakawa Onsen, which are known for their metasilicic acid-rich waters for beautiful skin. "There are also many sightseeing spots in Kumamoto Prefecture where you can enjoy the great nature of Aso, such as the spectacular view of Matsushima in Amakusa, which is loved and called one of the three great pine islands of Japan ", "Daikanbo "and "Aso Farmland ". In this article, we will introduce recommended ryokan (Japanese-style inns) and hotels in Kumamoto Prefecture for traveling girls to have both beauty and scenery all to themselves. We have a great selection of inns where you can enjoy the luxury of a hole-in-the-wall spot and also take pictures with a sense of luxury and special atmosphere.

    2022-07-13 Management office

  • Saga Prefecture is famous for its pottery, such as Arita-yaki, Imari-yaki, and Karatsu-yaki, but there are also many places with spectacular views, such as "Mifuneyama Rakuen "where you can enjoy digital art in a peaceful setting in magnificent nature, or "Nanatsugama ", a natural monument, where you can take a cruise to see the caves. Saga Prefecture is also famous for its fresh crab, squid, and other seafood, and is a treasure trove of high-quality natural hot springs that are said to leave your skin moist and smooth. Therefore, this article will introduce four carefully selected ryokan and hotels from four major types of hot springs in Saga Prefecture: Tara Onsen, Takeo Onsen, Ureshino Onsen, and Koyu Onsen.

    2022-07-12 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended hotels in the Nagasaki area. The Nagasaki area, as it goes without saying, has long flourished as a port town and is one of Japan's leading seaside cities. The area is full of nature and a somewhat ancient retro atmosphere, which makes it an impressive and unique experience. We hope you will take a trip to Nagasaki Prefecture, stay at one of the ryokan listed here, and create some pleasant memories.

    2022-05-31 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce some recommended ryokan and hotels in the Okinawa area. Okinawa is, as it is well known, one of the best resort areas in Japan. Dazzling sun, lush ocean, white sandy beaches, and green trees ....... Just the image of these places will surely make you feel exotic and fluffy. We will firmly introduce accommodation facilities where you can enjoy such a special atmosphere of Okinawa Prefecture while feeling like you are at a resort. We hope you will have a good trip based on such contents.

    2022-05-12 Management office

  • Miyazaki Prefecture, famous for power spots such as Takachiho, is not only a tourist destination. There are many delicious foods that take advantage of Miyazaki's climate. Miyazaki is a region where meat such as Miyazaki Jidori chicken, Takachiho beef, and Miyazaki beef is particularly delicious, and there are many delicious foods in Miyazaki Prefecture, including some that have won the B-class gourmet grand prix, as well as sweets, so be sure to enjoy some of its specialty foods.

    2022-03-15 Management office

  • Oita is known as the best "music prefecture "in Japan, including the popular Beppu Hot Springs. Oita is not only famous for its hot springs, but also for its delicious local food. We would like to introduce some of the best Oita gourmet foods that you should try. Please take a look at them when you travel to Oita.

    2022-03-15 Management office

  • If you want to eat delicious food in Kumamoto, this is definitely the place to go! We will introduce some of the best gourmet restaurants in Kumamoto, so if you come to Kumamoto for sightseeing, please come back and try many of Kumamoto's delicious foods. From Kumamoto's popular horse-meat sashimi to sweets, you will be spoiled for choice.

    2022-03-11 Management office

  • Saga is a prefecture with delicious pork, beef, and vegetables. It is also the No. 1 curry consumption prefecture, and no matter where you eat curry, you will never go wrong! Saga is also home to local delicacies such as Sicilian rice and majemba, making it a region with many things to enjoy. We hope you will try some of Saga's famous gourmet foods.

    2022-03-10 Management office

  • Nagasaki is a town of many local gourmet foods. Nagasaki gourmet food is characterized by the fact that menus already have regional names such as Nagasaki Champon, Nagasaki Castella, and Sasebo Burger. All of the menus are famous throughout Japan, so we highly recommend that you try them in Nagasaki, the real Nagasaki. There are a good number of sightseeing spots and food to enjoy, so please enjoy your visit to Nagasaki.

    2022-02-01 Management office

  • It is no exaggeration to say that Okinawa is the most liberating and popular tourist destination in Japan. Okinawa has a slightly different culture and food culture from the rest of Japan. We will introduce some restaurants where you can enjoy such delicious gourmet food unique to Okinawa, so please try them during your sightseeing. You can enjoy a variety of dishes that are much more Okinawan than those served at hotels.

    2022-01-25 Management office

  • Not only Okinawa, but Kagoshima is also famous for its spectacular ocean views. There are many places of interest, such as small islands in the coral reef sea and the World Heritage Site of Yakushima, and there are also many marine activities. We would like to introduce some of the sightseeing spots in Kagoshima that you should definitely visit.

    2022-01-19 Management office

  • With colorful flowers decorating the streets, palm trees, subtropical plants, and ocean views, Miyazaki Prefecture makes you feel as if you are in a tropical country even though you are in Japan. The prefecture offers a variety of tourist attractions, from exotic spots to power spots that are the setting for myths, to popular spots that are popular for their beauty. We will introduce seven of the best sightseeing spots in Miyazaki, one of the most popular resort areas in Japan.

    2022-01-18 Management office

  • Oita Prefecture is the number one hot spring prefecture in Japan, and is extremely popular among both domestic and international tourists. The number of hot springs in the prefecture, including Beppu Onsen and Yufuin, is the largest in Japan in terms of the number of springs and the amount of hot springs gushing forth. Oita Prefecture is a must-visit destination for all hot spring lovers. In fact, there are many other attractive tourist spots in Oita Prefecture besides hot springs. In this issue, we will introduce seven carefully selected sightseeing spots, including hot springs, that you should not miss.

    2022-01-17 Management office


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