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  • A parfait filled with fresh cream and fruit. It has an irresistible appeal to those with a sweet tooth. I often see very beautiful looking parfaits on social networking sites, and I can't help but want to eat them. In recent years, Gunma Prefecture has seen an increase in the number of stores offering fashionable parfaits. So, we would like to introduce parfaits available in the center of Gunma Prefecture "Takasaki City ". We will compile a list of our very best recommendations, both visually and in taste.


  • Iwate Prefecture is located in the Tohoku region and is the second largest prefecture in Japan. For those who live far away from the prefecture, it may be a little difficult to choose a destination, but did you know that it is actually a very expressive place blessed with oceans, rivers, and a rich history? In this issue, we will highlight five Instagram-worthy spots in Iwate Prefecture that you may want to visit. We hope you will include them in your next holiday destination list.


  • Aomori is the northernmost prefecture in Honshu. Many people may think of Hokkaido across the sea when it comes to northern sightseeing destinations, but Aomori Prefecture also has a number of very attractive landscapes that should not be missed. The natural beauty fostered by the harsh environment with widely varying temperatures is particularly noteworthy, and you will not be able to resist pointing your camera at it. In this issue, we would like to introduce six of the most recommended Instagram-worthy spots in Aomori Prefecture.

    2024-03-13 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven recommended sweets stores and cafes in the Shizuoka Prefecture area. Speaking of the area of Shizuoka Prefecture, the nature with Mt. Fuji as its starting point is wonderful, but combined with such an open atmosphere, the culture of fashionable cafes and sweets is also thriving. The wide variety of genres from Japanese sweets to Western sweets is also enjoyable, and the cultivation of fruits is also a feature of the area, coupled with the benefits of the calm climate near the sea. We hope you will enjoy a variety of sweets and sweet foods and fully enjoy your visit to Shizuoka.

    2024-02-14 Management office

  • Nagano Prefecture reminds us of its magnificent nature and clean, clear water. In the case of Nagano Prefecture, the main characteristic of the installation spots is that everything is in harmony with the beautiful nature, not just man-made objects. Karuizawa, a popular summer resort, is lined with fashionable and cute stores, but at the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of the trees and the flowing river space. In addition, we will introduce four carefully selected Instagram-worthy spots where man-made objects and nature are well mixed, such as the spectacular sea of clouds and Matsumoto Castle with the Northern Alps in the borrowed scenery. These are all spots where you can enjoy the blessed nature of Nagano together with fashionable and photogenic buildings.

    2023-12-20 Management office

  • Kyoto, with its many SNS-worthy spots, is a very popular destination among girls. Among them, the Papeppo Museum, a mysterious facility that is said to be "the happiest place in Japan ", has recently become a hot topic of conversation. We will tell you what kind of place it is and the charms of Papeppo!


  • Itoshima is rapidly gaining popularity as a place to "take SNS-worthy photos!" Itoshima is rapidly gaining popularity. In this article, we will introduce 10 SNS-worthy spots in the Itoshima area that are very popular among such girls and that you should definitely visit. Surrounded by the sea and rich in nature, Itoshima offers a resort-like atmosphere in summer, as if you were abroad. Enjoy summer to the end while visiting the many fashionable spots throughout the area!


  • Did you know that Kyoto, with its atmospheric atmosphere that evokes a sense of Japanese history, has many spots that look great on social networking sites? In this article, we will introduce spots in Kyoto that are popular on social networking sites, from classic to hidden gems. We hope you will use this article as a guide to visit many of Kyoto's most photogenic and spectacular spots this summer!


  • The Kitahama area of Osaka is lined with many modern and fashionable modern buildings such as the Central Public Hall and Nakanoshima Library. One of the most crowded cafes is "Kitahama Retro ", which was created by renovating a Western-style building from the Meiji era. This article introduces the charm of Kitahama Retro, its popular menu, and tips for minimizing wait times.


  • Sado, an island of Niigata in the Sea of Japan. Although it is often thought to be small, it is actually about 280 km in circumference and covers an area 1.4 times the size of Tokyo's 23 wards. Sado Island, the largest island in Honshu, is home to about 50,000 people, and can be reached from Tokyo by high-speed boat in as little as 3 hours and 30 minutes. Although it is an island off the coast of Niigata, winters are warm and snowfall is fairly low thanks to the Tsushima Warm Current that flows around the island! Visitors can enjoy the original Japanese landscape in the blessed four seasons! This article introduces recommended sightseeing spots on Sado Island, which is rich in such natural beauty. This article is recommended for those who are going to travel to Sado Island or who would like to go there someday. Why not take a trip to Sado Island using this article as a guide?


  • Food theme parks, where you can see the production process of familiar foods and enjoy tasting them, are ideal for outings with parents and children or for date nights. In this issue, we will introduce six food parks in Saitama Prefecture.


  • Tokyo is the well-known capital city and one of the largest cities in Japan. The atmosphere of such a glamorous city is matched by the atmosphere of fashionable cafes, and many women pursue cafes as if attracted by the sparkling brilliance of the city. Each café has its own unique colors and charms, so please pay attention to them and enjoy a luxurious time of a higher grade.

    2023-05-19 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended installations in the Niigata area. It is a well-known fact that the Niigata area is a land of rich rice growth, which combined with the atmosphere of the area, creates a relaxed Japanese-style atmosphere. It is an addictive atmosphere for adults that cannot be easily enjoyed in the glittering city. We hope you will capture this unique atmosphere in your photographs and create stylish and enjoyable memories.

    2023-05-18 Management office

  • Kyoto is home to many of Japan's most famous sightseeing spots, and is even considered a sacred place for school excursions. Recently, Kyoto has been gaining popularity among foreign tourists, and the sightseeing spots are evolving day by day. While sightseeing in Kyoto in a kimono with friends is fun, we also recommend a trip to enjoy the good old Japanese scenery alone, such as shrines, temples, and streets lined with machiya (traditional townhouses), as much as you like. In this article, we will introduce you to Kyoto's fashionable spots, where the collaboration of the old and the new creates a photogenic atmosphere. Why not enjoy your trip alone in Kyoto?


  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended installations in the Shizuoka area. Shizuoka area is a very attractive area with rich nature, especially Mt. Fuji, and the surrounding nature and quiet atmosphere are very atmospheric. Please enjoy sightseeing in such an area and take wonderful pictures.

    2023-04-13 Management office

  • Gunma Prefecture is a region where agriculture of vegetables and fruits is flourishing. Fresh and tasty agricultural products are popular among tourists, especially those who come to pick fruits. In this article, we have compiled a list of farms where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat fruits that are in season from spring to summer.


  • We introduce some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Okinawa Prefecture, one of Japan's most popular remote island resorts! In this article, we will introduce seven great installation spots in Okinawa Prefecture. The sparkling ocean, magnificent nature, and sunny atmosphere all make Okinawa Prefecture a gorgeous place to visit. Here are some suggestions for sightseeing spots that you can capture in your photos and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    2023-03-29 Management office

  • Hokkaido, the northern land of Japan, is a place that anyone living south of Honshu would like to visit on any number of trips. Hokkaido's charm lies in its vast lands and abundant nature, which do not exist in other areas of Japan. The fact that there are so many suitable travel destinations means that there are also many spectacular spots that are sure to be Instagram-worthy. This time, we have carefully selected five attractive Instagram-worthy spots to visit in the Hokkaido area. We hope you will consider including them in your next trip.


  • Osaka offers a wide variety of delicious gourmet foods such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu. Yao City, the core city of Osaka, also has many delicious restaurants. Located in the Nakakawachi region of Osaka Prefecture, Yao City is adjacent to the southeastern part of Osaka City and is easily accessible from Osaka City. In this issue, we will introduce five recommended hamburger restaurants in Yao City that you should definitely try. Why not gobble up a delicious hamburger?


  • The afternoon tea is very attractive, with a seasonally changing menu and plenty of sweets and savories to enjoy. In this issue, we will introduce 10 afternoon teas in Kansai that are perfect for a girls' night out, a little treat, or just a luxurious experience.


  • In this issue of "we will introduce six spots in Tokyo that we recommend for a women's trip ". Some are fashion and shopping destinations, others are art and café districts, and still others are fashionable aquariums. Please see to the end.

    2022-09-28 Management office

  • Afternoon tea with tea and light meals such as scones and cakes. This custom originated in England and is popular as an elegant and relaxing way to spend time. Many of you may feel the need to enjoy an elegant afternoon tea once in a while in the midst of your busy daily life. So "we would like to introduce you to eight places in Tokyo "where you can enjoy an elegant afternoon tea. In Tokyo, there are many places to enjoy afternoon tea, and there are even some restaurants that specialize in afternoon tea. "Please read to the end of this page to see all the wonderful stores that you will definitely want to visit ".

    2022-09-21 Management office

  • Miyajima, one of the World Heritage sites in Hiroshima Prefecture, is visited daily by many tourists from Japan and abroad. Visitors can enjoy both sightseeing and gourmet food, such as visiting the classic Itsukushima Shrine and eating Miyajima's specialties such as oysters and nigiriten (nigiri tempura). Visitors vary from family and friends, to solo travelers, to students on school excursions. We have introduced everything from classic spots to hidden gems, so please take a look at them for reference.

    2022-09-16 Management office

  • "Neo Izakaya "refers to an izakaya that retains a slightly old-fashioned retro feel in the store's tatami, but is arranged in a fashionable way so that it can be enjoyed by young people and women. Recently, "Neo Izakaya "is often talked about on SNS and other social networking sites. In Kyoto, a major tourist destination, there are many neo izakaya that have recently become very popular. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce some popular neo izakaya in Kyoto.

    2022-09-07 Management office

  • Miyajima is one of Hiroshima's most popular tourist destinations! Miyajima is always crowded with people from both inside and outside of the prefecture. You can visit the Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site, be healed by fish at the Miyajima Aquarium, and play with deer all over the island, and you will never get bored even if you stay for a whole day. After arriving at Miyajima, you can enjoy eating oysters and nigiriten (nigiri tempura) in the shopping street leading to Itsukushima Shrine, and you will feel as if you are at a festival. Stylish cafes are popping up one after another on Miyajima. Here are five cafes we recommend for a short break after a long day of walking.

    2022-09-05 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture has many sightseeing spots, and the biggest attraction is the ocean overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The ocean alone makes it an Instagram-worthy spot, but if you take a short drive, you will find many spots where you can enjoy the great outdoors even more. Try capturing Kochi's large scale nature in your photos.

    2022-08-08 Management office

  • When you visit Wakayama Prefecture, you will first be interested in the local gourmet foods and local soul food that you must try, but at the same time, spending time relaxing in a cute cafe is also an important part of a girl's trip. Wakayama Prefecture is famous for its citrus fruits due to its mild climate, but there are also some really delicious local gourmet restaurants. We will introduce two local gourmet restaurants that have been loved by the locals and two cute and photogenic cafes where you can spend an enchanting time in between. We have carefully selected restaurants that you can visit in Wakayama City so that you will remember them when you have a hard time choosing a restaurant in Wakayama.

    2022-02-04 Management office

  • Hiroshima is famous for such tourist attractions as "Itsukushima Shrine "and "Atomic Bomb Dome ""Peace Memorial Park "but in fact, there are many hidden and beautiful places that can be seen only in Hiroshima, a city rich in nature facing the Seto Inland Sea. In this issue, we would like to introduce five facilities for rent where you can spend a relaxing time without worrying about your surroundings in a secluded space surrounded by such great nature.

    2022-01-26 Management office


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