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[Niigata ]Seven installations in the Niigata area! Wonderful landscapes to capture in your photos

[Niigata ]Seven installations in the Niigata area! Wonderful landscapes to capture in your photos

2023-05-18 Management office

Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended installations in the Niigata area. It is a well-known fact that the Niigata area is a land of rich rice growth, which combined with the atmosphere of the area, creates a relaxed Japanese-style atmosphere. It is an addictive atmosphere for adults that cannot be easily enjoyed in the glittering city. We hope you will capture this unique atmosphere in your photographs and create stylish and enjoyable memories.

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Kiyotsukyo Gorge Tunnel

The first spot I would like to introduce is this one. It is a spot that cannot be left out when talking about Niigata Prefecture's Instagram-worthy spots, with nearly 10,000 photos posted on social networking sites and a very large number of visitors. The upcoming summer season is truly high season, and you need to reserve admission tickets in advance. However, even if you are willing to go through that much trouble, it is a spectacular view that you should see at least once. It is wonderful as a landscape painting, and even when people are reflected, you can enjoy the romantic scenery.

The tunnel, with its natural atrium, gives a fantastic impression as if it were in a painting!

At this spot, you can feel the scent of nature blowing through the tunnel throughout the four seasons. You can enjoy the green valleys and blue sky in spring, the lush colors of the sky in summer, the warmth of the maple-tinged autumn leaves in fall, and the snowy landscape in winter. Simply enjoying the change of seasons stimulates our sensitivity as Japanese, but what makes it even more enjoyable as a photographic experience is a phenomenon called "reflection ". The water that runs under the tunnel reflects the view at the back like that "upside down Fuji ", creating a mirror-like effect. The landscape is very stylish and tasteful, with all the intricate reflections of your shadow and the wonderful scenery.

"information "
Name: Kiyotsukyo Valley Tunnel
Address: 2119-2 Koidegai, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture
Phone number: 025-763-4800
Space and Facilities: Stylish space, calm atmosphere, nature

Toki no Mori Park

This park is located in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture. The park is home to a rare species, the crested ibis, which makes it a very interesting place to visit. Access to the park is not so easy, requiring either a bus or a private car, but the atmosphere of such a rich natural environment has a unique charm.

Ibis, flower fields and expansive nature!

This park is spacious with a very rich nature due to the fact that it is located in the countryside to some extent. Various flowers and trees grow here, and just looking at them gives you a sense of satisfaction. And, above all, it is fun to encounter the crested ibis. It is a rare opportunity to see the crested ibis up close and personal, and it makes you feel grateful. It is possible to take pictures of the ibis enjoying themselves in their natural habitat under the blue sky. As an added bonus, there is a very rare and adorable post box in the shape of an ibis, so it might be interesting to look for it.

"information "
Name: Toki no Mori Koen (crested ibis forest park)
Address: 383-2, Niibo Nagaune, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Phone number: 0259-22-4123
Space and Facilities: Beautiful nature

Takaya Pond

Next, I would like to introduce you to this place. This spot was selected by CNN ( ") as one of the 31 most beautiful places in Japan ( "), and is highly regarded both in Japan and abroad. The beauty of the area is so well documented that many people visit all year round to take pictures. Located in the middle of a mountain called Hiuchiyama (火打山), it requires some climbing to access, so it is not easily accessible, but the overwhelming quality and power of the site are worth seeing.

Panoramic view of the sun shimmering through the trees

This space, which suddenly opens up in the middle of the trail, is literally a panorama. The tall trees, the mountains across the way, and the soil well moistened by dew create a magical atmosphere that is somehow ethnic, romantic, and serene. The experience is like stepping into a painting, unique and captivating to many. Of course, the four seasons also have their influence on this spot, with the entire area turning orange in the fall and white in the winter. The sense of unity and the way the colors change dramatically, as if paint has been spilled on the campus, is fantastic, so be sure to take a look.

"information "
Name: Takaya Pond
Address: Suginosawa, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
Phone number: 0255-86-3911
Space and Facilities:Abundant nature in all four seasons

Ruins of Kitazawa Floating ore dressing plant

Next, I would like to introduce you to this spot. The charm of this spot is that it offers a mysterious landscape that is a mixture of the natural and the artificial, geometrical and fantastic, like Castle in the Sky or Machu Picchu ruins. As the name suggests, this spot used to be a factory, but now that it is no longer in use, it is covered with moss, ivy, and other natural features. At first glance, it looks dilapidated and sloppy, but it has a good flavor. The products of the natural world, which can never be produced by calculation, give a striking impression of the fusion of human technology and Niigata Prefecture's nature. The fashionable and tasteful atmosphere will stick to the sensibilities of people of all generations.

Large-scale ruins make it popular with maniacs.

Spots with an unrealistic, fantastic "atmosphere "are extremely popular among some enthusiasts. The fantastic atmosphere of Ghibli, the exoticism of foreign countries, or the grandeur of the history spun by the ruins, etc., have a charm that will move the hearts of people of all ages and generations. The scale of the ruins is so large and powerful that you feel as if you are being sucked in. Photographs taken in such a place also create a unique atmosphere, and are guaranteed to attract attention from all kinds of people.

"information "
Name: Kitazawa Floating Beneficiation Plant Site
Address: 3-2 Kitazawa-cho, Aikawa, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Space and facilities: stylish space, retro, large scale

Terraced rice paddies at Hoshitoge

This is also one of the most popular installation spots in Niigata Prefecture. A few years ago, this spot was featured in the opening film of the historical drama "Tenchijin (The Heaven, Earth and Man) ", further enhancing its fame. Despite the fact that it is only accessible by driving, this spot is visited by many people every year for its overwhelming scenery and beauty. "It is not a place for sightseeing ", and during the snowy season, it is not possible to appreciate it because the snow is not removed. Please enjoy this rare summer-only view.

A dreamy coexistence of finely terraced rice paddies and starry skies!

Rice paddies used for rice cultivation were intentionally laid out in this shape to facilitate cultivation, a system known as terraced paddies. About 200 terraced rice paddies are lined up in a row, giving the impression of being finely detailed, like the scales of a fish. Many visitors, especially in summer when the days are long, enjoy the reflections on the surface of the water, and reminisce about the nostalgic atmosphere. Another highlight is the starry night sky, which is the origin of the name of the park. The sky is full of stars, so clear and beautiful that you cannot see them in the city, and they act like a curtain over your head. The clear night sky is dotted with countless stars. There is also a great affinity between such a fantastic sight and the atmosphere of a traditional paddy field. It stimulates emotionality like "those days "that many of us have tamed in our hearts.

"information "
Name: Hoshitouge no tanada (terraced rice paddies at Hoshitouge)
Address:Toge, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture
Phone number: 025-597-3442
Space and facilities: stylish space, natural, emotional, nostalgic

Niigata Furusato Village

This facility is like a window for tourism in Niigata Prefecture. In this spacious natural setting, you will find a wide variety of cultural activities, including Niigata Prefecture's specialty products, local specialties, crafts, and prized dining options. In addition to its functionality, it is also possible to enjoy the beauty and fun of nature. "The Hanabatake (flower garden) area "is a spot where a variety of nature blooms in all four seasons, and is a popular photo spot for men and women of all ages.

Well-maintained and abundant nature provides a great sense of balance

This park is well maintained and creates a quiet and fashionable atmosphere. The flowers of the four seasons are arranged in a circle radiating out from the central spot, giving it a very calculated and fashionable look. The arrangement is very photogenic, with flowers behind you no matter where you cut off, so that you can enjoy all the flowers even when the place is crowded, etc. Although useful as a mere tourist spot, it is also known as a place rich in nature.

"information "
Name: Niigata Furusato Mura (Niigata Furusato Village)
Address: 4-1 Shinko-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata
Phone number: 025-283-1188
Spaces and facilities: Rich nature, souvenir shopping

Niigata City Museum of History

Last but not least is this one. The retro atmosphere and Western-style building create an interesting nuance, and the facility is not a place where you can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the building, but a place where you can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the building. As the name suggests, the main function of the museum is to serve as a history museum, but you can also enjoy just looking at the building from the outside and taking pictures.

The atmosphere of a Western mansion is a rarity in Japan.

This building's retro and cute old-European style is very rare. The pure white building and the surrounding sea give off the scent of the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to enjoy its style and cutie cutie cuteness, please visit.

"information "
Name: Niigata City Museum of History
Address: 2-10 Yanagishima-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata
Phone number: 025-225-6111
Space and facilities: stylish, clean, luxurious


Thank you for reading this article so far. We hope you enjoy taking photos of the natural and historical landscapes of Niigata Prefecture in a fashionable way.

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