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  • Yamanashi Prefecture is, needless to say, the one and only land famous for Mt. Fuji, and works are often created around it. As we will mention in detail in the work, there are also many entertainment works that have been planned and gained popularity based on the nature of Yamanashi Prefecture, and we encourage you to visit them. We encourage you to check it out, as it is relatively easy to access from the Kanto area.

    2024-07-04 Management office

  • When you have children, just going out for a vacation requires different ideas than before. If you don't choose a place that you and your child can enjoy together, "you may end up with a place where only the parents have fun and the child seems bored ". On the other hand, if the parents do not enjoy themselves, their precious holiday will end with a sense of exhaustion. To avoid such a situation, we have selected six places for parents and children to enjoy together.


  • Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi Prefecture is a popular tourist spot with many natural tourist attractions, and is famous for its grapes, with vineyards spreading out and wineries in abundance. We will introduce some recommended hotels and inns in such Yamanashi Prefecture that will soothe you, so please refer to them when sightseeing in Yamanashi.

    2022-07-01 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce some recommended restaurants in Yamanashi Prefecture. Yamanashi Prefecture is a wonderful area where you can experience the rich nature of Japan with your whole body, especially Mt. In recent years, it has also become very popular as a sacred place for the TV animation "YuruCan△ ", and the image of abundant nature has taken root in the public mind, making it the object of admiration for many people. We will introduce some of the specialties that are unique to Yamanashi Prefecture and recommend restaurants where you can enjoy them. We hope you will find it useful as we introduce a variety of local cuisine.

    2022-03-01 Management office

  • We will introduce a wide variety of sightseeing spots in Yamanashi that you should definitely see, including spectacular views and valuable assets. Fuji, an amusement park, a sea of trees, and even a facility where you can become a ninja. Please enjoy the wonderful scenery that you can only see in Yamanashi sightseeing.

    2022-01-05 Management office

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