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[Hokuriku/Koshinetsu ] Bring smiles to the faces of parents and children alike! Six attractive outing spots in the Hokuriku/Koshinetsu area

[Hokuriku/Koshinetsu ] Bring smiles to the faces of parents and children alike! Six attractive outing spots in the Hokuriku/Koshinetsu area


When you have children, just going out for a vacation requires different ideas than before. If you don't choose a place that you and your child can enjoy together, "you may end up with a place where only the parents have fun and the child seems bored ". On the other hand, if the parents do not enjoy themselves, their precious holiday will end with a sense of exhaustion. To avoid such a situation, we have selected six places for parents and children to enjoy together.

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Marinepia Nihonkai

When one thinks of a classic spot for parents and children to go out together, the first thing that comes to mind is an aquarium. Marinepia Nihonkai Aquarium in Niigata City is one of the largest and most spacious aquariums on the Japan Sea coast. There is plenty of space to bring your own lunch and eat, so the whole family can enjoy an excursion during lunchtime.

The most popular is the dolphin show.

The most popular attraction at Marinepia Nihonkai is the dolphin show held in the Dolphin Stadium. The key is the staff's easy-to-understand explanations. As the show progresses, the dolphins' body structures and athletic abilities are carefully and clearly explained, so you can learn a lot about dolphins just by watching the show. Before the Corona Disaster, up to five selected spectators could participate in the show, touching the dolphins on stage and giving them cues. We are waiting for the restrictions to be relaxed one day.

Lots of commentary by staff.

Staff members will provide explanations in various areas of the museum at set times. The time required is only about 10 minutes, so it is easy to participate. A schedule is available on the official website, so it is a good idea to decide in advance the order in which you will visit the museum.

For example, in the area of the endangered Humboldt penguins, the ecology and body structure of the penguins are explained. Other interesting topics include explanations about the Japan Sea Aquarium. There are many new discoveries for both children and adults.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Niigata City Aquarium Marinepia Nihonkai
Address: 5932-445 Nishifunami-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, 951-8555
Phone number: 025-222-7500
Official website: https://www.marinepia.or.jp/

Notojima Aquarium

Notojima Island is located about 20 minutes by car from Wakura Onsen, known as one of the best hot springs in Hokuriku, and is surrounded by the Noto Peninsula. Here at "Notojima Aquarium ", you can see the powerful whale sharks swimming leisurely in one of the largest tanks on the Sea of Japan side. You can also interact with marine creatures through various shows, events, and feeding experiences.

Full of shows and feeding experiences

The Nokitoma Aquarium also offers a unique show. The 20-minute show is a fast-paced, fast-paced, and entertaining experience.

Another highlight of the aquarium is the "sound and light fantasia of sea bream ". About 2,000 snapper swim in schools to the accompaniment of beautiful piano music. The sparkling scales of the snapper reflect off the water, and the sound and light weave together to create a fantastic spectacle. It captivates everyone who comes to see it.

Easy ocean fishing at adjacent facilities

The Sea Fishing Center is open next to the Notojima Aquarium. Of course, you can rent fishing equipment, so you don't have to prepare for fishing at all. It will be a good memory to catch a variety of fish swimming around the Noto Peninsula while enjoying the fun shows and events at the aquarium.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Notojima Aquarium
Address: 15bu40, Notojima-Kagumi-cho, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa, 926-0216, Japan
Phone number: 0767-84-1271
Official website: https://uniearth.jp/

Japan Auto Museum

Did you know that the largest automobile exhibition facility in Japan is actually located in the Hokuriku area? Located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, "the Japan Automobile Museum "has approximately 500 vehicles on display at any given time in a vast space of about 12,000 square meters. Including these, the museum owns approximately 800 vehicles. Visitors can see a wide variety of cars collected from the past, present, and future as much as they like.

It will definitely stick with parents and children who love cars!

As a facility purely for car enthusiasts by car enthusiasts, it may not be an outing for everyone. However, it is not unusual for children, especially boys, to show an interest in cars when they are young. For families with such children, the museum is like heaven.

Cars are displayed from the first to the third floor. From retro cars that remind us of the passage of time to legendary cars that we sometimes see in racing games, you can see them in real life. In fact, the value of the museum as a historical reference is quite high, so if you are interested, please be sure to include it in your plans for your visit.

"Facility Information "
Name: Japan Automobile Museum
Address: 40 Monshitsuyama, Futatsunashi-cho, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 923-0345, Japan
Phone number: 0761-43-4343
Hours: 9:00-17:00 *entry until 16:30
Closed: Wednesdays (or the following day if Wednesday is a national holiday) and December 26-31 *Open all August
Official website: https://www.motorcar-museum.jp/

Fujikyu Highland

Fuji, Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji in a location filled with nature. "Fujikyu Highland "is a full-fledged amusement park. Famous for owning several attractions that have been certified as Guinness World Records, this is a full-fledged amusement park that is sure to please anyone who wants to enjoy attractions. The sheer intensity of the attractions will have adults and children alike screaming.

Many world-class scream machines

The park's main attraction is its full-scale scream machines, including "Do Dodompa "(out of service), which has been the talk of the town for its strong acceleration and maximum speed of 180 km/h. If your child is over the height limit, why not give it a try? Of course, don't overdo it to avoid trauma.

"The high-flying "falls at a gouging angle of up to 121 degrees, and the key point is that it also moves violently, even rising rapidly in a skyward-facing posture. It reaches a speed of 100 km/h in about 2 seconds.

"Ee-chanai "is characterized by the unstable sensation of the seat rotating forward and backward in a circular motion while driving. You just let yourself fall into the inertia and scream.

"FUJIYAMA "is one of the world's largest and most intense coasters, and can be considered the culmination of a legitimate roller coaster packed with every kind of screaming behavior possible. This 2-kilometer-long attraction captivates visitors because no matter how many times they ride it, they always feel as if they are riding it for the first time.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Fujikyu Highland
Location: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, 403-0017, Japan
Access: Fujikyu Line "Fujikyu Highland "Station, Chuo Expressway "Kawaguchiko "I.C or Higashi-Fuji-Goko Road "Fujiyoshida "Just off the I.C
Official website: https://www.fujiq.jp/ja

Oshino Shinobi-no-Sato

Whether adults or children, ninjas have captured the interest and curiosity of many people. So much so that even for many foreigners, ninjas are now synonymous with Japanese culture. Why not immerse yourself in the world of the ninja at the Ninja Theme Village "Shinobinosato ", located in the mountains overlooking Mt. It is a rare opportunity to become a ninja yourself, and the experience here can be considered very valuable.

Parents and children can become ninjas.

The official website proposes a model plan for parents and children, couples, and groups. According to the model plan for parents and children, it is recommended to arrive early in the morning. The first step is for parents and children to change into ninja costumes and become ninjas. Renting a ninja costume is reasonably priced at 500 yen. Take lots of ninja family photos.

If you have transformed yourself into a ninja from the outside, then go and train as a ninja. "Shuriken Dojo "is, as the name suggests, an attraction where you can actually experience throwing the ninja weapon "Shuriken ". You can get prizes depending on the number of targets you hit.

"The Way of Ninjutsu Kaiden "is an athletic facility where visitors can experience ninja training. By clearing the traps set up, visitors can train various physical skills necessary for ninja.

One of the most popular events for children is the "Ninjutsu Experience Dojo "also offered. Children are actually taught ninjutsu by a ninja sensei, and those little ninjas who successfully complete their training are awarded a certificate of "license kaiden ". This is a very motivating experience for the children.

Lots of other attractions, including shows.

Even today, when ninjas have retired from the forefront of society, there are still ninjas who are active around the world. Wouldn't you like to see their superhuman physical abilities? The ninja performance group "and the ninja show presented by Raifujin "are so powerful that parents and children will surely be fascinated by how cool they are.

In addition, don't miss the famous "Ninja Black Curry ", Soba Noodles, and the dining room "Yukigetsu Kafu "where both adults and children can enjoy a variety of dishes that will satisfy them. A delicious lunch after sweating it out in ninja training is a special treat.

The Japanese garden, where you can directly experience the changes of the four seasons with the majestic Mt. Enjoy a casual stroll through the garden.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Oshino Shinobinosato
Address: 〒401-0511 2845 Shinokusa, Shinano-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
Phone number: 0555-84-1122
Official website: https://www.oshinoninja.com/

Toyama Glass Studio

Did you know that Toyama City is working to create a city based on the theme of glass? "The Toyama Glass Studio "was built as a new center for the local industry. It is a perfect spot for parents and children to visit, as there is a space where you can casually visit the studio and experience the creation of glass works.

Experiential courses with rich variations

Glass is used in many things around us, but if you pay close attention to it, you will find that it is a material with many mysteries. The greatest attraction of this glass studio is that visitors can experience firsthand the profound world of glass art through a variety of hands-on courses. Visitors can choose from a variety of options, including glass blowing.

Visitors can create their own one-of-a-kind glassware under the careful guidance of active glass artists. Some courses require advance preparation, so it is recommended to check the official website and make a reservation before visiting.

Special glass works to choose from in the store

Toyama Glass Studio is the home of glass artists in Toyama City. Why not take a look at the work of these artists as they devote themselves to their daily creations? It is an interesting sight to watch the artists at work as they form the sludgy glass.

Of course, you can not only look at the works, but also purchase them at the store. The works of art created by artisans are different from mass-produced glass products, and they will add color to your interior just by decorating your room. Why not choose one of the original works by glass artists from inside and outside of the prefecture as a memento of your family outing?

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Toyama Glass Studio
Address: 152 Furusawa, Toyama City, Toyama 930-0151
Phone number: 076-436-2600 (main) / 076-436-3322 (trial reception)
Opening hours:9:00~17:00
Admission: Free
Closed: Year-end and New Year's Eve (December 28 to January 4)
Official website: https://arashimanosato.com/


We have picked up spots where parents and children can experience and touch a variety of things. We want to make new discoveries and challenges when we go out as a family. Please take your child's opinion, age, and health into consideration when choosing a destination that will create the best memories for you and your child.

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