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  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended tea stores in the Shizuoka area. Shizuoka, as it goes without saying, is known for its specialty, tea. The image of Shizuoka = tea has taken root throughout the country, and because it is such a specialty, tourists are eager to drink it. There is also a Japanese atmosphere, and you can enjoy an extraordinary, traditional, and calm atmosphere. We hope you will use this article as a guide to taste the tea that is representative of the Shizuoka area.

    2023-09-29 Management office

  • Sapporo, a city of 2 million, is the gourmet capital of Hokkaido, a treasure trove of food. "You may be thinking, "I only have a limited number of meals during my trip, so I want to eat the best food I can find! "But there are so many restaurants to choose from that you may have a hard time choosing the right one. In this issue, the author, a native of Sapporo, introduces some of the must-try gourmet restaurants in Sapporo!


  • A new tourism app that solves the hassle of booking and paying for Osaka excursion information and experiences with a single app. "Discover OSAKA ". You can also enjoy Japan's first XR experience with animated characters in action!

    2023-09-25 Management office

  • The Kitahama area of Osaka is lined with many modern and fashionable modern buildings such as the Central Public Hall and Nakanoshima Library. One of the most crowded cafes is "Kitahama Retro ", which was created by renovating a Western-style building from the Meiji era. This article introduces the charm of Kitahama Retro, its popular menu, and tips for minimizing wait times.


  • In Hiroshima Prefecture, there are many delicious ramen restaurants as well as okonomiyaki. In this article, I, as a long-time resident of Hiroshima Prefecture, would like to introduce some ramen restaurants that I really recommend, so please take a look.

    2023-09-11 Management office

  • It is rare in the world for a country to be as blessed with good food as Japan. The incredible variety and the ability to eat reasonably high quality food in all price ranges is truly amazing. This article highlights five of the most appealing gourmet foods from all over Japan. Why not use them as a reference and consider your next travel destination for region-specific tastes?


  • Hakodate is a staple of Hokkaido sightseeing. Hakodate is a popular sightseeing destination in Hokkaido, offering a wide variety of attractive gourmet foods such as seafood and sweets. In this issue, I will introduce some truly delicious Hakodate gourmet foods recommended by the author, who visits Hakodate at least once a year. From classic Hakodate favorites to gourmet foods known only to the locals, be sure to check them out!


  • Izushi soba, a local dish of Izushi, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, also known as "Tajima's Little Kyoto ", where the elegant townscape still remains. It is characterized by its unique style of being served on small plates. The current way of eating Izushi Soba is to pour the sauce in a tokkuri (Japanese rice wine cup) into a Soba-no-inokuchi, and enjoy it with various condiments such as green onions, wasabi, grated radish, grated yam, raw egg, and so on. It is said that you are a full-fledged soba (buckwheat noodle) connoisseur if you can eat 15 to 20 small plates, depending on the restaurant. "is a sign that you are a soba connoisseur. "is the title you receive when you eat 15 to 20 small plates. Depending on the restaurant and the number of plates you eat, you may even get a year's free membership. There is also a plan for eating and walking around. For details, please contact the Izushi Tourist Center. It is recommended that you get the stamps of the stores you visited stamped on the back of the Chirimen Kinchaku, which will be a great souvenir of your trip. In this issue, we would like to introduce seven famous Izushi soba restaurants that you should definitely try when you visit Izushi. Please take a look at them as a reference for your trip.


  • Little America "American Village "in Chatan Town is a popular tourist spot with a great atmosphere. American Village, where you can enjoy shopping and dining, also has many restaurants perfect for lunch. This article introduces restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious lunch in the American Village. The restaurants with outstanding views and Okinawa's gourmet food will appear on this page.


  • Omihachiman City, located in central Shiga Prefecture, developed as the castle town of Azuchi Castle. Known as the hometown of the Omi merchants, the city has an elegant townscape. It is also known as a filming location for movies and TV dramas, and is famous as the location for the morning drama "Asa ga Kita "and the movie "Rurouni Kenshin ". There is also a wide variety of delicious gourmet food. Here are some of the sightseeing spots in Omi Hachiman.


  • Sado, an island of Niigata in the Sea of Japan. Although it is often thought to be small, it is actually about 280 km in circumference and covers an area 1.4 times the size of Tokyo's 23 wards. Sado Island, the largest island in Honshu, is home to about 50,000 people, and can be reached from Tokyo by high-speed boat in as little as 3 hours and 30 minutes. Although it is an island off the coast of Niigata, winters are warm and snowfall is fairly low thanks to the Tsushima Warm Current that flows around the island! Visitors can enjoy the original Japanese landscape in the blessed four seasons! This article introduces recommended sightseeing spots on Sado Island, which is rich in such natural beauty. This article is recommended for those who are going to travel to Sado Island or who would like to go there someday. Why not take a trip to Sado Island using this article as a guide?


  • BBQ is a fun thing to do from spring to fall. Many people look forward to this event every year, as it is a staple of the outdoors. In recent years, open-air BBQs have increasingly become the meal of choice for travelers. We will now introduce facilities where BBQ is available in Gunma Prefecture. The following is a summary of the main spots where you can go without equipment. There are a wide variety of places that provide food and drinks, places that do not require any preparation or cleanup, and places where only equipment is available for rent. Please refer to this page if you would like to consider it as a meal at your lodging or enjoy it on a day trip, such as a road trip.


  • Summer is the season for a refreshing beer in a beer garden. In this article, I, a resident of Hiroshima Prefecture, have carefully selected recommended beer gardens that you must visit in summer.

    2023-06-29 Management office

  • Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and attracts many people with its extremely luxurious and gorgeous cityscape. It is a grown-up thing to want to sip a glass of wine on such a night in the city. Please enjoy a mature, glittering, and fashionable moment while feeling the Tokyo cityscape.

    2023-06-26 Management office

  • When you want to eat delicious food in Yokohama, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous "Chinatown. But there is another food theme park that you should definitely visit. That is "Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum ". We have compiled a detailed list of the highlights of this facility, nicknamed "Ra Expo," as well as the signature menus of the stores that have opened their doors.


  • Ehime has so many cafes and bakeries. We will introduce 10 bakeries that we recommend, including popular bakeries with long-established stores that have been around for a long time, and bakeries that have a long lineup of customers. If you are looking for a bakery in Ehime Prefecture, please refer to this article.


  • Food theme parks, where you can see the production process of familiar foods and enjoy tasting them, are ideal for outings with parents and children or for date nights. In this issue, we will introduce six food parks in Saitama Prefecture.


  • Oysters are one of Hiroshima Prefecture's most famous products, and if you want to enjoy their taste even more, you should go to an oyster hut. In this issue, we have carefully selected some of the best oyster huts to visit.

    2023-05-23 Management office

  • Tokyo is the well-known capital city and one of the largest cities in Japan. The atmosphere of such a glamorous city is matched by the atmosphere of fashionable cafes, and many women pursue cafes as if attracted by the sparkling brilliance of the city. Each café has its own unique colors and charms, so please pay attention to them and enjoy a luxurious time of a higher grade.

    2023-05-19 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended installations in the Niigata area. It is a well-known fact that the Niigata area is a land of rich rice growth, which combined with the atmosphere of the area, creates a relaxed Japanese-style atmosphere. It is an addictive atmosphere for adults that cannot be easily enjoyed in the glittering city. We hope you will capture this unique atmosphere in your photographs and create stylish and enjoyable memories.

    2023-05-18 Management office

  • Kochi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Shikoku Mountains to the north, resulting in a warm and mild climate. The prefecture is also known for its famous bonito tataki (bonito strips) and Kochi's specialty chicken, the "Tosa Jiro," and is now attracting attention as a gourmet prefecture. One of the local foods that is loved by the locals is ramen, which is made with these ingredients as the broth. In this article, we will introduce a selection of recommended ramen shops that the locals love.

    2023-05-16 Management office

  • This may seem surprising to people from other parts of Japan, but Niigata Prefecture is a region where ramen has developed to such an extent that the locals call it "a ramen superpower ". Notably, there are five main categories of ramen called Niigata's five major ramen: "Nagaoka ginger soy sauce ""Tsubame back fat ""Niigata thick miso ""Niigata light soy sauce ""Sanjo curry ". It is interesting to note, however, that there are popular restaurants that do not belong to any of these categories. So, please take a look at the seven popular ramen stores we have picked up for you.


  • Kyoto is home to many of Japan's most famous sightseeing spots, and is even considered a sacred place for school excursions. Recently, Kyoto has been gaining popularity among foreign tourists, and the sightseeing spots are evolving day by day. While sightseeing in Kyoto in a kimono with friends is fun, we also recommend a trip to enjoy the good old Japanese scenery alone, such as shrines, temples, and streets lined with machiya (traditional townhouses), as much as you like. In this article, we will introduce you to Kyoto's fashionable spots, where the collaboration of the old and the new creates a photogenic atmosphere. Why not enjoy your trip alone in Kyoto?


  • Local sake produced in various regions of Japan. There are various brands of sake in Gunma Prefecture. In addition to eating them locally as a memento of your trip, we also recommend taking them as souvenirs. Why not pick one up as a reward for yourself to enjoy when you get home, or as a gift for someone close to you? This article introduces some of Gunma Prefecture's locally brewed sake that we recommend as souvenirs. We have also taken into consideration "accessibility" within the prefecture, so please take a look.


  • "When most people think of the Michelin Guide ", they probably think of starred restaurants. It is true that the restaurants that receive stars are all attractive places with high standards in various aspects. However, all of the restaurants are upscale and difficult to visit casually. So I recommend "Bib Gourmand "store. Bib Gourmand means "a dish that provides satisfaction beyond its price "and many conscientiously priced restaurants are featured. In this issue, we have compiled 13 of "Kyoto's Bib Gourmand stores ", among others. Please take a look at these restaurants, which are sure to satisfy you as much as starred restaurants.

    2023-04-25 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended installations in the Shizuoka area. Shizuoka area is a very attractive area with rich nature, especially Mt. Fuji, and the surrounding nature and quiet atmosphere are very atmospheric. Please enjoy sightseeing in such an area and take wonderful pictures.

    2023-04-13 Management office

  • If you have ever been to Hokkaido, you have probably seen Seicomart (a.k.a. Seikoma), the convenience store with the orange sign. With its delicious and inexpensive private products, and the convenience of its stores located almost everywhere in Hokkaido, Seicomart has become a part of the "infrastructure for the daily lives of Hokkaido residents. SECOMA is also a great place for tourists to eat during a drive or to look for souvenirs! In this article, the author, who buys at SECOMA whenever she returns to Hokkaido, introduces the secret of SECOMA's popularity and recommended products.


  • Gunma Prefecture is a region where agriculture of vegetables and fruits is flourishing. Fresh and tasty agricultural products are popular among tourists, especially those who come to pick fruits. In this article, we have compiled a list of farms where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat fruits that are in season from spring to summer.


  • The Korean and hallyu boom has not stopped over the past few years. The Korean Wave has been at the forefront of the youth boom in terms of idols, gourmet food, fashion, etc., and is especially popular among the younger generation, especially among women. Korean towns are scattered throughout Tokyo, where you can experience the culture and atmosphere of Korea, the object of so many people's admiration and excitement. This is a recommended experience for those who have difficulty traveling for various reasons, but can easily enjoy the breeze of Korea nearby.

    2023-03-31 Management office

  • We introduce some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Okinawa Prefecture, one of Japan's most popular remote island resorts! In this article, we will introduce seven great installation spots in Okinawa Prefecture. The sparkling ocean, magnificent nature, and sunny atmosphere all make Okinawa Prefecture a gorgeous place to visit. Here are some suggestions for sightseeing spots that you can capture in your photos and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    2023-03-29 Management office

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