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  • National Hitachi Seaside Park Hitachinaka is a place where you can enjoy seasonal nature and seafood. Since it is easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area by car, bus, or train, it is attracting attention as a one-day trip spot. In this article, we picked up popular sightseeing and outing spots that you should definitely mention when you visit Hitachinaka, and came up with a recommended sightseeing route for a day trip from the Tokyo metropolitan area. If you are planning a road trip to enjoy nature and seafood, or if you are planning to visit Hitachinaka, please refer to this article for your sightseeing!


  • Nowadays, people who can have a good time alone are the ones who are happy. Many people would like to enjoy drinking alone as much as they enjoy hobbies or going out. However, going out for a drink alone for the first time requires some courage. Bars, for example, may seem somewhat intimidating, and you may not know what kind of place to choose. In this issue, we have selected five recommended izakaya (Japanese style pubs) and bars in the Tokyo area that are perfect for drinking alone. Please refer to them when choosing a place to drink.


  • Oysters are one of Hiroshima Prefecture's most famous products, and if you want to enjoy their taste even more, you should go to an oyster hut. In this issue, we have carefully selected some of the best oyster huts to visit.

    2023-05-23 Management office

  • Sushi is without a doubt the most iconic gourmet food of Japanese food culture. The combination of fresh fish, delicious rice, and other ingredients makes sushi an art form. Although sushi has already become much more commonplace with the rise of major conveyor-belt sushi chains, sometimes you still want to enjoy authentic sushi made by a professional chef. In this issue, we have selected eight popular and attractive sushi restaurants in various parts of Japan. Please give them a try.


  • There are many delicious foods in Hiroshima, such as oysters, okonomiyaki, lemon-based sweets, and momiji manju. Some people may miss Hiroshima specialties even after returning from a trip to Hiroshima. In this issue, we will introduce six souvenirs that you can enjoy even after you leave Hiroshima. Souvenirs for family and friends, and I recommend it as a souvenir for yourself.

    2022-10-24 Management office

  • Hiroshima has long been famous for okonomiyaki, momiji manju, sake, and Onomichi ramen, and more recently, soupless dandanmen and sweets made with Setouchi lemons have become popular. Oysters are an indispensable part of Hiroshima Prefecture's many specialties! Hiroshima boasts the largest production of oysters in Japan, so there is no way you can leave without trying one. In this issue, we will introduce four recommended oyster lunch restaurants in Hiroshima.

    2022-09-08 Management office

  • There are many high-end sushi restaurants in Tokyo that represent Japan. They range from Michelin-starred restaurants, to long-established classics, to innovative styles that fuse Japanese and Western cultures. "SUSHI "continues to change with the times in a wide variety of styles. In this issue, we have selected seven popular sushi restaurants that are so delicious that even sushi connoisseurs will be impressed. In addition, we have also collected as many take-out restaurants as possible, which is perfect in these days when it is difficult to eat out, so please refer to them when you want sushi.

    2021-10-04 Management office

  • Hiroshima City offers a wide variety of fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea. Here are some of the best seafood restaurants in the city. We hope you will enjoy not only delicious oysters, but also sea bream, mebaru, scallion, Spanish mackerel, and an abundance of other seafood, and think, "The seafood I ate in Hiroshima was so delicious that I will never forget it. I want people to think, "The seafood I ate in Hiroshima was so delicious that I will never forget it. Please try it!

    2021-05-06 Management office

  • Namba (Namba) is the downtown area of Osaka Minami. It is also easily accessible by numerous train lines, including subway lines, JR lines, and private railways. Namba is also known as "Kuidaore no machi," or the town of the satisfied, and is a battleground for many gourmet restaurants. In this issue, we pick up attractive seafood restaurants in the Namba area. Seafood cuisine covers a wide variety of genres. We would like to introduce seven restaurants carefully selected from among them.

    2021-03-31 Management office

  • The Umeda area is full of great spots for dining and shopping. The area is always lively and bustling, so you will naturally feel excited when you visit. You may also want to visit some of the various events that are held at different facilities. There are also events where you can purchase delicious foods, so we recommend that you go out to buy foodstuffs. In this article, we will introduce restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food that you should definitely try if you go to Umeda. There are also restaurants that offer a wide variety of alcohol and tea, so why not spend a wonderful time together?

    2021-03-19 Management office

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