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  • Sado, an island of Niigata in the Sea of Japan. Although it is often thought to be small, it is actually about 280 km in circumference and covers an area 1.4 times the size of Tokyo's 23 wards. Sado Island, the largest island in Honshu, is home to about 50,000 people, and can be reached from Tokyo by high-speed boat in as little as 3 hours and 30 minutes. Although it is an island off the coast of Niigata, winters are warm and snowfall is fairly low thanks to the Tsushima Warm Current that flows around the island! Visitors can enjoy the original Japanese landscape in the blessed four seasons! This article introduces recommended sightseeing spots on Sado Island, which is rich in such natural beauty. This article is recommended for those who are going to travel to Sado Island or who would like to go there someday. Why not take a trip to Sado Island using this article as a guide?


  • Niigata Prefecture is very rich in nature, with mountains and sea, and the four seasons are vividly displayed. Its beautiful and magnificent scenery is very moving and liberating. This article introduces such recommended scenic spots in Niigata Prefecture.

    2023-06-16 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended installations in the Niigata area. It is a well-known fact that the Niigata area is a land of rich rice growth, which combined with the atmosphere of the area, creates a relaxed Japanese-style atmosphere. It is an addictive atmosphere for adults that cannot be easily enjoyed in the glittering city. We hope you will capture this unique atmosphere in your photographs and create stylish and enjoyable memories.

    2023-05-18 Management office

  • This may seem surprising to people from other parts of Japan, but Niigata Prefecture is a region where ramen has developed to such an extent that the locals call it "a ramen superpower ". Notably, there are five main categories of ramen called Niigata's five major ramen: "Nagaoka ginger soy sauce ""Tsubame back fat ""Niigata thick miso ""Niigata light soy sauce ""Sanjo curry ". It is interesting to note, however, that there are popular restaurants that do not belong to any of these categories. So, please take a look at the seven popular ramen stores we have picked up for you.


  • In this issue, we will introduce the charms of "Sado ", a recommended spot for women's travelers. Sado Island is famous for the Sado Gold Mine, nominated as a World Heritage Site, but the gold mine is not the only attraction of the island. In fact, Sado Island is full of scenic spots with spectacular photo-worthy views and delicious seafood! Girls who love nature, history, and driving, please use this article as a guide for your visit.


  • When you have children, just going out for a vacation requires different ideas than before. If you don't choose a place that you and your child can enjoy together, "you may end up with a place where only the parents have fun and the child seems bored ". On the other hand, if the parents do not enjoy themselves, their precious holiday will end with a sense of exhaustion. To avoid such a situation, we have selected six places for parents and children to enjoy together.


  • There are many recommended ski resorts in Niigata Prefecture. Niigata Prefecture is one of the heaviest snowfall areas in Japan. As a result, many ski resorts are popular for their excellent snow quality and snowfall and long operating periods. Also, many are located in areas that are easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area, attracting many visitors. This article introduces such recommended ski resorts in Niigata Prefecture.

    2022-12-27 Management office

  • When you go to Niigata Prefecture for fun, of course it is fun to visit popular and classic spots, but we also recommend that you visit some hole-in-the-wall spots. Compared to popular spots where many people gather, hole-in-the-wall spots can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. If you don't want to spend your holiday in a hurry and are looking for a relaxing getaway, a hole-in-the-wall spot is perfect. In this article, we will introduce some of the recommended places in Niigata Prefecture where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, healing spaces, and tranquility.

    2022-08-24 Management office

  • With ski resorts, Sado Island, and many hot spring resorts, Niigata Prefecture has many places to play. It is also known for its vineyards and many wineries. Here are some recommended hotels and inns in Niigata Prefecture where you can spend a relaxing time.

    2022-06-27 Management office

  • In this article, we will introduce six recommended restaurants in the Niigata area. Speaking of Niigata, first of all, we can say that it is very highly renowned as the sacred land of rice. It is also famous throughout Japan for being the mecca for various brands of rice. And we cannot forget the fresh seafood and fresh meals that are not available in other areas due to its proximity to the Sea of Japan. Japanese cuisine is especially famous for its delicious rice and fresh ingredients that take advantage of the Japanese soil. The delicious dishes that tickle the fancy of many Japanese people are a must. It is an enjoyable city that tourists visiting on vacation should try at least once. We hope you will enjoy the delicious food.

    2022-02-24 Management office

  • Niigata has some spectacular scenery and a lot of culture that is unique to Niigata. There are so many wonderful sights that you will not be able to visit all of them in a day, so please take the time to visit Niigata.

    2021-12-27 Management office

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