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[Sado ]Niigata Women's Trip - Sado Island by Rental Car

[Sado ]Niigata Women's Trip - Sado Island by Rental Car


In this issue, we will introduce the charms of "Sado ", a recommended spot for women's travelers.
Sado Island is famous for the Sado Gold Mine, nominated as a World Heritage Site, but the gold mine is not the only attraction of the island. In fact, Sado Island is full of scenic spots with spectacular photo-worthy views and delicious seafood!
Girls who love nature, history, and driving, please use this article as a guide for your visit.

The largest remote island in the Sea of Japan "Sado Island "

Entrance to Sado Gold Mine

Sado Island, famous for the Sado Gold Mine, nominated as a World Heritage Site, can be visited from Niigata Prefecture by car ferry or jetfoil.

▲Map of Sado Island on the car ferry to Sado

Sado Island is the largest remote island in the Sea of Japan.
In fact, the island is so large that it is 1.5 times the size of Tokyo's 23 wards and Awaji Island.
There are many spots that reflect the changing seasons and nature, such as tarai boats.

Sado Island is larger than you might imagine, so we recommend renting a car if you want to tour around a lot.

Bridge to Sado - Car Ferry and Jetfoil

Sado Kisen's car ferries docked at Sado Port

To get to Sado, take a boat from Niigata Port and Naoetsu Port in Niigata Prefecture.
Two ports, Ryotsu Port and Ogi Port, are the gateways to Sado Island.

There are two routes, the Niigata route connecting Niigata Port and Ryotsu Port, and the Naoetsu route connecting Naoetsu Port and Ogi Port, and they are so essential to the people of Sado Island that they have been certified as national roads.

In the past, airplanes also flew from Niigata Airport, but now it is only accessible by boat.

The Niigata route is the main route with many users and many ship services.

Two different types of vessels operate on this Niigata route, and both offer distinctive, hands-on rides, so if time permits, why not try both?

A luxury cruise ship-like experience. "Car Ferry "

View of the 5th floor observation lounge

Once on board, you will find yourself in an elegant space that resembles a luxury cruise ship, a far cry from the image of a ferry to a remote island, but more like a hotel.

At the information desk, blankets can be rented for 100 yen each, red seals are available for purchase, and there is also a space to eat snacks such as ramen, rice bowls, and soft-serve ice cream.

Sado Curry available on the car ferry

You can also enjoy sightseeing while traveling by eating local delicacies such as "Sado Curry "made with Sado Koshihikari, "Nagamo Soba "made with Sado Nagamo, "Sado Milk Soba "made with Sado milk, and more.

▲Car Ferry 1st Class Seats

Car ferries have different rates: suite, special, first, and second class, depending on how you want to spend your time on the ship.

First class and above have reserved seats, so you can enjoy a relaxing cruise without worrying about running out of seats on board.

The ship is very spacious, and there are plenty of shared seats, sofa seats, and rooftop chairs available, but if you want to be sure of a seat, we recommend purchasing a ticket for 1st class or higher.

Seagulls gather on the rooftop

Hundreds of seagulls will also take off with us when we leave Niigata Port. The seagulls will follow us throughout the boat trip and travel with us.

Seagull food is also available for sale on board, so why not go out on deck and see the seagulls up close?

"Facility Information "
Company Name: Sado Kisen
Address: 9-1 Bandaijima, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata 950-0078, Japan (Niigata Office)
Access: 10 minutes from Niigata Station by bus or cab
U R L:https://www.sadokisen.co.jp/

Fast ships flying over the sea "Jetfoil "

Jetfoil stopping at Ryotsu Port

Another way to get to Sado is by high-speed boat "Jetfoil ".
What makes it unique is that "it flies over the sea "!

The mechanism of the jetfoil uses the wing lift force acting on the fully submerged underwater wings to lift the hull completely above the sea surface, allowing the entire vessel to travel away from the sea surface.

The thrust is provided by a water jet propulsion system driven by a gas turbine engine, which sucks in approximately 180 tons of seawater per minute and sprays it backward from the stern nozzle as a powerful water jet.

The interior of the ship looks just like an airplane.

On board of Jetfoil

Because the ship travels at high speed, all seats are reserved, unlike car ferries, and you are not allowed to walk around the ship during the trip. Seatbelts are mandatory!

A car ferry moves gracefully and a jetfoil moves at high speed.
Both are fascinating and exciting experiences, and we hope you enjoy your trip to Sado to the fullest.

Sado Specialty - Okesa and Tarai Boat

Objects at Ryotsu Port
Once you arrive at Ryotsu Port, it is time to start your Sado road trip.
Sado is so famous for its okesa song and dance that it is called "the island of okesa ".

The first thing you will hear when you arrive at Ryotsu Port is this Sado Okesa.

There is a theory that the cat's owner was suffering financially and to help him out, the cat turned into a beautiful woman.

Sado also has many other attractions created by tradition and nature.

Beautiful history and sunset ~Shukunegi

▲Sight of the cityscape of the Shukunegi area from above

Shukunegi is a village in a cove on the Ogi Coast that developed as a port of call for Kitamae-bune ships after the Sado gold mine flourished in the 17th century. Even today, more than 100 board-walled houses are clustered together in a maze of alleys.

It is a place where one can feel a sense of history, and the streets and characteristic buildings built by ship carpenters are still carefully preserved as they were in those days. Nearby is the Sadokuni Ogi Folk Museum, where visitors can learn more about the shipbuilding culture.

Sunset taken near Shukunegi

If you drive from Ryotsu Port to the south of the island around noon, you can see a beautiful sunset around Shukunegi.

The beautiful sunset over the ocean is spectacular and can be seen all the way to the horizon.

Sado Island specialties for a shimmering sea trip "Tarai Boat "@ Shukunegi

Scenery photographed while aboard the ship

A must visit in the Shukunegi area is Sado's famous "tub boat ".
In Sado, you can take the "tub boat "at various places, but the tub boat at Shukunegi
is especially recommended.

Shukunegi's tub boat is called "hanigiri ", which is the old way of calling it.
A hangiri is a shallow-bottomed tub that looks like a barrel cut in half, and is still used by fishermen as a boat for iso-negi fishing.

They are used to fish for seaweed and shellfish in the rugged and intricate rocky areas with small, maneuverable tub boats.

Shukunegi offers four courses of tarai-bune experience, some of which take you as far as the Sea of Japan. The height of the waves differs between the rugged rocky area and the Sea of Japan, making this a very valuable experience.

During the tub boat experience, visitors were also able to look into the ocean using the two underwater glasses provided on each boat.

Underwater glasses for use during the tub boat experience

"Facility Information "
Name: Shukunegi, Hangiri
Address: 393 Shukunegi, Sado-shi, Niigata 952-0612
Access: 3 hours by car from Ryotsu Port
Phone number: 090-4835-5446
U R L:https://www.visitsado.com/spot/detail0866/
Reservations for the experience: Not required *Reservations are required for the Yunagi Sunset Course, however.
Facilities & Services: [Regular A Course ]Approx. 15 min. time required In the bay (Sengoku Boat Tethering Stop) - Raku Island
[Regular B Course ]Duration: approx. 25 min In the bay - out of the bay Nakanoshima
[Regular C Course ]Approx. 35 min. time required In the bay - Out of the bay Nakanoshima Hirajima
[Yunagi Sunset Course ]Duration: approx. 15 min *Reservations required

Sado Specialties "Taraibune "@ Ogi

It is no exaggeration to say that Sado's famous tarai boats are synonymous with "Rikiya Kanko Kisen ".

Female boatmen skillfully maneuver the tub boat.
In addition to tub boats, motorboats and blue cave tours are also popular.

Tub boat of ▲Chikiya Kanko Kisen

"Facility Information "
Name: Tarai-bune Rikiya Kanko Kisen
Address: 1935 Ogi-machi, Sado-shi, Niigata 952-0604
Access: 1 minute drive from Ogi Port
Phone number: 0259-86-3153
U R L:https://www.visitsado.com/spot/detail0045/
Reservations for the experience: not required
Facilities and services: Tub boat: Adults 700 yen, children 400 yen
High-speed motorboat: 5,000 yen and up (10-35 minute course, 1 boat charter)
High-speed sightseeing boat: Adults from 1,000 yen, children from 500 yen

A must-see reflection spot for women's travelers.

▲ "back "bus stop

Photo-worthy sights are an essential part of a women's trip.
Sado is surrounded by the sea on all sides, and there are many spots with spectacular views created by nature.
Check out this photo spot that suddenly appears while driving, so you don't miss it!

Spectacular view point created by the sky and the sea

▲Man Tatami Shiki
This place has beautiful reflections like the Salar de Uyuni. In fact, even the locals are not familiar with this place.
If you visit at sunset, you can see the fantastic scenery created by nature.

The road is narrow with few streets, so please be careful when driving after sunset.

A bus stop that looks like a scene from a coming-of-age drama

▲ "back "bus stop

Niigata Kotsu Sado's Ogi Line "Senago (背合) "bus stop has become popular in recent years, being featured on SNS and other social networking sites.

The contrast between the blue sea and the small white bus stop is also known as "the bus stop in love ".

The bus stop is still in actual use today, and there is no parking nearby, so please be aware of the surrounding traffic conditions when visiting.

▲ "back "bus stop

"Facility Information "
Name: Sogo bus stop
Address: 335 Sogo, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Access: 23 minutes by car from Ogi Port, 35 minutes by car from Ryotsu Port

Ezumi swing paddling out to sea

Swing set in ▲Ezumi Rural Park

A single swing stands in the grassy expanse of the park. "Swings in Ezumi ".
Although it is only a potted spot, the contrast with the blue sky is spectacular, and it has become a hot spot mainly on social networking sites.

This park also has public restrooms and a parking lot, making it a great spot to take a break from driving!
Try to capture your own wonderful picture.


Sado Island, where you can enjoy nature and history to the fullest, is larger than you might imagine.
Although two days and one night are enough to enjoy the area, we recommend three days and two nights to get around because of the ferry time. In addition to the spots introduced here, there are many other famous sightseeing spots such as Kinzan, Sado Airport, and Toki no Mori Park.
Sado, with its beautiful history and nature, also has driveways where autumn foliage can be seen, making it a great spot for a road trip. However, some spots are closed during the winter season, so please be careful when traveling.
Please enjoy a wonderful time visiting the social networking spots lined up along the seaside.

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