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  • Would you like to play in nature to the fullest on your days off? The Kansai area has both oceans and mountains, and there are many outdoor fields with excellent accessibility from the Keihanshin area. You can enjoy them on a day trip or incorporate them into one of the activities on your trip. Here are 10 outdoor experiences for families to enjoy.


  • The afternoon tea is very attractive, with a seasonally changing menu and plenty of sweets and savories to enjoy. In this issue, we will introduce 10 afternoon teas in Kansai that are perfect for a girls' night out, a little treat, or just a luxurious experience.


  • In this article, I would like to introduce seven recommended hotels in the Wakayama area. Wakayama area is an area with beautiful ocean facing the Pacific Ocean, and is a very popular spot for travelers to the Kansai region. After having fun at the sightseeing spots in the area, spend a luxurious time at one of the recommended hotels and have a pleasant trip.

    2022-04-01 Management office

  • When you visit Wakayama Prefecture, you will first be interested in the local gourmet foods and local soul food that you must try, but at the same time, spending time relaxing in a cute cafe is also an important part of a girl's trip. Wakayama Prefecture is famous for its citrus fruits due to its mild climate, but there are also some really delicious local gourmet restaurants. We will introduce two local gourmet restaurants that have been loved by the locals and two cute and photogenic cafes where you can spend an enchanting time in between. We have carefully selected restaurants that you can visit in Wakayama City so that you will remember them when you have a hard time choosing a restaurant in Wakayama.

    2022-02-04 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 spots in Wakayama area where you can do some recommended sightseeing. Wakayama area is a wonderful spot in the Kansai region where you can enjoy the rich marine resources and nature facing the Pacific Ocean. It is also a fun place to enjoy the fact that facilities are well set up and hands-on activities are available. In general, Wakayama Prefecture is an attractive area that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people in different ways. Please spend a pleasant time in such an area.

    2021-11-30 Management office

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