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Articles about 「Hokkaido, Tohoku」「Food & Drinks」

  • Sapporo, a city of 2 million, is the gourmet capital of Hokkaido, a treasure trove of food. "You may be thinking, "I only have a limited number of meals during my trip, so I want to eat the best food I can find! "But there are so many restaurants to choose from that you may have a hard time choosing the right one. In this issue, the author, a native of Sapporo, introduces some of the must-try gourmet restaurants in Sapporo!


  • Hakodate is a staple of Hokkaido sightseeing. Hakodate is a popular sightseeing destination in Hokkaido, offering a wide variety of attractive gourmet foods such as seafood and sweets. In this issue, I will introduce some truly delicious Hakodate gourmet foods recommended by the author, who visits Hakodate at least once a year. From classic Hakodate favorites to gourmet foods known only to the locals, be sure to check them out!


  • If you have ever been to Hokkaido, you have probably seen Seicomart (a.k.a. Seikoma), the convenience store with the orange sign. With its delicious and inexpensive private products, and the convenience of its stores located almost everywhere in Hokkaido, Seicomart has become a part of the "infrastructure for the daily lives of Hokkaido residents. SECOMA is also a great place for tourists to eat during a drive or to look for souvenirs! In this article, the author, who buys at SECOMA whenever she returns to Hokkaido, introduces the secret of SECOMA's popularity and recommended products.


  • Hokkaido, the northern land of Japan, is a place that anyone living south of Honshu would like to visit on any number of trips. Hokkaido's charm lies in its vast lands and abundant nature, which do not exist in other areas of Japan. The fact that there are so many suitable travel destinations means that there are also many spectacular spots that are sure to be Instagram-worthy. This time, we have carefully selected five attractive Instagram-worthy spots to visit in the Hokkaido area. We hope you will consider including them in your next trip.


  • We will introduce some of the restaurants that you should definitely visit when you come to Fukushima, from the famous ramen, which is a gourmet specialty of Fukushima, to soba noodles, which is easy to go for lunch, and local izakayas, which are great places to stop by after sightseeing.

    2022-02-17 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended gourmet restaurants in Yamagata area. The Yamagata area is a land of very rich nature, with both sea and land. It can be said to be a place that follows the rich landscape of Japan closely and offers very enjoyable food from time to time. You may not have many opportunities to visit Yamagata Prefecture, but when you do, you will have a very fulfilling time. Please enjoy a variety of Yamagata Prefecture's gourmet foods and have a good time.

    2022-02-16 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I will introduce seven recommended restaurants in the Akita area. Akita is one of the most gourmet-rich areas in the Tohoku region, and many people go out of their way to visit and experience its charms. We will introduce a wide range of gourmet foods, from standard gourmet foods that can be called specialties to unknown gourmet foods that are not so well known to tourists. We hope you will use this article as a reference and enjoy the delicious gourmet food in the Akita area.

    2022-02-15 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended gourmet restaurants in Miyagi area. The Miyagi area is known as a place where beef tongue is first and foremost famous. However, there are also other popular gourmet foods that are unique to the local area, taking advantage of the climate and natural features of the area. There are a variety of must-see gourmet foods available in the Miyagi area. When you visit Miyagi Prefecture, please enjoy a variety of gourmet foods and have a good time.

    2022-02-14 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce some recommendations for food in Iwate Prefecture. Iwate Prefecture is one of the most pristine landscapes in Japan. With its rich nature and traditional food culture, it is truly a spot that tickles the local spirit of the Japanese people. Even for those who do not have roots in Iwate Prefecture, it is a very familiar place. In this article, we will introduce such recommended gourmet foods in Iwate Prefecture. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful food culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. For tourists, please refer to this article and enjoy a pleasant sightseeing tour of Iwate.

    2022-02-09 Management office

  • Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce some recommended gourmet foods in Aomori Prefecture. When you think of Aomori Prefecture, many of you may first think of apples. However, there are many attractive dishes hidden in the shadows. In this article, we will introduce such recommended gourmet restaurants in Aomori Prefecture. Tourists are encouraged to refer to this article and enjoy an enjoyable sightseeing tour of Aomori.

    2022-02-09 Management office

  • Hokkaido has many sightseeing spots, great scenery, and delicious food, and we will introduce some of the best gourmet foods that you must try. From ramen to Genghis Khan, seafood to sweets, there is something for everyone in Hokkaido.

    2022-01-26 Management office

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