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Seven sacred animation sites in Yamanashi Prefecture! Fuji and other large scale works!

Seven sacred animation sites in Yamanashi Prefecture! Fuji and other large scale works!

2024-07-04 Management office

Yamanashi Prefecture is, needless to say, the one and only land famous for Mt. Fuji, and works are often created around it.
As we will mention in detail in the work, there are also many entertainment works that have been planned and gained popularity based on the nature of Yamanashi Prefecture, and we encourage you to visit them.
We encourage you to check it out, as it is relatively easy to access from the Kanto area.
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"Assault Lily "Celebration Bridge

This first one is a popular late-night anime that successfully combines moe and anime.
Many of you may be familiar with the name of the work itself, as it has been broadcast in many commercials for smartphone games in recent years.
This is a very solid work that pursues all the elements that those who like late-night anime like.

"Assault Lily "has a floating impression because of the fantastically bee-like battles that take place and the dynamic of beautiful girls in the midst of them, but it is also set in Koshu City in Yamanashi Prefecture, where many of them appear.
This is because the daily lives of the girls are often depicted and incorporated well as an element of the work.
The healing element in the battles has made the works popular, and there are numerous scenes rooted in real life, for example, in shopping streets and train stations.
One of the most representative points of interest is the Shukubashi Bridge.
With the rich twin hills of Yamanashi Prefecture in the background, it is a beautiful bridge on a river that connects land to land.
It is a fashionable place where you can feel the nature of Yamanashi Prefecture as much as this. It appears in the opening of the work.
Please check it out.

"information "
Name: Iiwaibashi
Address: Katsunuma, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu City
Official website: https://www.koshu-kankou.jp/map/kindai/iwaibashi.html
Access: 30 minutes on foot from Katsunuma Budosato Station on the JR East Japan Chuo Main Line

"Maegusa! "Fuefuki-shi

"Maesetsu! "is a unique work of idea that depicts high school girls x comedy.
Comedy has gained resurgent popularity over the past few years, but surprisingly little has been done about it as a subject for animation.
These days, the moe anime industry is dominated by compositions that give high school girls something to do with their hobbies, and there are many works being developed to suit the tastes of a wide variety of people.
This one was broadcast under a complete system backed by Yoshimoto Kogyo, and Mukai of Amatsu was involved in the script for the manzai in the anime, pursuing authentic comedy.

Osaka is the first place to be mentioned in the hall of comedy. In this work, the name "Namba Grand kagetsu" is reproduced with the help of Yoshimoto Kogyo, and the story is told with a great deal of emphasis on the composition of Osaka's comedy.
Places such as Hottarakashi Onsen and Ryokoro Kikori in Yamanashi Prefecture are sacred places, and scenes of the members relaxing will appear.

"information "
Name: Tabikago Kikori
Address:325 Kawanakajima, Ishikazu-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi
Official website: https://www.yamashita.gr.jp/mizuho/
Access: JR Chuo Line "10 min. walk from Ishiwaonsen Station "

"The Day I Became a God "Yamanashi City

This work is by PAWORKS, a company known for its original animation. The production company has had many hits with their original animations, and the overwhelming beauty of the PV drawings and the disturbing, sci-fi atmosphere raised expectations for this work.
However, it is also known that it did not grow in popularity and was split in two on the Internet.
Please check out this work, which has a prominent name, both good and bad.

The atmosphere of the film is matched by the beautiful nature in the center of Yamanashi Prefecture, which was touted for its fantastic and beautiful drawings.
This is the stage where the heroine, who says that the world is ending, enjoys a summer of memories with the hero.
The library where he met the subheroine, Ms. Izanami, the park where they had fun, and the places where they met and parted are all condensed in this book.
This series of daily scenes with no ups and downs is the reason for the controversy, but for those who are into it, the beautiful drawings, psychological descriptions, and the atmosphere of Yamanashi Prefecture are exquisitely matched to create a work of high art.
Please take a look at this work, which has the power to move your heart.

"information "
Name: Yamanashi-shi Station
Address:1561 Kamikamiuchikawa, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Official website: https://www.jreast.co.jp/estation/stations/1609.html
Access: JR East Japan "Yamanashi-shi Sta. "

"YuruCan△ "All of Yamanashi Prefecture

It is no exaggeration to say that the most famous work set in Yamanashi Prefecture is here "YuruCan△ ".
It is a cute work that follows the Kirara-style high school girl x uncle taste, and the anime was a big hit, and the live-action version is also popular.
The vividness of the scenes is another selling point of this work, which condenses the charm of camping: delicious food and beautiful nature.

Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture is very famous as a sacred place for camping and is known as a land of extremely attractive nature.
It is because Yamanashi Prefecture is such a prefecture that the charm of this work, which is set in a camping area, is enhanced, but the first thing I would like to highlight is the campground commonly known as "Fumotopara ".
This place, where the heroine Rin and Nadeshiko first met and where Nadeshiko first became enamored with camping, is the very place where the work began.
Fuji is popular among regular campers, and it is also known as the most popular "sacred place "among fans of the work.
There are many anime fans who got into camping through YuruCan△, and these people also visit this place with longing.
To be honest, this natural condition is somewhat harsh for beginner campers, especially during the winter months, when the climate can change.
Although there is no end to the number of accidents that occur while camping for beginners, and you should keep this in mind, you can enjoy camping to the fullest if you are well prepared and ready to go.

"information "
Name: Koan Campground
Address: 2926, Nakanokura, Minobu-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi
Phone number::0556-38-0117
Official Website :https://kouan-motosuko.com/
Access: by car from Fujikyuko Line "Kawaguchiko Station "etc.

"Super Cub "Hokuto City

"Super Cub "is another popular anime about high school girls enjoying their uncle's hobby. The Super Cub, which is also the title of the work, is a rather smoldering motorcycle and is truly austere.
It is a heartwarming story about a high school girl, Oguma-chan, who lives a boring life, and turns her life around when she finds a used, cheap Super Cub.
It is very heartwarming to see the main character grow, make friends, and expand his world through his journey on the Super Cub.
The two-person incident caused a petit firestorm, but it also helped to raise the profile of the work.

The setting of the work is the Hinoharu Station area in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Fuji and the clean air permeates the area, and there are rice paddies and other fields in this serene place.
The works are characteristically set in a small world, so they are all squeezed into one place.
It is easy to make pilgrimages to sacred places and comfortable to do the same touring on a motorcycle.

"information "
Name: Hinoharu Station
Address: 50 Tomioka, Nagasaka-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Official Website :https://www.jreast.co.jp/estation/stations/1329.html
Access: JR East Chuo Main Line "Hinoharu Sta. "

"Oni no Kiri "Mt. Undori

"Oni no Kiri no Blade "is such an extremely popular anime that there is probably not a single person in Japan who does not know it.
The Corona disaster caused the anime to become an explosive hit and a social phenomenon, giving children dreams and aspirations, and the theme song was played everywhere in the city.

It is somewhat surprising that one of Japan's most famous works is set in Yamanashi Prefecture, but it is interesting to be able to feel the birth and roots of the total population in a familiar place.
The first episode of Oni-no-Kyoei no Kai begins with the main character being involved in a horrific incident, and you can actually visit the silver world where the story takes place to see it.
Other locations that were the setting for the popular training part of the battle manga also appear.
Municipalities are fully promoting pilgrimages to sacred sites, which are very crowded with fans and goods are sold.
Of course, access in winter, when snow falls in accordance with the setting of the work, is recommended, and you will be enchanted by the original Japanese landscape.

"information "
Name: Mt. Kumotori
Accommodation:Untakayama Peak Minami-Nanjita
Official website: https://www.megane.gr.jp/museum/
Phone number: 042-521-2947
Access: Nishi-Tokyo Bus "Kamosawa "from the station

"Yamanosume "Various locations in Yamanashi Prefecture

Last but not least, here is a brief introduction.
"The Yamanosume "series is literally a high school girl x mountaineering series, and is a charming work that will make you laugh, heal, and feel the goodness of nature while also making you feel the deliciousness of rice and other foods.
Fuji, which has the highest mountain in Japan, naturally comes in as a sacred place. The place where the main characters are clear is Saitama Prefecture, but various mountains and spots appear in the form of expeditions.

Fuji and the mountain huts along the way are quite unsuitable for beginners, but there are some recommended spots for those who want to make a pilgrimage to sacred places after seeing the work.
That is Mt. The main character, Aoi, also started mountain climbing as a beginner, and this is the first mountain even she was able to climb.
Please feel free to visit us even if you are a beginner.

"information "
Name: Mt. Iwadono (Eiheiji)
Address: 1-1-33, Ohtsuki 1-chome, Ohtsuki-shi, Yamanashi
Official website: https://otsuki-kanko.info/category/content-page/view/188
Access: Chuo Main Line from "Otsuki Station "


Thank you for reading this far.
Yamanashi Prefecture is a region with many attractive natural features, especially Mt. We hope you will take a look at some of the masterpieces of animation.

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