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[Chiba ]7 photogenic spots in Chiba area! Insta-viewing is all the rage these days!

[Chiba ]7 photogenic spots in Chiba area! Insta-viewing is all the rage these days!

2021-11-08 Management office

Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce seven of the most recommended installation spots in Chiba Prefecture. Chiba Prefecture is often hidden in the shadow of Tokyo, but while there are some firmly urban places, it is also unique in that it has some attractive spots that offer a rich sense of nature. Chiba Prefecture's abundant nature soothes the hearts of many people, and it is a land that offers peace of mind to those who live in the city and lead hectic lifestyles. We hope you will use this article as a guide to find a spot where you can enjoy taking photos.
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Wat Pak Nam Japan Betsuin

This first one, Wat Pak Nam Japan Betsuin, is an attractive spot with an overwhelming presence that you will never find anywhere else. Located only 30 minutes by car from Narita Station, it is an easily accessible spot for those who travel from far away by air or other means. In a word, it is like a condensed version of Thailand. This is a spot where you can feel the Asian buildings and glamorous atmosphere of Thailand all over your body while being in Chiba Prefecture. You will be able to take a picture that you would not be able to take if you were in Japan. In these days when it is difficult to travel abroad, please immerse yourself in the feeling that you are traveling abroad while staying in Japan.

The luxurious and gorgeous building, which follows the Thai architectural style, is unique!

As I mentioned earlier, this building is very attractive for its gorgeous and gorgeous Thai-style architecture and atmosphere. The buildings are built with an elaborate structure that resembles a royal palace, with a lavish use of colorful gold, blue, and red. Japanese "beauty "is valued for its randomness and free-spiritedness, whereas foreign "beauty "is valued for its painstaking, methodical construction and high degree of perfection. These differences are just trivia for you to keep in mind, but I hope you will enjoy taking unique photos of such overwhelming presence in front of your eyes. This is a spot you should definitely visit when you come to Chiba Prefecture. Please try to find a photo that can only be taken here.

"information "
Name: Wat Pak Nam Japan Betsuin
Address: 294-1 Nakano, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture
Phone number: 0476-73-8090
Official site:

Keisei Rose Garden

"When you hear the word "instagram "", what comes to mind is nature. Chiba Prefecture is located somewhat far from the city center, so it is important to visit spots where you can feel such nature. As the name suggests, the Keisei Rose Garden is an attractive spot where visitors can enjoy roses in full bloom. The lofty and fashionable space, reminiscent of a Western garden, has a unique atmosphere. It is a place with a unique atmosphere that is difficult to experience if you live in an ordinary place, and it is attractive as a sightseeing spot.

A luxurious and gorgeous garden-like space! You will feel like an aristocrat!

The garden-like appearance of this rose garden is truly breathtaking. Green trees and grasses cover the entire area, and colorful roses add accent to the green. There are also gorgeous white objects and benches in the center, so if you take a picture here, you will feel like an aristocrat. Roses have always had an image of nobility, and you can take pictures that are as enjoyable as the atmosphere. Please come and visit this one-of-a-kind spot that can only be enjoyed here.

"information "
Name: Keisei Rose Garden
Address: 755 Owada Shinden, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba
Phone number: 047-459-0106
Official website: https://www.keiseirose.co.jp/garden/

Isumi Railway

This is an old-fashioned one-man train station, and at first glance it may seem like an ordinary spot, but it is surprisingly famous as an Insta-worthy spot, with over tens of thousands of images appearing on social networking sites. The retro train and the surrounding nature make it a popular spot for photo shoots. The calm scenery involving retro trains and the surrounding nature offers endless expressions.

The calm harmony of retro trains and nature is uniquely fashionable!

The one-man trains running on this electric railway have a very long history and retro atmosphere. The contrast between the train and the surrounding nature is breathtaking. You will definitely want to capture the scenery of the train running leisurely through the green meadows and flower fields with your camera. You will surely enjoy taking pictures at the exquisite spots where you can feel nostalgia and melancholy. It is a recommended photo spot for many people and widely accepted by those who are not so-called "photographers ". Please enjoy taking pictures.

"information "
Name: Isumi Railway
Address: 264, Otaki, Otaki Town, Isumi County, Chiba Prefecture
Phone number: 0470-82-2161
Official website: https://isumirail.co.jp/

Aged Care Valley

This is another spot where you can feel the so-called "chill "nature of Chiba Prefecture with your whole body. Originally known as a famous walking course and a place to practice asceticism, it has recently become a popular photo spot for young people and women. The green trees that break through the mountains and the powerful waterfalls that flow freely are a must-see. It is an enjoyable spot where visitors can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of negative ions and photography.

I definitely want to capture the nature of the season and the powerful scenery on my camera!

The seasonal blooming plants and trees, the sound of the waterfall pouring down in a roaring sound, and the surface of the water sparkling in response are exquisitely balanced and controlled. It is truly a fantastic and attractive spot where one can feel the richness of nature. In the fall, the leaves are vividly red in color, and the changing of the four seasons, which is unique to Japan, can also be visualized. If you want to take pictures with a Japanese flavor, please visit.

"information "
Name: Yoro Valley
Address: 181 Asouhara, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture
Phone number: 0436-96-0055
Official website: http://www.youroukeikoku.com/

Rosemary Park

Rosemary Park is a park facility that sells a fantastical and stylish space that makes you feel as if you have wandered into a fairy tale world. As Chiba Prefecture is rich in nature, there are many parks and other facilities where visitors can enjoy such nature. The green trees and flowers, the brick architecture, and the fashionable beauty of the formations are truly a must-see. It is a hot spot for taking pictures with a unique and enjoyable view of the world that can only be experienced here.

The feeling is just like Europe! Selling a sense of unity like a theme park

The charm of this facility is the overwhelming sense of stylistic beauty and worldview, as if you were visiting medieval Europe. The atmosphere and worldview are firmly unified, giving the impression of a stylish theme park. The spacious space with a wide variety of flowers is very noble, and the buildings constructed with red bricks and other materials are also very atmospheric. Some connoisseurs have described the scenery as comparable to that of a real foreign country, and there seems to be no doubt about its quality. It is a spot that should be visited by anyone who wants to enjoy the otherworldly and unique atmosphere of Chiba Prefecture in their photographs.

"information "
Name: Rosemary Park
Address: 1501 Shirako, Minami-Boso-shi, Chiba
Phone number: 0470-46-2882
Official website: https://www.rosemary-park.jp/

Daisen Senmaida

This is one of the most photogenic spots that I personally highly recommend. The Kamogawa area in Chiba Prefecture is famous for its abundant nature and peaceful Japanese-style scenery, and this spot in particular impresses that image.

The rice paddies were carved out of the mountains to create this spectacular sight!

This area is a collection of rice paddies that have been carved out of the mountains. The Japanese-style rice paddies remind us of the nostalgic scenery that remains in everyone's heart. The precisely calculated rice paddies create a truly fantastic landscape that evokes both the richness of nature and the splendor of human activity. At night, the scenery becomes even more magical. The nostalgic and emotional scenery, combined with the starry sky, is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

"information "
Name: Oyama Senmaida
Address: 540 Hiratsuka, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan
Phone number 04-7099-9050
Official website: https://senmaida.com/

Chiba Port Tower

Last but not least, I would like to introduce Chiba Port Tower. As it is called "Port Tower," it takes full advantage of its location on the waterfront in Chiba Prefecture, offering a spectacular viewpoint from which visitors can enjoy the sea and port. It has a very stylish and majestic impression, and is a trademark facility of Chiba Prefecture that attracts many people. It is easily accessible because it stands out even from a distance, and gives the Chiba area a unique charm and sense of place.

Beautiful from the outside and from the inside! Taste the coastal and Chiba Prefecture climate with your whole body!

The strong point of this spot is that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from inside or outside, as it is called a tower. Generally speaking, most people enjoy it from the outside as a formative feature, but in any case, it is an impressive spot. There are no taller buildings in the surrounding area, and nothing obstructs the view. Visitors can enjoy the large scale of the building and its harmony with the surrounding nature. At night, the windows are flooded with light. It is a remarkable place to take pictures as a night view spot.

"information "
Name: Chiba Port Tower
Address: 1 Chuo-minato, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Phone number: 043-241-0125
Official website: https://chiba-porttower.com/


Thank you for reading this far. In the Chiba area, there are many fashionable spots where nature and the city are blended. We hope you will enjoy taking pictures in various places that are unique to Chiba Prefecture.

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