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[Chiba ]7 nature-rich spots in the Chiba area! Taste the unique charm of Chiba Prefecture!

[Chiba ]7 nature-rich spots in the Chiba area! Taste the unique charm of Chiba Prefecture!

2021-11-10 Management office

Hello. In this article, I would like to recommend seven spots in Chiba Prefecture that are rich in nature. Chiba Prefecture has a strong image as an urban center in the Kanto region, but there are many attractive spots that offer rich nature and a calm atmosphere, somewhat different from Tokyo and other areas. We hope you will spend a relaxing and tranquil time in Chiba Prefecture, experiencing its rich nature.
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Ninety-nine Mile Hamlet

Kujukuri-hama Beach is a well-known natural spot in Chiba Prefecture. Access by private cars is especially popular, and it is a great place for young people to visit on a drive. The area has been frequently featured on TV and other media, and has a friendly atmosphere for many people. It is one of the largest seaside areas in Chiba Prefecture, and the ocean view from the beach is very beautiful, and it is an area where one can experience the richness of nature and the unique charm of Chiba Prefecture. If you are feeling stressed out, you can also experience relaxation by looking out over the vast ocean.

The beach is open and unobstructed!

This beach is impressive for its openness and unobstructed view. While other beaches are often decorated or have only a handful of facilities for play, this beach is very rare in that it has been left in its pristine, natural state. The beach is very large in scale, with a horizon that seems to go on forever, and a sky that covers it, just as nature should be. This is a must-visit spot when you visit Chiba Prefecture to experience this atmosphere with all your senses.

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Name: Kujukurihama (Kujukuri Beach)
Address: Kujukuri-cho, Yamato-gun, Chiba
Phone number: 0475-76-9449
Official website: https://99kankou.com/

Aged Care Valley

When talking about spots rich in nature in Chiba Prefecture, this spot should not be forgotten. It is well known throughout Japan and is often mentioned on TV and in magazines, so even people from other prefectures are familiar with this spot. "As the name of the canyon ( ") suggests, the complex of forests and rivers is concentrated in this area, which makes you feel as if you are on an adventure and spurs your excitement. You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as barbeques and camping while enjoying this nature, or bathing in hot springs. There are also a variety of outdoor activities such as barbecuing, camping, and bathing in hot springs, so there is a very wide range of ways to play. It is a fun spot for everyone, regardless of age or sex, and is an attractive spot for many people to visit.

Rich and free nature is worth seeing.

The open space with a forest at its center is overflowing with negative ions by itself and has an excellent relaxing and chilling effect, but the majestic river that crosses it is a very good accent. The sound of roaring waterfalls echoes through the area, and the clear beauty of the river can also be experienced. Activities such as camping and barbecues are uniquely enjoyable while experiencing such nature, and there are also a wide variety of activities that can be very enjoyable, such as sightseeing after riding the trolley. You can take your camera in hand to capture your favorite photos, or you can go about your business of making memories. Enjoy the rich nature of Chiba Prefecture in your own unique way that you can only enjoy here.

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Name: Yoro Valley
Address: Otaki Town, Isumi County, Chiba Prefecture
Phone number: 0436-96-0055
Official website: http://www.youroukeikoku.com/

Rosemary Park

Rosemary Park is another place that cannot be forgotten when talking about nature in Chiba Prefecture. It is a western-style garden that makes you feel as if you have wandered into a fairy tale world. It is a one-of-a-kind spot that attracts many people with its natural yet fashionable space. In addition to the spectacular flower gardens, there is also a rich variety of green trees and other plants. Visitors can enjoy the well-balanced contrast of nature as much as possible. Combined with the Western-style brick buildings that surround it, you can enjoy a unique view of the world and a sense of openness that can only be experienced here. If you prefer the overwhelming "beauty "to the natural beauty of nature, this is the place for you.

You can enjoy the stylish nature of the western style!

The greatest strength of this facility is that you can feel the beauty of the built-up style and world view as if you were visiting a medieval European garden. While the nature is well nurtured and vivid flowers and trees can be enjoyed, fashionable and high-colored Western-style buildings have been elaborately erected, giving a stylish and beautiful impression throughout. The overwhelming space that reminds one of a royal palace or an aristocratic house is very noble, and it is something that makes men and women, young and old, roar with excitement. Although it is difficult to take a trip around the world these days, this is a unique and distinctive spot where you can change your mood even though you are in Chiba Prefecture, an urban area. It is a precious spot that I can recommend to many people.

"information "
Name: Rosemary Park
Address: 1501 Shirako, Minami-Boso-shi, Chiba
Phone number: 0470-46-2882
Official website: https://www.rosemary-park.jp/

sawtooth mountain

This is a spectacular natural spot that is representative of Chiba Prefecture and Japan. The mountain range is carved out in a somewhat unexplored part of Chiba Prefecture, but the atmosphere is as fantastic and mysterious as its location. With nothing to obstruct the view, the scenery is so spectacular that it is almost as if you are the master of the sky. If you are afraid of heights, this is a spot that combines thrill and beauty, and will make your feet tingle.

Overwhelmingly beautiful and powerful nature!

This precipitous hill, carved out of the mountain, is famous as a spot where visitors can enjoy a spectacular view. The hill is nearly 330 meters above sea level, and if the weather is fine, you can even see Mt. Fuji. It is a great place to get a bird's eye view of the surrounding ocean and forests, and you can experience the rich nature of Chiba Prefecture. It is recommended for a wide range of people.

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Name: Sawtooth Mountain
Address: Kanaya, Futtsu-shi, Chiba
Phone number: 0470-55-1103
Official website: http://www.nihonji.jp/keidai/

Sakura Furusato Plaza

This Sakura Furusato Plaza is another wonderful park that seems to have condensed the magnificent nature of Chiba Prefecture into its grounds. The roots of this park were formed in the process of adopting Western culture, sparked by the study of "Dutch studies "that was introduced from the Netherlands in the Edo period. The lush lakeside and green grass and flowers are the standard, but there are also fashionable windmills and brick buildings around the lakeside that are Western-inspired. Throughout the park, you will feel a sense of openness and serenity. This is a great spot for those who want to escape from the daily routine of life by relaxing in the open nature.

Visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers!

This park has a particularly rich array of seasonal flowers. Tulips in early spring, sunflowers in summer, cosmos in early fall, and other seasonal flowers are named as events and are designed to be enjoyed on a large scale. As in Japan, which has four seasons, it is possible to enjoy them in a trendy and fashionable way. The large number of flowers planted here is sure to be a sight to behold for many people, and will appeal to men and women of all ages and genders. You can enjoy the exotic and wonderful nature while carrying an imposing windmill in the center of it. Recommended for many.

"information "
Name: Sakura Furusato Hiroba (Sakura Furusato Square)
Address: 97 Kairinji-cho, Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture
Phone number: 043-484-0940
Official website: http://www.city.sakura.lg.jp/0000000674.html

Daisen Senmaida

This is a wonderful spot where you can enjoy the magnificent nature as it is. The nature is so rich that it seems as if you have come to another world, with its traditional heartwarming scenery. It is a very attractive spot that will cleanse your mind. It is a place that every Japanese person should visit at least once.

The good old days spread out in the mountain range!

This is a rural landscape created by carving out the mountains that surround the area. The rice paddies are not the typical rice paddies that most people imagine, but rather terraced rice paddies that are multi-layered, which gives them great depth and attracts people's attention. It is a very good old Japanese landscape that reminds us of nostalgic emotional feelings that remain in the back of everyone's mind. At night, the scenery becomes even more fantastic, creating unforgettable memories.

"information "
Name: Oyama Senmaida
Address: 540 Hiratsuka, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan
Phone number 04-7099-9050
Official website: https://senmaida.com/

Kamogawa Matsushima

Lastly, I would like to introduce an area called Kamogawa Matsushima. As the terraced rice paddies introduced earlier are also located in the Kamogawa area, the Kamogawa area is an area with a vast natural environment centered around the waterfront. As is typical of Chiba Prefecture, a seaside area, visitors can enjoy a vivid balance of cool sea breezes and the surrounding isolated islands.

Vivid scenery like a game world!

The balance between the verdant sea and the scattered isolated islands is truly exquisite. The well-balanced and exquisite scenery, which reminds one of the world of anime and video games, will capture the human gaze. This is a spot recommended for a wide range of visitors, where you can experience the satisfying nature that is typical of Chiba Prefecture.

"information "
Name: Kamogawa Matsushima
Address: Kaigisa, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture
Phone number: 04-7093-7837
Official site:


Thank you for reading this far. The Chiba area is filled with many spots where you can experience vivid and beautiful nature that you cannot find in the city. We hope you have a great time and create wonderful memories.

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