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[Kochi ]6 recommended ramen shops you can't miss in Kochi

[Kochi ]6 recommended ramen shops you can't miss in Kochi

2023-05-16 Management office

Kochi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Shikoku Mountains to the north, resulting in a warm and mild climate. The prefecture is also known for its famous bonito tataki (bonito strips) and Kochi's specialty chicken, the "Tosa Jiro," and is now attracting attention as a gourmet prefecture. One of the local foods that is loved by the locals is ramen, which is made with these ingredients as the broth. In this article, we will introduce a selection of recommended ramen shops that the locals love.
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Chinese Soba Noodle in the middle.

This restaurant opened in June 2021. Although it is less than a year old, this ramen shop is very popular every day.
The exterior of the restaurant does not look like a ramen shop, but when you open the door, the aroma of dashi (Japanese soup stock) wafts through the air, creating a very cozy atmosphere.
"It is a stylish ramen restaurant where even a single woman can feel free to stop by, as many people have posted on Instagram and other sites that the ratio of female staff is unusually high "for a ramen restaurant.

This restaurant offers two types of soups that are time-consuming and appealing.
Tosa Jiro" is raised only at poultry farms approved by Kochi Prefecture.
The "mountain broth" is made by boiling down the meat and bones of the Tosa Giraffe, and the "sea broth" is made from five kinds of dried sardines and kelp, which are boiled in water for more than eight hours, The soup is made from five kinds of dried sardines and kelp.

I recommend "Special Tosa Jiro's Chinese Soba "
This dish includes shrimp wontons and Tosa Jiro meatballs in the regular menu, so you can feel the mountains and the sea even more, and Nakaya. You can further enjoy the charm of
Not only the soup, but also the noodles are made by "Satake Noodles ", which is well known by locals, and the hearty service and smiles of the wait staff are also attractive.

"Store Information "
Name: Chinese Soba Noodles: Nakadaka.
Address: 24-16 Minami-Manba, Kochi, Kochi
Phone number: 088-881-7959
Sales:11:00~14:30 17:00~24:00
Closed: Monday and Tuesday (or the following day if the day falls on a national holiday)
URL: https: //xn--u8ja5gb.com/

Chicken and Fish, Ramen Shop Kamo

This ramen restaurant is located near Kochi Castle and the famous sightseeing spot, Hirome Market. The exterior of the restaurant looks like a stylish cafe, but the goodwill gives it a bit of a ramen shop feel. The name of the restaurant is also "What kind of restaurant is it? "The name of the store is also interesting and makes you stop and wonder what it is.

This restaurant is mainly recommended for salt and soy sauce.
Both soups are prepared from the broth.
The salt broth is made from three kinds of Kochi's specialty local chickens: Tosa Jiro, Hachikin Jidori, and Gomen Kenkashamo, while the soy sauce is made from extracts of sardines, kelp, ago, and scallops.
There are also two types of noodles to choose from: thin noodles with a chewy texture and hand-kneaded noodles with a chewy texture, which are handmade every morning to suit both types of ramen.
The char siu pork and chicken are both available, which is quite a luxury, and the owner's special ingredients are plentiful in this dish.
It is truly one of the best places to go for ramen lovers, as they sometimes have a one-hour wait .......

Saturday only! Quickly transformed into a restaurant specializing in Duck Dashi Ramen

On Saturdays, the restaurant changes its name to "Ramenya Kamo ", which specializes in ramen with duck broth, further demonstrating the owner's attention to detail. If you are in Kochi on a Saturday, you can't miss this restaurant.

"Store Information "
Name: Chicken and Fish ・Raamenya Kamo
Address: Nabeshima Bldg. 1F, 3-2-48 Honmachi, Kochi
Open: 11:00~14:30 18:00~21:00 (close when sold out)On Saturdays, open in duplicate as "Laamenya Kamo ", a restaurant specializing in duck dashi soup
Closed: irregular (check URL)


This ramen restaurant is also located near Kochi Castle and Hirome Market. This area is a fierce battleground for ramen, and this austere curtain is a landmark among them. You can easily spot it because there is a line of people waiting in front of the store every day. It is popular among the locals, so you might want to be prepared to wait.

For a change, try the Taiwanese mazesoba!

This one is called Taiwanese Mazesoba, a dish that many people have uploaded on Instagram, and it is popular among locals because once you try it, you'll be hooked.
Many customers stand in line to try this mazesoba, which makes one wonder, "Taiwanese in Kochi? It is a strange thing to find Taiwanese mazesoba in Kochi, but if you stop by, you should definitely give it a try.

"Store Information "
Store name: Toju House
Address: Nabeshima Bldg. 1F, 3-2-48 Honmachi, Kochi
Open: 11:00~14:30 18:00~21:00 (close when sold out)On Saturdays, open in duplicate as "Laamenya Kamo ", a restaurant specializing in duck dashi soup
Closed: irregular (check URL)

Chinese Soba Kobi

This restaurant opened in February 2020 after renovating an old private house.
Because of its proximity to the Shimanto River, it is a recommended ramen restaurant for tourists and those who enjoy nature by road biking. The owner's motto is "simply delicious" and "deep flavor. Every ingredient is made with the blessings of nature and the thoughts and philosophies of the creators, and their love overflows into every bowl of ramen.

This is one of our recommended dishes. You can choose from medium-thick or thin noodles for 690 yen per bowl.
The soup is soy sauce-based, using soy sauce, a specialty of Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture. It may look simple, but the soup is made with more care than one would think from the clear broth, including Soda-bushi from Tosashimizu, dried sardines from Susaki, dried bonito flakes from Usa, and Shimanto chicken and pork.

Toppings are sprinkled with itadori (a typical Kochi ingredient) and yuzu (a citrus fruit).
Another attraction of this ramen restaurant is that instead of itadori, it incorporates seasonal products of the season.

The recommended point is the unique view of Kochi that can be seen from the counter of the restaurant.
The ramen is located near the slope that goes down to the Shimanto River, so you can enjoy the nature of Kochi, such as rape blossoms in spring and rice fields in summer, while eating your ramen. The old private house and nature surround you, and it is a bowl of ramen with a special flavor.

"Store Information "
Name: Chinese Soba Kobi
Address: 305-6, Nishi-Tosa Iwama, Shikwanji-shi, Kochi
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Shio Ramen Ban'ya

This is a ramen restaurant located in Kochi City.
"The restaurant is relatively easy to find on the corner of the street, marked by a curtain with a large sign that reads "Salt Noodles "" and an orange roof.
The restaurant's Twitter has special offers for both first-time visitors and regular customers, such as "Free large bowl of noodles day "and "Free chashu topping day ". It is a good idea to check on Twitter before you go.

The "Special Crunchy Crunchy Salad Chives" are excellent!

The owner of this ramen shop recommends chives, a specialty of Kochi Prefecture, which he stocks.
The toppings are made with chives, which are delicious eaten raw and grown on the island of "Kochi Prefecture at a chive farm ", and many regulars order these chives as an additional topping.
The owner's love for chives can be seen in his frequent tweets about the growth of his "specially selected crunchy salad chives.
Dip crispy chives in the salt and dried shrimp flavor and slurp them up with the noodles. ...... Ramen lovers will love this dish.

Oyster Ramen" is available only in winter. The salted malt-based soup is topped with plump oysters, and some locals order additional condiments and rice to make a zosui (rice porridge) dish.
It is sold until around February, so it is definitely worth trying if you visit Kochi in winter.

"Store Information "
Name: Ban'ya Shio Ramen
Address: 4-1 Futaba-cho, Kochi-shi, Kochi
Sales:11:00~14:30 18:00~20:30
Regular day off: irregular

Legend of Salt Nayuta

This is a famous ramen restaurant in Kochi. The exterior of the restaurant is stylish, and there is an atmosphere in which even a single woman can casually enter. The entrance also has a large menu list, making it an easy place to enter for those who want to examine the menu carefully before entering the restaurant.

Nayuta's specialty: Sea bream salt ramen! The tai-meshi set is a must!

Among the many menu items, the ramen to keep in mind is "Sea bream salt ramen ".
This ramen features a "secret salt sauce," which is a blend of several kinds of salt, seafood, and vegetables. The addition of a broth that concentrates the flavor of dried sea bream makes the "secret salt sauce" and the taste of sea bream complement each other, resulting in an exquisite ramen.
Our recommendation is to make a set with tai-meshi. The tai-meshi can be eaten alone. You can also dip it in the soup and eat it like chazuke (rice with green tea). It is a specialty of the restaurant, so there is no harm in eating it.

An oddity is "Shio Tantanmen ". The "secret salt sauce" is used as the base, and white sesame seeds are added to give it a mellow taste. Regular customers also come here for this ramen, so it is a must-try for those who love tantanmen.

"Store Information "
Name: Salt Legend Nayuta
Address: 1-13-24 Obiyacho, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
Phone: 088-824-0830
Sales:11:00~15:00 17:30~22:00
Closed: Tuesday


The owners of ramen shops in Kochi Prefecture are very much in favor of the idea of local production for local consumption.
The owner's love for Kochi is so much packed into each bowl of ramen that when you eat it, you can feel both his love and the charm of Kochi at the same time. If you visit Kochi Prefecture, please try one of the ramen restaurants introduced here. We have carefully selected ramen shops so that you can experience the charm of Kochi's love through ramen at any of them.
If you are a ramen lover, you should definitely try touring the ramen shops.

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