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  • Kochi Prefecture is famous for seafood such as bonito, which is blessed by the Kuroshio Current, and citrus fruits grown in the prefecture's mild and blessed climate, but there are also many excellent B-class gourmet restaurants and local gourmet foods that can only be enjoyed in Kochi Prefecture that make use of local ingredients. Among B-class gourmet restaurants that are inexpensive, quick and easy to eat, we have carefully selected four restaurants that are loved by locals and tourists alike and have been cherished for many years. Photos of delicious meals line up on social networking sites when you travel somewhere, and the restaurants introduced here are all those that have become the talk of the town on social networking sites. It might be a good idea to make a plan to eat all the B-class gourmet food unique to Tosa once in a while.

    2024-01-17 Management office

  • Kochi offers not only sightseeing but also many delicious foods. Kochi has a catchphrase, "Kochi-ya," which means "Kochi house," and the wish that people would come to Kochi and feel at home has become well known throughout the country. Despite the lack of convenient transportation, Kochi is a popular tourist destination with many visitors coming from all over the country to enjoy the local specialties and cuisine. Even today, the number of tourists continues to grow, and buses are even available for gourmet tours. Here are some of the best gourmet specialties of Kochi.

    2022-06-10 Management office

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