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[Kochi ]Kochi's best B gourmet! 4 carefully selected and recommended restaurants

[Kochi ]Kochi's best B gourmet! 4 carefully selected and recommended restaurants

2024-01-17 Management office

Kochi Prefecture is famous for seafood such as bonito, which is blessed by the Kuroshio Current, and citrus fruits grown in the prefecture's mild and blessed climate, but there are also many excellent B-class gourmet restaurants and local gourmet foods that can only be enjoyed in Kochi Prefecture that make use of local ingredients. Among B-class gourmet restaurants that are inexpensive, quick and easy to eat, we have carefully selected four restaurants that are loved by locals and tourists alike and have been cherished for many years.
Photos of delicious meals line up on social networking sites when you travel somewhere, and the restaurants introduced here are all those that have become the talk of the town on social networking sites. It might be a good idea to make a plan to eat all the B-class gourmet food unique to Tosa once in a while.
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Original Pera-yaki Nishimura

Soul food of Tosashimizu "pera-yaki "

Founded in 1957, "Ganso Pera-yaki Nishi-mura "is, as the name "Ganso Pera-yaki" suggests, the birthplace of "Pera-yaki ", which is also the soul food of Tosashimizu City. This floury dish, which is slightly different from Osaka's okonomiyaki, is a new menu item that was created because the third generation of the restaurant's owner could not eat meat.

The "perayaki ", a longtime favorite at this restaurant, looks like a thinner version of okonomiyaki, and the ingredients are very simple. It is filled with a variety of ingredients such as leeks, baby sardines, jakoten (fish cake), and tempura of ground fish, and then tossed in a sauce along with bonito flakes and aonori (green soybean sprouts). The fresh and plump jakoten and shirasu (baby sardines) that can only be found in Tosa are also a big attraction of this dish.

"At the original Pelayaki Nishi-mura ", they are particular about the fire on the teppan when grilling, and a charcoal bowl is placed under the teppan. This cooking method has been passed down since the establishment of the restaurant.

Depending on the size, you can enjoy Kochi's B-class gourmet food at a price that will make your wallet happy, ranging from 350 yen to 800 yen. You can also choose the spiciness of the sauce that is generously placed on the entire dish, and there are four types to choose from: two kinds of Worcester sauce, sweet tonkatsu sauce, and savory soy sauce. Since you can choose the size and sauce, and it is easy to eat, it is popular among students and children, and many families gather at the restaurant to enjoy pera-yaki together.

Vacuum-packed mail order also available.

In addition, there is a mail-order package of pera-yaki grilled over charcoal that comes vacuum-packed. It also comes with three kinds of sauces, so you can easily enjoy the original flavor at home.

"Facility Information "
Name: Original Perayaki Nishimura
Address:〒787-0324 6-1-1 Chuo-machi, Tosa-Shimizu City, Kochi Prefecture
Phone number: 0880-82-2752
Business hours: 10:30-22:30
 Tuesdays (plus irregular holidays)
Budget: ¥350~
URL: https://tabelog.com/kochi/A3904/A390404/39006284/


Kanan Chives Salt Fried Noodles

Kochi Prefecture is considered to be Japan's largest producer of chives, and a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious salted yakisoba "using plenty of this large quantity of chives "is "Hirosueya ". Chives are a great vegetable for girls as they warm the body and detoxify the body. There seems to be more chives than noodles at "Kanan Chives Salt Yakisoba "is a very popular menu item and has been featured on TV and in magazines as an excellent B-class gourmet dish in Kochi.

As for the ingredients of interest, first stir-fry the pork and carrots well on the griddle. Once the pork is cooked, the leek stems and squid or squid geso are added, followed by the noodles, and the whole thing is stir-fried thoroughly. Finally, a large quantity of fresh green chives leaves are added and stir-fried vigorously to complete the dish.
To finish off the dish, it is also topped with a generous amount of tenkasu, ito chili pepper, and chopped nori seaweed.

It looks quite large from the top and from the side, but because fresh, high-quality chives are used, it is said to be easy to eat, with no bitterness or greenish taste, and a subtle sweet taste. The well-fried chives have a reputation for being delicious even when eaten on their own. The price is 700 yen for a regular bowl, and 1,000 yen for a large bowl with two noodles. Lemon is always included, so you can enjoy a different flavor if you squeeze some lemon during the meal.

Okonomiyaki and Tonpei too.

"Fluffy okonomiyaki and tonpei are also popular menu items at Hirosueya ". The tonpei at "Tonpei Set Meal "boasts a satisfying volume of tonpei, made without flour and with ketchup to go with the sauce. Perhaps the secret to the delicious taste of both okonomiyaki and tonpei is their focus on fresh, local ingredients, such as using locally grown green onions.

"Facility Information "
Name: Hiromatsuya
Residence:〒781-5606 182-1 Kamiyasu, Yasu-cho, Kannan-shi, Kochi
Phone number: 0887-54-3226
Business hours: 1:00 - 14:00 / 17:00 - 22:00 (L.O.21:30) Open year round
URL: https://tabelog.com/kochi/A3901/A390106/39005032/

Nabeyaki Ramen Senju

Near Kochi Station is a ramen shop with a bright, fresh yellow brick "Nabiyaki Ramen Senju ". The flavor of Nabiyaki Ramen soup differs from restaurant to restaurant, but this restaurant's soy sauce-based soup, which combines rich chicken broth and Kochi ginger, is exceptionally delicious. This restaurant is so famous that it is the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of eating Kochi's famous nabeyaki ramen.

Definition of Nabeyaki Ramen

This restaurant is located in Kochi City, but the nabeyaki ramen itself is said to have originated in Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture. The ramen, which is made by simmering a chicken-rich broth in an earthenware pot, has quite detailed definitions, including "a soy sauce-based broth made from chicken stock from the parent bird ""the vessel is an enameled or iron pot or earthenware pot ""the soup is served to the table while it is boiling ""it is served with takuwan (pickled radish) "

The earthenware pots are served with a tight-fitting lid, and when opened, the ramen appears simmering. The earthenware pots at the restaurant come in a variety of designs, from lovely shades to chic and mature earthenware pots, so you can enjoy which one you win.

"The nabeyaki ramen available at "is a nabeyaki ramen that meets the traditional definition of the word, and the ingredients are simple: green onions, raw egg, chikuwa, and oyadori chicken. The deeply flavored broth of rich soy sauce and chicken broth is low in oil and so light that it is easy to gulp down.

Finish with an exquisite porridge.

You can choose from regular, large, and extra-large ramen sizes, and rice from mini to large to match. When the ramen is almost gone, the best zosui (rice porridge) with an egg on top of the hot rice and the rest of the soup is waiting for you. A little pepper on top adds even more flavor. Ida rice from Okayama Prefecture is used for the rice, and the rice itself is of the highest quality.

"Facility Information "
Name: Nabeyaki Ramen Senju
Address: 2-15-11 Shinhonmachi, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, 780-0062
Phone number: 088-823-0007
Business hours: Lunch: 11:00-15:00 / Dinner: 18:00-21:00
 Closed: Monday
If Monday is a national holiday, the next day (Tuesday) is closed.
Calculation: ¥600~
URL: https://tabelog.com/kochi/A3901/A390101/39004580/

brothel fronting as a tea house, inn, restaurant, etc.

At "Usamonoya ", located near the coast in Usa Town, Tosa City, you can enjoy Uruume Iwashi (Urume Iwashi) caught by hand in a variety of ways and cooked to your heart's content. Usa Town was originally called "Ururame no machi "and is famous for "maruboshi ", which is dried whole fish. In order for many people to enjoy Urume Iwashi, the whole town serves it as a local delicacy.

"What is Usamon Ippon Fishing Uruume Iwashi "

In the fishing port of Usa Town, fish are caught by fishing instead of using nets. This is because fishing with nets causes the fish to rub against each other in the net, which heats them up and puts a lot of stress on them. Since Urume Iwashi is a delicate fish, the best way to catch Urume Iwashi is to catch it by itself in ice water without using a net. Usa Town has developed its own hooks and created a system that allows the fish to be placed in ice water without touching it by hand. The time from when the fish is caught to when it is immersed in ice water is strictly limited to less than 50 seconds, and thanks to this speedy system, delicious aurume sardines can be served.

"In addition to the Urume Iwashi "Bukkake Zuke Don "and Urume Iwashi Kabayaki Don ", which is a bowl of hot rice topped with a broiled Urume Iwashi, you can also enjoy a bowl of rice topped with freshly pickled sea bream or fresh mackerel, depending on the catch of the day. In addition, there are many a la carte dishes, so you can enjoy fried seafood, sashimi, and other fresh fish in a variety of cooking methods.

Usamon-ya Set Meal

In addition, if you choose the "Usamonya set meal ", which is all about Urume Iwashi, you can enjoy fried Urume Iwashi on a stick, Tsumire soup, Nanbanzuke pickles, and a bowl of rice topped with pickles for the main course. The set meal is a bargain at 1,200 yen and includes a daily special appetizer and pickles.

Delicious bowls of fresh fish are served as low as 500 yen. If you come to Tosa, you must stop by this restaurant where you can enjoy freshly caught fresh Urume Iwashi at a reasonable price.

"Facility Information "
Name: Usamon-ya
Address: 1757 Usa, Usa-cho, Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, 781-1161
Phone number: 088-856-0019
Office hours: 11:00-15:00 / 17:00-21:00
 Closed: Every Wednesday, 2nd Thursday and 4th Thursday
Calculation: ¥500 to
URL: https://tabelog.com/kochi/A3903/A390301/39004954/

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