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[Gunma Prefecture ]Very popular in Takasaki City! Four ramen stores with lines of customers

[Gunma Prefecture ]Very popular in Takasaki City! Four ramen stores with lines of customers


Gunma Prefecture "ranks fourth in the nation in wheat production.
In season, you can see the golden fields of shining ears everywhere.
Perhaps because of this environment, Gunma Prefecture residents love noodle dishes.
Ramen, in particular, is very popular in the prefecture.
In this issue, we introduce a famous restaurant in Takasaki City, the center of Gunma Prefecture.
Go for the delicious ramen noodles that you must wait in line for.

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Homemade rice noodles KUROMATSU

The restaurant is located approximately 2 kilometers from JR Takasaki Station.
Open at 11:00.
Please arrive early, especially on holidays, as lines begin to form before the store opens.
There is no parking lot dedicated to the restaurant, so if you are visiting by car, you may want to use a nearby parking lot.
Upon entering the restaurant, one is greeted by a modern, concrete-faced atmosphere.
There are 9 seats, counter only.
The open kitchen gives the impression that the cooking can be seen over the counter, which is enjoyable.
There is also a noodle-making machine in the back.

Special white soy sauce tsukemen

Kurosho's specialty is its ramen noodles made with white soy sauce.
White soy sauce is made from wheat, has a short maturation period, and is very light in color.
It has a soft golden color and hardly disturbs the appearance of the food.
It is a seasoning that brings out the beauty of the ingredients as they are.
In addition, the umami of white soy sauce is mild, allowing the flavor of the broth used in ramen to shine through.
It is evident that they are particular about the ingredients and the cooking process.
KUROMATSU offers two types of noodles, kake and tsukemen, but the one introduced here is the orthodox kake.

The toppings are gorgeous: moist and tender pork chashu pork, chicken chashu pork, bamboo shoots, boiled egg, wontons, and mitsuba.
The pork and chicken chashu are especially luxurious.
The key flavor is that the seafood broth and white soy sauce complement each other, giving the dish a strong umami flavor that is both light and refreshing.

The noodles are straight and thin.
Goes well with soup.
It has a dry taste, but the umami flavor is not lacking.
Incidentally, there are three types of Kuromatsu's Chinese noodles: plum, bamboo, and pine, which differ in the number of toppings.

"If you want to simply taste the soup and noodles ", we recommend you choose the plum.
The simplest bowl of soup, just noodles and mitsuba leaves, is the quintessential Kurosho dish.

"Store Information "
Name: Homemade Noodles KUROMATSU
Address: 9-5 Yanagawa-cho, Takasaki, Gunma 370-0815
Access: Along Prefectural Route 29
18~20 minutes on foot from Takasaki Station
Business hours: 11:00~15:00
Closed: Sunday, other irregular holidays
Proceeds: ¥1,500
No Smoking/Eating: No Smoking at the Table
Space and Facilities: Crib available, counter seating only

Shina soba Nakajima

"It is located on the first floor of Toganei Prefectural Housing ".
This is another restaurant where people line up even before it opens on holidays.

Parking is not available on site, but a dedicated space is available under the elevated road about a minute's drive away.
The restaurant has only a counter with about 10 seats.
Conveniently located behind the counter are chairs for waiting.
The open kitchen is set up at about the same level as the seating area, allowing diners to enjoy a close-up view of the cooking process.
Incidentally, the owner of Nakajima trained at the famous restaurant "Shina Soba Kazuya "in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
Enjoy the ramen made by a chef with solid training and experience.

soba noodles with broth served continuously so that the guest or customer never has an empty bowl

It is a delicious bowl of soy sauce-based soup packed with the umami flavors of bushi, kelp, chicken, and other ingredients.
Toppings include chashu pork, nori, wontons, bamboo shoots, and white onions.
Among the items that we feel are worthy of special mention are the wontons, chashu pork, and menma.

The wontons are first of all very textured and feel smooth the moment you put them in your mouth.
Bite into it and you'll find a meaty bean paste and juicy gravy.
The ginger flavor is also very good.
The chashu pork is firm, yet tender and full of umami flavor.
The pickled bamboo shoots are crunchy and a great chopstick rest.
The toppings alone offer quite a variety of flavors.

The noodles are medium thin, straight, firm, and slippery in texture.
It blends well with the light soup and has a nostalgic flavor.
Soup-splitting is also available, so ramen connoisseurs should definitely give it a try.

"Store Information "
Name: Shina Soba Nakajima
Address: Higashikanei Prefectural Housing 1F, 1190-4 Iizuka-cho, Takasaki, Gunma 370-0069
Access: Inside Higashikanei Prefectural Housing
16~17 minutes on foot from Takasaki Station
Business hours: 11:00~14:30
Closes when materials run out.
Closed: Sunday
Budget: 1,000
No Smoking/Eating: No Smoking at the Table
Space and Facilities: Parking available (7 dedicated spaces under the elevated Shinkansen line), counter seating only

Daruma Ambassador Head Office

Daruma Ambassador has two stores in the city.
This time we will introduce the main store.
In fact, the second Daruma Ambassador store is currently being changed to a different company's management.
The menu is also different, so you will want to check it out when you visit.
The Daruma Ambassador is marked on the roof.
For some reason, there is a Daruma doll with long hair, wearing something like antennae.
Some people turned their cameras on the very humorous appearance of the animals.
It would be a nice souvenir if you let me take one photo.

The restaurant is spacious with counter and table seating.
The many autographs of entertainers and celebrities on the walls are impressive.
Despite being a well-known local restaurant, it never feels pretentious, and the atmosphere feels homey, with manga to read while waiting for your food.
Ordering is by meal ticket.
Parking is conveniently available on site for approximately 25 cars.

The two restaurants introduced earlier were more of an "asari" ramen store.
However, Daruma Ambassador's ramen is the opposite.
"This is a restaurant where you can enjoy super thick "tonkotsu.
The abura, which floats generously in the soup, evokes a sense of richness just by looking at it.
When you put it in your mouth, the concentrated umami flavor of the pork comes rushing in, and it is astonishing.
The soy sauce has a salty, guttural taste.
"If you like ramen that is full of flavor ", I am sure you will be addicted to this dish.
Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen tends to have a strong smell.
I hardly feel anything like that.
It is a "delicious soup" that makes you think that the broth must have been carefully prepared.

The noodles to be used with this dish are thin noodles that are specially ordered from a noodle mill (medium-thick noodles can also be selected).
The noodles are as firm and chewy as the strong-flavored soup.
You can also tell us how you would like your ramen boiled, so you can enjoy your ramen the way you like it.
Sesame, konai, red ginger, etc. are available at the counter.

"Store Information "
Name: Daruma Ambassador Main Store
Address: 1186-12, Kenzaki-cho, Takasaki, Gunma 370-0883
Access: 1.3 km from Gunma Hachiman Station
15 minutes on foot from Gunma Hachiman Station
Hours: Wed, Thu, Fri 11:30~13:45
18:00 to 20:45
Saturday and Sunday 12:00~14:45
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Year-end and New Year holidays
Budget: ³,000
No Smoking/Eating: No Smoking at the Table
Space and Facilities: Counter seating, table seating, parking available

Chicken Shirato-yu Bubble Ramen Tamaki

The "bubble ramen" in the name of the restaurant.
What kind of food is awa ramen? ......
This is actually a new genre that originated in the Kansai region.
It is said to refer to a soup that is whisked and served just before eating.
Tamaki is the first restaurant in Gunma Prefecture to specialize in foam ramen.
We invite you to experience the taste of a restaurant that is ahead of its time.
Located near Takasaki Station.
It is located along a road called "Brick Road ", which is lined with many restaurants and other stores.
The black exterior walls with Japanese nuances are a landmark of the building.

Tamaki's most popular menu item is this.
"Meringue? "
The white white soup is so beautiful that you would think it was a white soup.
One sip and you can feel the chicken broth and the savory taste of soy sauce.
It is not salty, but rather gentle and delicate in flavor.
Toppings include smoked egg, pink roasted pork, red onion, kaiware daikon (Japanese radish), and yuzu peel.
This roast pork is made from Gunma's famous pork.
The meat is dehydrated and then carefully cooked to create an exceptionally soft and moist texture.
As for the boiled egg, the fact that it is smoked is probably unusual for a ramen topping.

You cannot see the noodles submerged in the bowl because they are fuzzy with foam.
Then I put my chopsticks into the bowl, and a wide flat inner noodle appeared.
"Oh, I wonder if these are the kind of noodles ", but they are not, in fact, and this one is apparently the only one that comes with one as an ingredient.
They are chewy like wontons and very tasty.
Such playfulness is also fun.

The main noodle is medium-thick and straight.
The gentle bubbles surround you tightly and the flavors blend well together.
It is a delicate yet flavorful dish with the delicious taste of chicken.
Incidentally, the roast pork topping can also be enjoyed in a bowl.
A set of ramen and a bowl of roast pork (mini size) is also available, so if you have room in your stomach, try it.

"Store Information "
Name: Chicken Shiratsuyu Awamu Ramen Tamaki
Address: 24-1 Sunaga-cho, Takasaki, Gunma 370-0832
Access: Along Brick Road
Approximately 7 minutes on foot from Takasaki Station
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00~15:00
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 11:00~16:00
Closed: Monday, 3rd Sunday
Proceeds: ¥1,500
No Smoking/Eating: No Smoking at the Table
Space & Facilities: Counter seats, table seats


This article summarizes "ramen restaurants with long lines" in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.
All stores are particular about ingredients and production methods, creating unique flavors.
If you are interested in any of these places, please visit them.
There are many more restaurants in the city, so if you find a ramen that tastes like your favorite flavor and has a similar trend, we recommend that you try to compare them.
Enjoy the ramen that the wheat-loving people of Gunma Prefecture are passionate about.

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