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Hiroshima Special Feature: A treat for all senses, top experiences for the autumn season

Hiroshima Special Feature: A treat for all senses, top experiences for the autumn season

2021-09-22 Management office

As the summer heat fades away, the pleasantly mild autumn season has arrived. In Japan autumn is perceived as the season of excellent cuisine, reading, and sports, but it is also seen as the best season for travel. With the Covid pandemic raging on, outdoor activities and nature walks are becoming more and more popular as ways to relax and refresh yourself. Due to its location and rich nature, surrounded by mountains and facing the Seto Inland Sea, Hiroshima is gaining popularity as a travel destination. Especially in the fall season, there are many spots where you can enjoy viewing the autumn leaves. This special feature will introduce you to some of the wonderful experiences in Hiroshima for you to enjoy.
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A different kind of journey: embark on a journey of self-discovery with 7 Zen experiences at Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens

Photo : Nobutada OMOTE | Sandwich

Located in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, the Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens is a temple facility dedicated to introducing its visitors to Zen. The facility offers an opportunity to experience the world of Zen with all your senses, an opportunity extremely rare otherwise.

Seeing. Walk. Rest. Meditate.

Explore the temple grounds while listening to an audio guide and immerse yourself into the depths of Zen via the 7 Zen experiences - Zazen meditation, zen cuisine, zen paintings, sutra tracing, zen aesthetics, baths and tea ceremony. As you do, you might be inspired to ponder the meaning of Zen. However as the answer to that conundrum may be quite varied perhaps the audio guide will be helpful to guide you on your way in more than one sense.

Even more stunning during the momiji season

As soon as the autumn leaves turn colors the temple holds a time-limited illumination event. The bright red leaves reflected on the calm surface of the pond are quite a memorable sight.

We also highly recommend taking a picture on the approach to the art pavilion KOHTEI, or the “dragon spine bridge”.

Detach yourself from the mundane, touch zen and face your inner self

Through the teachings of Zen one can gain insight into and mend their own ways, from self-control and appreciation for all creation to abolishing or at least minimizing wastefulness.
The busy lives we lead in this day and age rarely offer us a bit of time to stop and reflect upon our ways and this Zen experience offers us the rare opportunity to do exactly that.
As the teachings of Zen spread throughout the world, you too can give this indispensable aspect of Japanese culture a try.

  • Embark on an inner journey through 7 Zen experiences at the Zen and Gardne Museum

    Onomichi Area (Onomichi/Tomonoura)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesRecommended for groupsLone Wolves Welcome!Traveling with the GirlsCan Buy SouvenirsOut of the OrdinaryFine Arts

Miyajima sightseeing in autumn! "Daisho-in Temple "Special private tour limited to one group per day

Daisho-in Temple is the oldest and most prestigious temple on Miyajima Island, a mere 5 minute walk from the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Itsukushima Shrine. It was founded by the legendary monk Kukai and is renowned as one of the top spots for both cherry blossom and maple leaf viewing of the Hiroshima Prefecture.

The special private tours limited to one group per day held here are guided by the resident Buddhist priest and introduce participants to both the history of the temple as well as Mount Misen. The number of participants is limited, from 2 to a maximum of 5 people, offering a rare opportunity to talk directly with a Buddhist priest.

Enjoy an exquisite meal to complement the amazing scenery

There is a special garden on the temple premises, that only people in the know really know about. A private tea room otherwise not accessible to the general public can be rented for your group.

During the maple season all the Japanese maples within the temple turn from green to various shades of red, creating a spectacular autumn scenery perfectly complemented by buddhist cuisine from locally sourced ingredients or an authentic tea ceremony.

The perfect souvenir; temple seal booklet

As a souvenir, you will receive a special booklet for collecting temple seals, made of Japanese paper from a local Hiroshima manufacturer.
This manufacturer boasts not only a 100 year-long history, but their washi paper has been used in the U.S. Academy Awards ceremony, overseas airports, villas of prominent Japanese politicians, stores in GINZA SIX and more.

“Deep Miyajima” - through both hearts and minds

Through this tour you will have a rare opportunity to delve much deeper into the Japanese culture than you would be ale to otherwise. Who knows, perhaps the in-depth experience open new perspectives to you that you have not considered previously. Highly recommended to all who would like to experience something “different”, however families with children are also more than welcome!

  • Experience Miyajima with your heart and mind via "Deep Miyajima"

    Miyajima (Itsukushima Shrine/Mount Misen)

    Recommended for couplesRecommended for groupsSmall GroupTraveling with the GirlsTrip with the GuysOut of the OrdinaryFood RelaxingIncludes Guide

Easily experience the perfect sport for autumn, Japanese traditional archery!

This is the only venue in Hiroshima where you can experience traditional Japanese archery, including actual target practice. Kyudo, the traditional Japanese archery, is not only highly enjoyable, but also easy enough to be available to people from all walks of life. This experience will gently guide you through both the tricky and the un parts of Kyudo. The course is also children-friendly and most of the customers are complete beginners. It is a great opportunity to learn about and try real Japanese bows and all related equipment.

For all age ranges

The experience takes place in a modified archery range, with the distance to the target slightly shorter than a standard Kyudo range. The highly trained and experienced staff will politely guide you through the experience so even complete beginners and children can enjoy it without a worry! Foreign visitors welcome! A great choice for solo travelers but also couples, friends and families. (Participation of children only is also ok)

3 minutes from the Atomic Dome! Completely indoors, also great for a rainy day!

The venue is located a mere 3 minute walk from the famous Atomic Dome. Since the whole experience takes place in an indoor archery range you do not have to worry about the weather at all.

  • Japanese Archery Experience: Special "all-you-can-shoot" Course

    Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesLone Wolves Welcome!Small GroupIndoor Activities

Hidden spots recommended by the locals! Early morning hiking & breakfast

Let’s go for a small hike on Futaba Mountain, located just 10 minutes from Hiroshima city center. This 20 minute long hike will reward you with an amazing view of the Seto Inland Sea area and Miyajima Island in the distance. Enjoy not only the amazing scenery before you, but also a hearty breakfast from locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Stroll through a sacred forest and soak in the fresh morning air

Start a new day in the best way possible. Soak in the fresh morning air as you make your way up the mountain. Enjoy the stunning scenery, especially in the maple season!

Hidden along the way are multiple “power spots” like the torii gates of the local Inari shrine. Let your guide take you to a few of these spots and refresh both your body and mind.

A nice cup of tea after breakfast

It is time for a lovely tea after your breakfast. Outdoor tea ceremonies are called “nouten” in Japanese and our nouten is the highlight of the tour. Nothing beats the taste of real matcha green tea accompanied by a magnificent view. Enjoy a moment of tranquility with a cup of flavorful tea.

The experience is held daily, starting at 7:30. It takes approximately 3.5 hours in total. If you are staying over in Hiroshima why not start one of your days with something really special?

  • Early bird trekking tour with a spectacular sunrise view and delicious breakfast in the heart of Hiroshima

    Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesSmall GroupTraveling with the GirlsTrip with the GuysTo Make MemoriesIn the MountainsOutdoor ActivitiesOut of the OrdinaryAvoid the 3 Cs

Don a kimono and take a nice stroll, or try your hand at traditional crafts

This experience brought to you by Hiroshima Kimono Asobi presents you with an opportunity to immerse yourself into the Japanese culture by wearing a traditional kimono. There are over 200 kimonos to choose from, from antique authentic ones to modern ones. Commemorate your visit by dressing up in something special before you hit the streets of Hiroshima. Of course there is also a wide variety of accessories, footwear and everything else that you need to wear a proper kimono available as well. Hiroshima Kimono Asobi also offers a combination of traditional Japanese and Western clothing that has become more and more popular in recent years.

More than just dressing up! Experience true Japanese culture

This experience is not only about wearing kimonos, but it goes much more in depth and also offers you a chance to try your hand at traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Whether you would like to learn more about the various kimono patterns and styles, or try your hand at making mizuhiki traditional accessories or booklets using real Japanese washi paper, this experience enables you to do so while wearing an authentic kimono.

The staff will also teach you how to properly sit, stand and walk in a kimono, so you can hit the streets without a single worry about whether you are doing it right or not.

Make either mizuhiki accessories or a washi paper notebook

We recommend the mizuhiki accessories course to all who would like to see how traditional arts and crafts meet the modern. Make your own unique accessory combining traditional and modern craftsmanship that goes perfectly with both Japanese and Western style clothes, using the highly praised Iyo-mizuhiki from Ehime.

Create your very own special memory book from authentic kimono fabric and Hiroshima style washi paper to commemorate your trip to Hiroshima. Fill it with precious memories, be it pictures from your travels, temple seals or even diary entries.

Anyone can enjoy regardless of age or sex

There are kimonos available not only for the ladies, but also for gentlemen and even children. Whether you would like to do something special with friends, your loved one, or your family, this experience is available to all kinds of groups. Wheelchair access also available!

  • Hiroshima handcrafting and walking experience in kimono

    Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle)

    Recommended for couplesSmall GroupTraveling with the GirlsTo Make MemoriesFor a Special DateGreat for Indoor TypesIndoor Activities


In this special feature we brought you a selection of experiences to stimulate all your senses this autumn. All of them are quite rare experiences that are bound to enrich you and perhaps even offer you a chance for a bit of introspection. We hope this article has inspired you and offered you something interesting to do during your visit to Hiroshima in autumn.

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