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Seven anime sanctuaries in Hyogo Prefecture! A fashionable and futuristic city that also has a port town

Seven anime sanctuaries in Hyogo Prefecture! A fashionable and futuristic city that also has a port town

2024-05-17 Management office

Hyogo Prefecture has a variety of faces, from Chinatowns with an old-fashioned retro feel to port towns with a fashionable sea shining through.
Kobe is a wonderful city where many people say they would like to live, has many areas with a deep atmosphere, and is blessed with many tourist resources due to its location between the Kansai region and the Chubu region.
Such areas are naturally often the setting for animated films.
We hope you will use this article as a guide to visit the sacred sites of your favorite works.
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"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya "Nishinomiya City

This first one is a very prominent and popular work that has left a brilliant mark on the history of Japanese anime and ranobes.
Although many people may have an impression of a surrealistic floating world due to the appearance of various quirky characters such as time travelers and psychics, Nishinomiya City in Hyogo Prefecture is actually depicted as a sacred place.
"Anime songs such as Hare Hare Yukai "have definitely left their mark on history and are still spoken of today.
Last year, a collaborative night game with the Hanshin Tigers was held in connection with this event, and many people were enthusiastic about it.
There was a sense of limitation in the appearance of Haruhi, Mikuru, Nagato, and other popular characters dressed in Hanshin uniforms.

Although the word "sacred place" can mean various small and large places, such as a momentary appearance in the work, the high school that forms the identity of the work here is Nishinomiya Kita High School.
Since this is a school story, naturally high school will be depicted a lot, and for those who have viewed the work, memorable places are strewn all over the place.
The clock tower at Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station, another nearby station of Nishinomiya Kita High School, was depicted as a meeting place for the Endless Eight and other SOS groups to play.
In general, the places are filled with memories of Haruhi and her friends, and we are sure that fans will find them irresistible.

"information "
Name: Nishinomiya Kita High School
Address: 16-80 Kurakuen Niban-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Access: "Nishinomiya (north of Hanshin-Nishinomiya Station) from "to Hankyu Bus Lines 1 and 2 or Sakura Yamanami
Take a bus, get off at Kashiwado-cho, about 10 minutes.

"Fate/stay night "Akashi City

Following Haruhi, this is another work that tends to have a sci-fi, rather unrealistic image, but surprisingly there are sacred places scattered throughout the real world.
It is a timeless masterpiece that satisfied all the needs of "cool ""and kitchen "in the pioneer days of anime and captivated many two-dimensional fans.

Akashi City and Kobe City, the sacred places of this work, are located in the middle of Hyogo Prefecture and are extremely popular as tourist destinations.
The fact that such places are set in such locations means that it is easy to visit them for sightseeing and travel.
Kitano Ijinkan in particular is a popular date spot and tourist attraction, with recreated rooms of former greats and a Sherlock Holmes experience spot, but this is the location of the somewhat special living environment and home of the characters in the work.
Please visit this stylish place with an exotic atmosphere.

"information "
Name: Kitano Ijinkan
Address: Kitano-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Official website: https://www.kobeijinkan.com
Access: 10 min. walk from Hankyu Kobe Line "Sannomiya "Station, Hanshin Main Line "Kobe Sannomiya "Station, JR Kobe Line "Sannomiya "Station, etc.

"GITS "Kobe Ohashi Bridge

This is a famous anime work whose subcultural popularity has quickly accelerated from its manga origin.
The development of science and science fiction set in the future have captured the hearts and minds of young people, and the collaboration with various social games and merchandising has made it well known.

As I have mentioned many times before, Kobe has long been a key location for the exchange of merchant vessels and interaction with foreigners.
It is a port town, and you can enjoy its fashionable, sky-high sense of freedom as much as you like.
is the setting for this work.
The port city's glittering neon lights and the depiction of the city's advanced futuristic landscape, which is truly a neo-city, are a perfect example of the city's advanced future.
It looks good because of the affinity and the good drawing of the work itself.
The setting is very compatible with the city of Kobe, which has actually collaborated with the city of Kobe. If you are a fan
I would definitely like to visit at least once.

"information "
Name: Kobe Ohashi Bridge
Address: Kobe Ohashi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Access: 1 min. walk from Port Terminal Station (Port Liner)

"Sakamoto, is it? "Naruo

This one has a relatively large female audience, and is a school story in which the smart protagonist, Sakamoto, confronts school problems in a cool, yet somewhat funny manner.
Many women have been captivated by Sakamoto's refined way of being as a man and as a human being, and this is one of the masterpiece anime that has continued to gain a certain number of fans since seven years ago (2016).

Naruo may have a strong image as the home of the Hanshin Tigers "and Naruohama, the home of the Hanshin Tigers ", for those who live in the neighborhood or in the Kansai area, but it is not an area with that many tourist resources.
Although the impression of the city center is undeniably more subdued than the center of Kobe and other cities, Naruo High School, where the work is set, has been reproduced with its distinctive green gate.
The setting is also very elaborate, as if to match the somewhat unusual style of the work, so it is a place that should not be missed at least once.

"information "
Name: Naruo High School (Naruko High School)
Address: 2-1-60 Gakubunden-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number: 0798-47-1324
Access: 13 min. walk from Hanshin Koshien Station on the Hanshin Railway, 10 min. walk from Hanshin Naruo and Mukogawa Joshi Daigaku-mae Stations.

"Grave of the Fireflies "Nishinomiya City

This film, which tells the story of a horrific air raid during the Pacific War, is one of Studio Ghibli's most famous works.
The film is quite sensitive and realistic, and its graphic style is shocking, but at the same time, it confronts us with the reality of war.
It is a thought-provoking story that stirs the heart and makes one want to see it at least once to learn about history as a Japanese person.

The story of the brothers' resilience and cruelty in surviving the war will make you think about "war "anyway.
Air-raid shelters, actual evacuation sites, and places where the two men were exposed to the war have now been reconstructed, but there are some places where stone monuments have actually been placed at some of the locations mentioned in the work.
That is the Mikage Public Hall. This is the background of the scene where the main character walks a long way with Setsuko, who is at her limits, on her back, and there is a stone monument of the two of them.
It may be a good idea to visit the stages of works that have moved people's hearts, and to reflect on the happiness that lies before you for the first time.

"information "
Name: Mikage Kokaido (Mikage Public Hall)
Address: 4-4-1 Mikageishi-machi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Japan
Phone number: 078-841-2281
Access: "Hanshin Electric Railway "
5 minutes walk north from Ishiyagawa Station
10 minutes walk from Mikage Station (Northeast corner of Route 2 and Ishiya River)
"JR Kobe Line "
15 min. walk from Sumiyoshi Station

"Competitive Women !!!!!!!! "Awaji City

It is no exaggeration to say that this work is one of the most bizarre in the history of Japanese animation.
Although it is not that well known, it is an impressive animation that leaves too strong an impact on those who see it.
The crazy setting of a physical battle between women with butts and breasts, and the fact that it is a gamble, is unforgettable once you hear it.
The work is anything but sexy and has delicious scenes, and has become a hot topic among voice actors.

This work, with its bizarre setting of battle gambling based on women, also depicts a tournament set in Hyogo Prefecture, and all sorts of places in Awaji appear in various ways.
Particularly frequent is Sumoto Castle, which appears at the end of the show and is a perfect contrast to the impact of the hustle and bustle of the women on the front.
Awaji is a very popular tourist destination, but there are surprisingly few cases where it has been used as a sacred place for anime, so it would be a good idea to visit the area while sightseeing.

"information "
Name: Sumoto Castle
Residence: 1272-2, Ogatani, Sumoto City
Access: Express bus from JR "Maiko Station "to "Sumoto Bus Center ", about 15 minutes by cab or 40 minutes on foot

"AIR "Kasumi Planetarium

Last but not least is this one, which is a crying game that comes from a PC game.
Although the game is a bishojo game, which gives the impression that it has a strong otaku appeal, it is a masterpiece that should be appreciated for its authentic story that transcends its boundaries and a composition that tugs at the heartstrings, touching people of all walks of life.
Although the work has a somewhat unusual background, being a game-turned-anime, its crying power was still present, and the good parts were delivered in a condensed form.

Hyogo Prefecture, as mentioned above, has a thriving tourist industry with central cities such as Kobe, but the sacred sites for this work are somewhat unique in that they are set in even deeper areas.
The town of Kami on the Sea of Japan side of Hyogo Prefecture is not a prominent tourist destination. The beautiful scenery and unique atmosphere of the town match the work.
As the name suggests, the Kozumi Astronomy Museum is a facility where visitors can learn about the universe, which helps to educate children, and the fact that visitors can experience the mysterious nature of space is very appealing.

"information "
Name: Kazumi Tenmonkan
Residence: 47, Ichi-shi, Kasumi-ku, Kami-machi
Access: JR Kasumi Station, about 8 min. walk from Kami Town Bus "Okami Park "


Thank you for reading this far.
Please enjoy the group of works that absorb the charm of Hyogo Prefecture, from the city center to the countryside, and even make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

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