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Looking for HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassadors!

Looking for HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassadors!

2021-10-12 Management office

We are looking for people from all walks of life to represent and enjoy Hiroshima to its fullest!
Come join our HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassadors and share your love for Hiroshima with many others!
Management office

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Management office

What is HIT

HIT stands for Hiroshima Tourism Association.
The main goal of HIT is to revitalize and support tourism in and around Hiroshima, however to attract even more people we need your help.
That is why we are currently seeking Hiroshima enthusiasts to join the ranks of our HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassadors.

What is an HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador?

We are looking for people who would like to share their love of Hiroshima with others and introduce them to the many charms of this amazing city. Whether cuisine, sights, local people and culture or various activities and experiences, we welcome all ideas. Share with the world what you think is best about Hiroshima!

For example, we are working on

Uncovering new appeals of Hiroshima

→Uncover the yet undiscovered awesome spots of Hiroshima

Promote the many appealing charms of Hiroshima

→Share the many charms of Hiroshima on social media
→Introduce Hiroshima to the world through the pictures that you took

Recruit new friends to help spread the word

→ Find like-minded people with a soft spot for Hiroshima to bolster our ambassador ranks
If you feel like any of the above is something you might be good at and enjoy doing, then you have all it takes to become a HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador!

When it comes to tourism ambassadors,..!

Participate in monitor tours

Our valued ambassadors who uncover and present the countless charms and beauty of Hiroshima to the world are eligible to participate in the newest monitor tours!
Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to participate on the newest tours before their official launch date, or top of the line experiences and activities.
Uncover a new face of Hiroshima and share it with the world! (Please help us make the experiences even better by filling out the post-tour questionnaire. Your feedback is invaluable!)

Promote Hiroshima via social media, reviews and guides.
(Please do not forget the officially designated hashtags)

We might also ask for your cooperation in sharing and retweeting posts on social media, sharing your pictures, or appearing in TV segments and promotional videos.

Eligibility and conditions

Eligibility for application
We welcome people of all walks of life, age ranges, nationalities etc. As long as you really want to share the appeal of Hiroshima with the world we would love to have you.

Application conditions
Please tell us about your number one thing about Hiroshima that you like the most.

No designated period. Please feel free to apply or abdicate from the position any time.

Main activities
・Promoting Hiroshima (social media, guides, reviews)
※Using and promoting the officially designated hashtags
・Participation in monitor tours (voluntary)

After appointment to function
If you so desire we will dispatch an official certificate of appointment as well as your own business cards. (Please note that postage expenses are not covered)
We also operate an official ambassador LINE account where you can get your digital business card and hottest information about upcoming monitor tours and more.

An award will be given at the end of the fiscal year for the efforts of the HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador.


Q: Is it possible to apply even if I do not have a smartphone or am unable to use social media?
A: It is possible to apply, as our ambassadors engage in a range of activities that do not require social media e.g. introducing Hiroshima via printed materials or increasing the ranks of Hiroshima enthusiasts.

Q: Are there any limits to the frequency and content of the promotions?
A: No. However defamation, slander and any content in violation of public order and morals is strictly prohibited.

Q: Is there an application period?
A: No. Please feel free to apply at your leisure.

Q: Are there any allowances or wages?
A: Allowances, wages etc. are not part of the program.

Q: Are there any meetings with mandatory participation?
A: There are no mandatory regular meetings, however there are social meetings and gatherings with voluntary participation held occasionally.

Q: Is the number of applicants limited?
A: No. We are looking forward to applications from many fans of Hiroshima

Join more than 3000 of your fellow ambassadors!

Show the world the Hiroshima that you know and love! Become a part of HIT as our HIT Hiroshima Tourism Ambassador and let’s spread the word about the many charms and appeals of Hiroshima together!

Apply here!

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