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[Miyazaki ]This is the best place to visit Miyazaki! 7 recommended sightseeing spots

[Miyazaki ]This is the best place to visit Miyazaki! 7 recommended sightseeing spots

2022-01-18 Management office

With colorful flowers decorating the streets, palm trees, subtropical plants, and ocean views, Miyazaki Prefecture makes you feel as if you are in a tropical country even though you are in Japan. The prefecture offers a variety of tourist attractions, from exotic spots to power spots that are the setting for myths, to popular spots that are popular for their beauty. We will introduce seven of the best sightseeing spots in Miyazaki, one of the most popular resort areas in Japan.
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Florentine Miyazaki

A vast lawn area with greenery and colorful seasonal flowers can be enjoyed all year round. "Florante Miyazaki "is one of the most popular tourist spots in Miyazaki City. The park has palm trees and flower gardens that create a tropical atmosphere, making it a facility where people of all ages can enjoy flowers and nature. There is also a picnic garden for families and an area where children can play freely, so the whole family can be happy together.

The best reference for your garden design! Gardening Sample Garden

"Florenté Miyazaki "has a flower-making sample garden where visitors can admire garden samples of the cityscape with four different themes of houses. It is fun just to look at the flower arrangements that match the different styles of gardens, terraces, and entrances, and it will be a good reference for your garden design. Also, don't miss the rock garden planted with coniferous conifers unique to Miyazaki.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Florentte Miyazaki
Address: 414-16 Hamayama, Yamazaki-cho, Miyazaki-shi, 〒880-0836
Phone number: 0985-23-1510
Opening hours:9:00~17:00
Please check the official website for the latest information.
Closed: Every Tuesday
Admission fee:Adults 310yen / Elementary and junior high school students 150yen / No fee for children who are not enrolled in school
No Smoking, No Eating: Total Smoking Ban
Space & Facilities: Healing garden with blue lawn and vivid flowers
URL: https://www.florante.or.jp/

Phoenix Nature Zoo

Located in Miyazaki City, "Phoenix Nature Zoo "is Japan's first ecological zoo, standing on a hillside on the Ichiba coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is home to 1,200 animals of about 100 species, and visitors can learn about the ecology of various animals and get up close and personal with them. It is a zoo where visitors can not only see but also feel through interacting with the animals, and is a recommended sightseeing spot for children and adults alike.

The various shows that bring the ecology of the animals to life are noteworthy!

The "Flying Flamingo Show ", featuring a total of 70 flamingos, has been a popular show since the park opened and is one of the main attractions. The spectacular flamingos flapping their wings in front of the audience is unintentionally exciting. Also of note is the elephant's walk of about 100 meters. The sight of the elephants up close is very powerful, and after the walk, you can take a commemorative photo with the elephants. You will be hooked by the charm of the animals that can be felt only at such a close distance.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Phoenix Zoo
Address: 3083-42 Aza-hama, Oaza-Shiro, Miyazaki City, 〒880-0122
Phone number: 0985-39-1306
Opening hours:9:00~17:00
Please check the official website for the latest information.
Closed: Wednesdays (open during spring, summer and winter vacations)
Admission fee: Adult (college student or above) 840yen / Junior high school student 420yen / Elementary school student 310yen / No admission fee for children not yet enrolled in school
No smoking and smoking: No smoking in the entire building
Space and Facilities: Japan's first ecological zoo
URL: http://www.miyazaki-city-zoo.jp/

Aoshima Shrine

Floating off the Aoshima coast in the southern part of Miyazaki City, "Aoshima Shrine "is one of the best tourist spots in the Nichinan coastal area. The shrine grounds are surrounded by lush subtropical plants and billow trees, creating a tropical atmosphere. The shrine is the setting of the myth "Umisachi Yamasachi "and enshrines Hiko Hohodeminomikoto and Toyotamahienomikoto, a couple enshrined at the center of the shrine. The shrine is popular among couples and women because it is believed to bring good luck in marriage, and lovers who visit the shrine together are said to strengthen their bond and one-sided love will be fulfilled.

Demon's washboard surrounding the entire island

Also, "Aoshima Shrine "is not to be missed as a social networking spot because of its outstanding location overlooking the Sea of Hyuga and its vermilion torii gate. On the way to the shrine, "Oni no Wasanita (Demon's Washboard) "is an island surrounded by corrugated rocks that have been eroded by waves and seawater over a long period of time, and appear above the water surface as sandstone and mudstone fold and rise. At low tide, it is possible to walk on the rocks, so it is fun to stroll around. The plants that grow on Aoshima, along with the rocks, have been designated a national natural treasure, so be sure to check them out.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Aoshima Shrine
Address: 2-13-1 Aoshima, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki 889-2162
Phone number: 0985-65-1262
Opening hours: 5:30 - sunset (6:00 - from November to February)
Please check the official website for the latest information.
Regular day off: No day off
No Smoking, No Eating: No smoking in front
Spaces and Facilities: Shrine of good fortune for matchmaking and safe childbirth and safe voyage in the setting of the myth "Umisachi Yamasachi "
URL: https://aoshima-jinja.jp/

Sun Messe Nichinan

The two national roads stretching from the southern part of Miyazaki City to Cape Toimisaki are called "Phoenix Road "and are one of the most popular driving courses in Miyazaki. The contrast between the palm trees and lush green mountains and the blue ocean stretching out before your eyes is spectacular, and shrines and power spots are scattered along the road. "Sun Messe Nichinan "is another popular tourist spot. Sun Messe Nichinan is another popular tourist spot, a vast park with a tropical atmosphere that is gaining popularity as a healing power spot.

Touch the moai statues for good luck!

"The seven moai statues that serve as the symbol of Sun Messe Nichinan "are the only statues in the world that have been fully restored with official permission from the Easter Island Presbytery. Each of the seven statues is said to bring good luck, so be sure to touch them all for good luck. You can also take a picture with the colorful "statue of Voisin ", which means "to see "in French, or swing on the swing on the small hill toward the sky and the sea, and enjoy the park using all five senses.
"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Sun Messe Nichinan
Address: 〒887-0101 Nihonan City, 2650 Oaza-gongpo
Phone number: 0987-29-1900
Hours of operation: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please check the official website for the latest information.
Closed: Every Wednesday
Budget: Adults 800 yen / Junior high and high school students 500 yen / Children 4 and older 350 yen
No smoking and smoking: No smoking in the entire building
Space and Facilities: One of Nichinan's most popular parks with moai statues approved by the Easter Island Elders' Association
URL: http://www.sun-messe.co.jp/

Uto Shrine (Shinto shrine)

Not far from Sun Messe, "Udo Shrine "is located in a cave facing the Sea of Hyuga. It is one of the few shrines in Japan where visitors descend a flight of stairs to worship. The blue sea and craggy reefs below offer a spectacular view, and the bright vermilion tower gate stands out against the blue sky. Many blessings can be expected from the shrine, which is reached via a steep staircase overlooking the sea. It is said that Toyotamahime-no-mikoto gave birth at the shrine, and many people visit to pray for match-making, childbirth, and safe delivery.

Try your luck by throwing a luck ball!

It is said that if you throw a ball of luck from in front of the main shrine toward the sacred turtle stone and it enters the square shape of the rock, your wish will come true. Chant your wish in your heart and throw the luck ball with your left hand for men and vigorously for women. The best time to visit is first thing in the morning when there are few people around.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Udo Jingu Shrine
Address: 3232, Oaza-miyaura, Nichinan City
Phone number: 0987-29-1001
Opening hours:6:00~18:00
Please check the official website for the latest information.
Regular day off: No day off
No Smoking, No Eating: Total Smoking Ban
Space and Facilities: A rare shrine in Japan with a vermilion-lacquered main shrine inside a cave
URL: http://www.udojingu.com/

Takachiho Gorge

The columnar joints and deep V-shaped canyon stretching for about 7 kilometers are mysterious "Takachiho Gorge ". Designated as a national scenic beauty and natural monument, it is a spiritual sightseeing spot that must be visited at least once. The scenery of the Gokase River and the columnar joints created by the rapid cooling and erosion of the pyroclastic flow of Aso flowing into the river is magnificent and full of negative ions, which will surely recharge your body and mind!

Take a close-up look at Manai Falls, which has a maximum drop of 17 meters!

"The biggest attraction of Takachiho Gorge "is Manai Falls ", which has a maximum drop of 17 meters and is named one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. " It is said that if you are hit by the falling water, it will purify your mind. Why not rent a boat and feel the power of the waterfall up close and feel the mysterious air on your skin?

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Takachiho Gorge (Takachiho Kyokashiki Boat)
Address: 〒822-1101 Oaza Mitaei, Takachiho-cho, Nishi-Ushikaga-gun
Phone number: 0982-73-1213 (Takachiho Tourist Association)
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please check the official website for the latest information.
Closed: When rivers are flooded and during safety inspections
Fees: Please check the official website.
No Smoking, No Eating: Total Smoking Ban
Space and Facilities: Mysterious canyon with 7 km-long cliffs designated as a national scenic beauty and natural monument
URL: https://takachiho-kanko.info/sightseeing/taka_boat.php

Takachiho Shrine

If you visit Takachiho Gorge, we recommend that you also visit "Takachiho Shrine ". Takachiho Shrine was built about 1,800 years ago and enshrines the deity involved in the descent of the grandchildren. The beautifully carved main shrine and the iron guardian dogs, which are said to have been donated by Minamoto no Yoritomo, are designated as national important cultural properties.

Two married couple cedars with connected roots greet visitors on the left side of the shrine pavilion. It is said that holding hands with the person you love will bring safety to your family and prosperity to your descendants, while praying alone will be effective. As the head shrine of 88 shrines, it is believed to offer a wide range of benefits, such as marriage, protection from bad luck, and marital bliss. The nightly kagura performances that have been held in Takachiho since ancient times are said to have originated from the dance performed by Amaterasu no Mikoto in front of Amaterasu no Mikami when he hid behind Iwato (the cave of the sun). It might be interesting to immerse yourself in the world of mythological drama for a while.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Takachiho Shrine
Address: 1037 Mitaei, Oaza, Takachiho-cho, Nishi-Ushikaga-gun, 822-1101
Phone number: 0982-72-2413
Time:Freedom to visit
Please check the official website for the latest information.
No Smoking, No Eating: Total Smoking Ban
Space and Facilities: Ancient shrine surrounded by cedar groves dedicated to a deity related to the descent of the Goddess of the Sun.
URL: https://www.town-takachiho.jp/top/kanko_bunka/kanko_supotto/812.html


In this issue, we have introduced seven popular tourist spots that we recommend when visiting Japan's tropical prefecture of Miyazaki. Enjoy a drive along the coastline where you can feel the tropical breeze, take pictures at the most talked-about spots, or recharge your batteries by visiting power spots where legends come to life.

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