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[Hiroshima ]is sure to be a great place to watch the game! 4 sports-watching bars and izakaya (Japanese style pubs)

[Hiroshima ]is sure to be a great place to watch the game! 4 sports-watching bars and izakaya (Japanese style pubs)

2022-03-29 Management office

Hiroshima is home to many top sports teams, including the citizens' baseball team "the Hiroshima Toyo Carp "and the J1 soccer team "Sanfrecce Hiroshima ". Some of you may have had the experience of getting along with the person sitting next to you at a pub or bar by talking about sports. In this issue, we will introduce four popular sports bars and izakayas in Hiroshima Prefecture, where interest in sports is high.
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The 50/50 Club Sports Bar & Restaurant

One of the largest sports bars in Hiroshima

"The 50/50 Club Sports Bar & Restaurant "is one of the largest sports bars in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is a very popular sports bar with a great selection of food and drinks. You can enjoy everything from the Olympic season, WBC, international soccer, professional baseball, as well as rugby, basketball, tennis, and more.
 The spacious one-floor restaurant has a very large 150-inch screen and six TV monitors. The restaurant is a great place for live viewing every day.

If you come to the store on the day of the game wearing your uniform, you may be pleasantly surprised by the service. The restaurant is open until 2:00 on weekdays and until 4:00 on Fridays and Saturdays, so there is no problem to get excited even if there is a time difference, such as for overseas soccer games. Since it is open until late at night, it is also suitable for after-parties and tertiary parties.

Seating is available for groups, including tables and sofas, and there is also counter seating, so you can relax and watch the game by yourself. There is also a full lineup of darts, air field hockey, and TV games for you to enjoy with your friends. This restaurant can also be rented out, so if you are looking for a place, you can ask about it.

Full menu

"The 50/50 Club Sports Bar & Restaurant "is more than just a sports bar! They have a very extensive food menu and drinks.

We especially recommend the Japanese beef hamburger. There is nothing like a hamburger to bite into while watching a hot game! The juicy patty will fill you up.

We also recommend the course menu, which features a total of 11 dishes, including salad, roast beef, steak, and pizza. You can also enjoy fried chicken from Hiroshima Prefecture and fried oysters. The course also includes dessert at the end of the course and is a very good value at 5,500 yen with 3 hours of all-you-can-drink.
 Special courses are also available during big games, such as national soccer games. You can enjoy all-you-can-drink from 30 minutes before the game starts until the end of the game without last orders. The price is 2,500 yen for men and 2,000 yen for women.

[Store Locations
店名:The 50/50 Club Sports Bar & Restaurant
Address: Ishikawa Bldg. 2F, 7-2 Nagarekawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Access: 7 minute walk from Hu-machi stop on Nagaregawa-dori toward Heiwa-dori. "Billy the Kid "diagonally across from "Maneki Neko "2nd floor of the Ishikawa Bldg. opposite.
Phone number: 050-5282-7423
Business hours: Monday - Thursday, Sunday, Holidays: 17:30 - 2:00 (Food L.O.: 1:00, Drink L.O.: 1:30)
Friday, Saturday, the day before a holiday: 17:30 - 4:00 (Food L.O.: 3:00, Drink L.O.: 3:30)
Average budget: 1000 yen - 3000 yen
Website of the store : http://the5050club.jp/
Tobacco: Smoking is permitted in all seats.
Seats: 84
Private rooms: None
Loan cut: loan cut available 30~ (weekdays are 20~possible)
Wi-Fi: Available

Carp Bird

Carp fans' favorite izakaya

This izakaya is very popular among Carp fans, with 14 locations in the prefecture and one in Hawaii. On game days, you can watch the live broadcast from any seat, and the time spent watching the game while enjoying delicious yakitori and beer is bliss.
There is counter seating as well as table seating. There are also many single people here, so you don't have to worry. You will naturally become friends with your neighbors as you watch the games.
Each seat is assigned a player's name, and there will be a surprise for those seated at the player who hit a home run during the actual event.

Lots of valuable goods!

The store is decorated with many valuable goods such as players' autographs, old uniforms, and posters only available at the stadium. This is evidence of the connection between the players, alumni, and deep-rooted Carp fans from long ago. Looking at the nostalgic goods, you will be filled with memories related to the Carp.

Menus named after players

The yakitori menu is named after players! The players are named before the season starts, taking into account their characteristics and what to expect this year. The drink menu also has words used in baseball such as slider and fork, making it fun at the time of ordering.

Watching the game while eating yakitori

We still recommend the yakitori. The chicken is softly grilled over charcoal in Akitakada City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The tender meat is juicy and full of flavor. It is perfectly matched with our secret sauce, making it a perfect accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

Hiroshima specialties such as Hiroshima tsukemen noodles and small sardine tempura are also available, making it a great place to go with friends from outside the prefecture.
Each restaurant has a different menu, so it is worthwhile to visit all of them.

[Store Locations
Name: Carp Bird Main Store
Address: 1F Tahara Building, 8-15 Yagenbori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Access: 5 min. walk from Ginzan-cho stop on Hiroshima Electric Railway
Phone number: 082-249-8989
Hours: Monday-Saturday 17:00-2:00, Sunday 17:00-23:00
Average budget: 3,000-4,000 yen
Website of the store : http://www.carpdori.com/
Tobacco: Smoking is permitted in all seats.
Room: Yes (6 to 8 available)
Loan Cut: No

BAR BBB where baseball lovers gather

Welcome fans of any team!

When you hear that there is a baseball bar in Hiroshima, you might be worried that only Carp fans are allowed. However, "BAR BBB ", where baseball lovers gather, is not like that!
 The manager is a woman, she is from Hiroshima but a Giants fan! Her personality and the commonality of baseball connect people who visit here.

cozy atmosphere

You can make friends from all walks of life, regardless of the baseball team. Even though it is Hiroshima, you can have a good time talking about something other than the Carp, and you may even find someone from your hometown. Also, of course, the store is open even during the off-season, so you can talk about baseball all year round. Baseball lovers will want to go there every day. Please check the store's website to see if they are open to spectators on game days, or for events on other days.
 In the store, you will find autographs, old uniforms, and many precious j goods that are only available at the ballpark. You may have a good time talking about old times.
 The clientele ranges from young to old, and many people come here alone for a drink, so it's a great place to stop by for a quick drink. There are also many novice baseball fans, so don't worry if you "like baseball but honestly don't know much about it ". You can learn from the regulars and the manager, and after a few times of visiting, you will naturally gain knowledge.

It is also an attractive place to eat and drink freely!

"BAR BBB ", where baseball lovers gather, has a table charge of 400 yen, and single drinks cost around 800 yen. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available, so although it is a BAR, those who do not drink alcohol can enjoy themselves without concern. There is no food menu, so you can bring your own food. There are no fees or restrictions for bringing your own food, so you can take it out at a nearby restaurant, or use it for after-parties and tertiary parties.

[Store Locations
店名:BBB (Baseball Baka Bar)
Address: 4F Daini Echo Building, 5-10 Ginzan-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
Phone number: 082-542-3282
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 20:00-2:00
Average budget: 3,000-4,000 yen
Website of the store : https://peraichi.com/landing_pages/view/baseballbakabar/
Tobacco: Smoking is permitted in all seats.
Room: None

Kure Menya Carp Road Branch

Stop by on game day! The store is located on Carp Road!

This tsukemen restaurant is located on the road from Hiroshima Station to Mazda Stadium. Because it is located so close to the stadium, it is especially crowded with baseball fans on game days. It is open long hours, making it a convenient place to have lunch before a game or as an izakaya (Japanese-style pub) after the game.

Lots of Carp goods in the store

Due to its location near the Mazda Stadium, the store is decorated with many Carp uniforms and autographs. Stopping by before a game is a very uplifting experience. There is even a uniform worn by Carp legend Kuroda during his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Of course, the TV in the store broadcasts Carp games, and when the game heats up, the crowd goes wild. On days when the Carp wins, "free drink coupons "are given out to those who visit the restaurant before closing, so celebrating after watching the game is a fun way to enjoy the game.

Kure City Local Gourmet

"At Kure Menya Carp Road Branch ", you can try "Kure Cold Noodles ", a specialty of Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Some of you may have never heard of Kure Cold Noodles before, but it is one of the soul foods of Hiroshima Prefecture.
 Kure Cold Noodle is a light soup topped with shrimp, egg, and wontons, and served with vinegar. The flat noodles are firm and chewy. It is one of Hiroshima's specialties and a must-try for visitors from other prefectures.

The restaurant also offers a full menu of other food items. Only one of the six gyoza (six-piece set), a staple of the izakaya menu, is red. The red dumplings are playfully positioned according to the Carp's position in the standings that day.
 At lunchtime, the restaurant offers a special set of Kure cold noodles and fried rice, and at night it has a full menu of izakaya classics such as braised beef tendon and chicken skin, so no matter when you visit, you can satisfy both your stomach and your mind.

[Store Locations
Name: Kure Mengya Carp Road Branch
Address: 2-14 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Access: 3 min. walk from Hiroshima Station
Phone number: 082-542-3282
Business hours: Weekdays 11:30 - 3:00 (LO 2:00)
Sunday & Holidays 11:30 - 2:00 (LO 1:00)
Average budget: 1,000 yen for lunch, 3,000 yen for dinner
Seats: 30 (14 at counter, 16 at tables)
Tobacco: Smoking is permitted in all seats (*No smoking during lunch time)
Room: None


We have introduced four bars and izakayas where you can watch baseball and soccer games in Hiroshima. Since there is a common topic of conversation, sports, you can easily get to know the staff and the people sitting next to you. Especially in Hiroshima, many of the restaurants display signed uniforms of Carp players and limited-edition goods, which is especially nice for Carp fans. The restaurants introduced here can be a great place to enjoy yourself alone or in a group, so please give them a try.

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