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Seven recommended car rental agencies in Kyoto! Introducing a wide range of car rental stores from major companies to local stores

Seven recommended car rental agencies in Kyoto! Introducing a wide range of car rental stores from major companies to local stores

2023-05-24 Management office

Rental cars are useful in a variety of situations, from travel to work to moving.
Fewer people own cars these days, and with that, the number of people renting cars is increasing.

So, "we recommend 7 car rental agencies "in Kyoto.

We have compiled a wide range of rental car services, from the major car rental services that everyone knows to the local car rental stores that are firmly rooted in Kyoto.

Each has different strengths in terms of rates, services, and variety of car models, so please compare them one by one.

(The budgets listed are estimates. Please note that they may vary depending on the type of vehicle and time of use.)
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Management office

JR Station Rent-a-Car Kyoto Office

"Station Rent-a-Car "is a car rental store with 250 locations nationwide. All stores are located next to train stations, so you can rent a car as soon as you arrive at the station.

In particular, the Kyoto office is located on the first floor of Kyoto Station in an easy-to-understand location, so there is no need to worry about getting lost.

Two plans to choose from

In addition to the rental car-only "Eki-Ren Plan ", there is also the "Rail & Rental Car Kippu "plan that includes a discount on JR fares.
The Rail & Car Rental Ticket Plan offers discounts on JR tickets and express fares for all passengers if the conditions are met.

This is a great deal if you are traveling from far away, taking the train to Kyoto and renting a car in Kyoto.

Free drop-off and pick-up within Kansai area

Free ride from Kyoto Station to Osaka/Shin-Osaka, Itami, Nara, etc.
Reviews of Eki-Rent-A-Car Kyoto offices indicate that they have a good reputation for customer service.
I have seen many people say that they are polite and efficient, so I can use them with peace of mind.

"Store Information "
Store name:JR Station Rent-a-Car Kyoto Branch
Address: 940 Higashishioji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
Phone number: 075-371-3020
Business hours: 8:00~20:00
Other: close to station, courteous customer service
URL: https://www.ekiren.co.jp/

Nissan Rent-A-Car Kyoto Shinkansen Ekimae

Nissan Rent-A-Car is a car rental company operated by Nissan, a major automobile manufacturer. The company has outlets throughout Japan and handles a wide range of Nissan automobiles.

Right outside the Shinkansen ticket gate of Kyoto Station

The Kyoto Shinkansen Ekimae branch is a five-minute walk along the Shinkansen tracks from the Hachijo exit of JR Kyoto Station.

If you are going to Kyoto by Shinkansen, it is very convenient to rent a car at this store.

Nissan Rent-A-Car has a wide variety of car models.

You can rent a compact type ideal for traveling with a small group, or a luxurious luxury car, truck, or bus.

full service

Car navigation system and ETC on-board unit are standard equipment. Many other options such as studless tires, ropes, and dollies are also available, making it a very complete package.

In addition, a self check-in service has recently been introduced. This service allows customers to complete procedures such as explanatory items, driver's license confirmation, and payment in advance using a terminal such as a smartphone, which used to be done at car rental stores.

Doing this makes the process very smooth, as you can rent a car right away on the day you rent it, regardless of how crowded the store is.

It is also possible to use the service for drop-off and pick-up. Fees vary depending on the type of car and the area, but for example, for light cars and compact/standard cars, up to 20 km is free of charge.

The company has a membership program called 23 Bonus Club, which offers a 5~30% discount on the basic rental car fee and points based on the amount spent.
This is a very economical system, so please consider this when you use Nissan Rent-A-Car.

"Store Information "
Store Name:Nissan Rent-A-Car Kyoto Shinkansen Ekimae
Address: 41-4 Nishi-Kujo Kitanouchi-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-661-4123
Business hours: 8:00~22:00
I have to calculate:¥6,000~
Other: Close to station, full service
URL: https://nissan-rentacar.com/?uidoi=62cb6c9d2df74

Nippon Rent-A-Car Shinkansen Kyoto Station Office

Nippon Rent-A-Car is a large scale car rental store with many offices throughout Japan.
The high level of attention to safety and security is a characteristic of the company, and each vehicle is carefully cleaned and meticulously inspected.

Approx. 2 min. walk from Kyoto Station

This sales office is located about a 2-minute walk from Kyoto Station, and there are many hotels and other facilities in the area.
If you are traveling around Kyoto Station, you may want to stay at a hotel nearby and rent a car here if you are going far from the station.

You can earn points by using rental cars, and you can choose which points you want to earn.
You can choose from ANA miles, d-points, Rakuten points, and T-points.

Full range of discount plans

Various plans are available, including early-bird plans, weekday/holiday plans, and 3-hour rental plans. We are glad that you can choose the one that best suits your usage scenario.

There is also an original Nippon Rent-A-Car app, and there are special plans available only for the app, so please be sure to check it out.

"Store Information "
Store name: Nippon Rent-A-Car Shinkansen Kyoto Ekimae Branch
Address: 64 Muro-machi, Higashi Kujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-681-0311
Business hours: 8:00~18:00
Other: Close to train station, full range of discount plans
URL: https://www.nipponrentacar.co.jp/

Times Car Kyoto Ekimae Branch

Times Car Rental is the car rental business of "Times ", a well-known parking company.
It is located on the second basement floor of Kyoto Yodobashi Camera, a five-minute walk north of Kyoto Station. It is a very convenient location directly connected to the station.

Times Car Rental offers a number of very convenient services that put the user first.

For example "Pit Go ".
By registering your driver's license, this service allows you to skip the necessary procedures when departing and returning a rental car.

In addition, there is a service called "Pitt Go Delivery "that utilizes Pitt Go.
This service delivers rental cars to the parking lot of your choice (Pitto Go Station), allowing you to depart and return the car easily, just like car sharing.

"You may not be familiar with the name Times Car Rental ".

However, the company originally operated its car rental business under the name Mazda Car Rental and changed its name to the current Times Car Rental in 2013.

Therefore, we actually have a lot of experience in the car rental business, and we are confident that we can provide a safe and reliable service.

Cooperation with other businesses

In addition to its car rental business, the company also features rental parking "Times "and car-sharing services.

And Times Car Rental offers a number of services in partnership with these businesses, making its car rental service uniquely user-friendly.

"Store Information "
Store name:Times Car Kyoto Ekimae
Address: Kyoto Yodobashi Camera B2F, 590-2 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shichijo-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-353-1313
Business hours: 8:00~20:00
Others: Directly connected to the station, various services
URL: https://rental.timescar.jp/

Kyoto Car Rental & Camping Equipment Roujiya

"Kyoto Car & Camping Equipment Rental Roujiya "is a car rental store located near Nijo Station.

There are many sightseeing spots nearby, including Nijo Castle, making it a good starting point for sightseeing in Kyoto.

Vehicle type for rent

Only Nissan Serena 2000cc (equipped with ETC) is available for rent.
The car selection is limited because we are not a major corporate car rental company, but this means that there is no need to hesitate, so we recommend this service for those who are looking for anything as long as they can ride in the car.

Outdoor equipment rental available.

This restaurant also rents out outdoor equipment.
Sleeping bags, tarps, and barbecue stoves are available for a fee, but picnic tables and cassette stoves can be rented for free.

There are also 100-yen stores and home centers within walking distance, so if you are short of cooking utensils or other items, you can procure them locally.

This is perfect for those who want to enjoy the outdoors while also doing the standard Kyoto sightseeing such as visiting temples and shrines.


Rates vary depending on the number of rental days. Please refer to the following

1 day 8000yen
2 days 7000yen
After the 3rd day: 6000 yen
7 days 35000yen
14 days 60,000yen
80000 yen for 21 days
30 days 100,000 yen

Option: Vehicle insurance 1800 yen/day

"Store Information "
Store Name:Kyoto Car Rental & Camping Equipment Roujiya
Address: 14-14 Nagamoto-cho, Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-432-8494
Business hours: 8:00~11:00, 16:00~21:00
I have to calculate:¥8,000~
Other: Outdoor equipment rental available
URL: http://car.kyotobase.com/

Best Rent-A-Car

Best Rent-A-Car is a cheap car rental company.
It is a local car rental company rooted in Kyoto, with its head office in Jujo, a little far from the center of the city, but with agencies in major areas such as Shijo-Karasuma and Imadegawa.

The price is surprisingly low at 3,800 yen per night for two days and 1,680 yen per day for monthly plans.
The secret is that they rent out used cars.

Best Rent-A-Car has its own maintenance shop, which has been in operation since 1964, and rents out used cars that have been inspected and maintained there.

Even though it is a used car, it is safe for use and is reputed to be clean and well cared for.

From Day Plan to Monthly Plan

Originally, monthly & weekly plans were the basic type, but recently the number of plans that can be rented by the day has been increasing.

We also offer a delivery and pick-up service for Kyoto City to a location of your choice. We may be able to provide this service in other areas as well, so please feel free to contact us first.

"Store Information "
Store Name : Best Rent-A-Car
Address: 21, Kami-toba-kitano-nakanotsubo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-691-1888
Business hours: 9:00~19:00
Budget: ¥3,800~.
Other: Low cost, choice of plans
URL: https://bestrentacar.jp/https://bestrentacar.jp/

Nico Nico Rent-A-Car Kyoto Fushimi Momoyama

Nico Nico Rent-A-Car is a car rental service with attractive low prices.
This store has been selected as one of the Nico Nico Rent-A-Car's "Customer Target Award-winning stores "for two consecutive years.

There are many famous sightseeing spots nearby, including Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine.

The Secret of Low Prices

"When you hear the word "cheap" ", you might think that there might be a problem somewhere. However, if you know the secret of Nico Nico Rent-A-Car's low price, you will not have to worry about that.

Many Nico Nico Rent-A-Car locations are operated by businesses related to cars, such as gas stations and vehicle maintenance shops.

This means that the price can be lower because there is no money spent on equipment and personnel needed for the store, parking lot, staff, and vehicle maintenance.

As an automobile-related business, our vehicle maintenance skills and facilities are of a high standard, so you can use our services with peace of mind.

Eco-friendly car rental

Many long-mileage or older vehicles are scrapped because they are not popular, even if they are not unsafe.
Nico Nico Rent-a-Car maintains and repairs these vehicles before renting them out, thereby reducing environmental impact and lowering prices even further.

Nico Nico Rent-A-Car employs a unique questionnaire system for customers after use.
For example, if a renter has a complaint, such as that the air conditioner was not working properly, it can be noticed immediately through a survey and maintained.

Those who cooperate with the survey will be entered into a drawing for prizes such as dishwashers and clothes dryers, so the response rate is very high.
Please take this survey when you use Nico Nico Rent-A-Car.

"Store Information "
Store name:Niko Niko Rent-A-Car Kyoto Fushimi Momoyama
Address: 50, Momoyama Nagaoka Koshinakakitamachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-621-3423
Business hours: 8:00~20:00
Others: Low price, famous sightseeing spots nearby
URL: https: //www.2525r.com/


We have "seven recommended car rental agencies "in Kyoto.
We hope you have found that each car rental company has different features.
The emphasis will vary depending on whether the driver is a beginner or a student, and whether the rental period is long or short.
Many stores operated by automobile manufacturers offer a wide variety of car models, and it is nice to be able to choose the best ride and look.
Find the rental car company that is right for you and enjoy a safe and secure drive.

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