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[Ishikawa ]Recommended for niche women's travel! ~Wajima~.

[Ishikawa ]Recommended for niche women's travel! ~Wajima~.


Kanazawa, which is immensely popular in all four seasons, is located in "Ishikawa Prefecture ". Did you know that there are actually places in Ishikawa Prefecture where you can feel the great outdoors and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Beyond the Noto Peninsula, there are many spots where you can see spectacular views of nature and feel the tenderness of nature and the countryside. In this article, we will introduce some recommendations for a road trip, focusing not only on the Wajima morning market and Wajima lacquerware, but also on Wakura, which is just a short drive away.
Because it is a lesser-known tourist destination, we invite you to enjoy a refreshing trip that is a little niche and full of satisfaction.

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Senrihama Nagisa Driveway

If you rent a car in Kanazawa and head to Wajima, be sure to stop by "Senrihama Nagisa Driveway ". It has been featured frequently on SNS in recent years and is attracting a lot of attention as a driving and touring spot.

An exhilarating driveway along a sandy beach.

The attraction of Nagisa Driveway is that you can drive right beside the ocean.

Driving near the sea can be experienced in various places throughout Japan, but there are few places where you can drive fast on a sandy beach.

Regular cars, as well as tourist buses and motorcycles, can drive on the sandy beach.

As soon as you get out of the car, you are at the ocean.
You can fully enjoy a scene from a movie or the feeling of being on a resort trip.

What's the secret to driving on a sandy beach?

The difference from other beaches is the size of the grains of sand spread over the beach.

It is said that each grain of sand at Senrihama Beach is approximately 0.2 mm, and that fine sand of the same size contains seawater and becomes hard and tight, making it possible to drive on normal tires.

On Senrihama beach, there are areas where the sand has dried and turned white.
At first glance, the dry areas look easier to drive on, but in the white areas, the ground is bumpy and driving on it can cause the tires to get stuck.

Also, driving into and stopping at the edge of the surf can also cause tires to get stuck, so be sure to watch the sand and waves carefully as you drive.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Chrihama Nagisa Driveway
Address: Senrihama-cho, Hakui-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture to Imahama, Hodatsushimizu-cho, Ishikawa Prefecture
Access by car: Hokuriku Expressway Kanazawa Morimoto IC→Mountain side ring road (Noto/Nanao direction)→Shirao IC→Noriyama Kaido→get off at Imahama IC or Noriyama Kaido Senrihama IC

Roadside station where local specialties are gathered.

Roadside Station, located right next to Nagisa Driveway, "Roadside Station, Nodo no Senrihama ".

There are souvenir shops, restaurants, and bakeries where you can enjoy local specialties, "Margar Gelato from Noto ", and "Radish Foot Bath "with free-flowing spring water to relieve driving fatigue.

This Nagisa Driveway has been ranked #1 in beach rankings by the world's largest travel review site "TripAdvisor ".

It was ranked second in 2020 and remains an ever-popular and famous tourist destination for its installations.
Why not visit?

"Facility Information "
Facility Name:Michi-no-Eki To-no-Senrihama
Address: T1-62, Senrihama-cho, Hakui, Ishikawa, 925-0054, Japan
Phone number: 0767-22-3891
Access: By car, approx. 40 min. from Kanazawa Station Notoriyama-Kaido "Exit at Senrihama IC "
URL: https://noto-chirihama.com/

massive rock

Senjyojiki Iwa, where a wide, flat, eroded shoreline can be seen as if it were covered with tatami mats.
If you walk carefully, you can easily reach the edge of the surf and see the sunset on the horizon.

Coastline with beautiful sunset

You can enjoy the view of the Sea of Japan just by standing on the rocks, and if you stand and photograph with the Sea of Japan in the background at sunset time, you can take a mysterious photo with only a silhouette in the backlight.
Try taking photos that look like a scene from a movie and look great on social networking sites.

At Senjyojiki Iwa, there is a rocky area where there is a pool of seawater and where you can play on the rocky shore.
If you look carefully in the clean, clear water, you can even see fish and other creatures.

Enjoy playing in the water as if you were a child again.

Lots to see and do nearby.

The official name of the happy Ganmon Bridge is said to be "Ganmon Park Parkway Bridge ", which floats skyward over the cliffs of Ganmon.

The bridge is 40 meters long, and the view of the ocean from the top is highly recommended.

There are also various other scenic spots in the surrounding area, such as Fudo Falls, Ganmon Cave, and a park with a view.

This 29-kilometer stretch of the Shiga-cho coastline is called "Noto Kongo "and is one of Ishikawa's most scenic spots.

In particular, the Gate of Genmon is a natural cave formed by stone slabs chipped away by rough seas over a long period of time.

"The gate "is located almost in the center of the area, with "Fukuura Port "at the southern end and "Yoshitsune's boat hidden "at the northern end "Yase's Cliff ", known for the climactic scene in Focus on Zero.

The hole created by the erosion of the strict gate is so large that one can even see the horizon from inside the cave.

You can also board a cruise ship that will take you out to sea to explore the vicinity.
Different from the view from the seashore, enjoy the spectacular scenery on a 20-minute boat ride while bathing in the sea breeze.

The coast, with its strange rocks and cliffs, eroded by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan, is called Noto Kongo, and is said to rival the Kongo Coast of the Korean Peninsula in terms of the splendor of its scenery, making it a famous local tourist attraction that attracts many visitors.

There are many must-see spots in the vicinity, including the wooden Western-style lighthouse, Basis Island, Takanosu-iwa, and the world's longest bench.

Gongen Iwa (Totoro Iwa)

Rising right next to Route 249, the rock is locally known as "Tateiwa no Gongen-san ", "Gongen-iwa ".

Driving from the Kanazawa area to Wajima, Totoro appears on the ocean side.

Totoro standing on the sea

The rocks are decorated with eyeballs made of rough rope, so they look exactly like Totoro, which is very cute. There is a parking lot nearby and signs posted, so if you drive carefully, you will be able to find it easily.
There is no bus stop nearby, so driving is recommended for sightseeing.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Tsurugi Jigongen Iwa (Tsurugi Gongen Iwa), also known as Totoro Iwa
Address: Omari, Monzen-cho, Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture *Next to the road on Route 249
Fee: Free of charge
Parking lot: Yes (no information)

Asaichi Wajima

A morning market with stalls is held every morning on the 360-meter shopping street commonly known as "Morning Market Street ".

The history of the morning market in Wajima is long, said to have been held since the Heian period (794-1192), and is said to be more than 1,000 years old.

It is now a vibrant place with a larger percentage of tourists.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Wajima Morning Market
Address: Asaichi-dori, Kawai-cho, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa 928-0001
Phone number: 0768-22-7653
Access: 20 minutes by car from the Notosatoyama Airport Interchange on the Notosatoyama-Kaido Road.
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to noon
Parking: morning market parking lot (pay when leaving during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to noon)
Parking fees: large buses: 2,000 yen, medium-sized (microbuses and campers): 1,000 yen, passenger cars: 300 yen
URL: https://asaichi.info/

Wajima Port is famous for landing a wide variety of wild pufferfish, such as yellowfin pufferfish, sesamo pufferfish, and tiger pufferfish.
Wajima City has been ranked No. 1 for five consecutive years since 2011 and again in 2017 and 2018.
For this reason, Wajima City is decorated with a banner that reads "Wajima, Japan's largest catch of wild blowfish "and commemorative objects.

The objects are also displayed near the Wajima morning market.

Most of the vendors in the shopping area lining up for the morning market are women, with vegetables and other items being sold by neighborhood ladies and fresh seafood by women from fishing towns.

The place is full of life, with women calling out to you as you walk by.

It is said that items sold at this shopping street do not have many price tags on them and prices are negotiable. Bargaining while enjoying conversation with the locals is one of the best parts of the morning market.

Please enjoy the bustling morning market.

type of rice terrace

The Shirone-Senmaida is one of the 100 best terraced rice paddies in Japan and a nationally designated cultural asset and scenic beauty, and is well known as one of Noto's most popular sightseeing spots.

The area per paddy field is narrow, about 18 square meters, and a typical terraced rice field landscape of 1004 paddies is developed in an area of about 4 hectares.

The view is so spectacular that when seen from above, the terraced rice fields can be seen as a stairway to the sea.
The contrast of blue and green is very nice.

The first World Agricultural Heritage "in Japan to be recognized in 2011, Noto's satoyama and satoumi "is attracting more and more attention every year as a representative tourist spot.

Since ancient times, there have been songs sung about "the rice planted under a single straw raincoat after 999 sheets ""Echu-Toyama is a rice field, but Noto is one thousand sheets of rice "and so on.

Recommended time to visit Hakume-Senmaida

We recommend visiting Shirome Senmaida first thing in the morning or after dark.
This is because the first morning is the time when there are few tourists and the contrast with the clear blue ocean is very beautiful.
There is also a stylish coffee shop nearby, so you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast with a cup of coffee and a spectacular view.

Visitors can also view the illumination after dark.
The illumination is only available for a limited time, so please check the latest information before visiting.

The beautifully colored terraced rice paddies are a sight that can only be seen here.


The Wajima area of the Noto Peninsula is home to many spots known only to those in the know.
If you rent a car and enjoy driving in Kanazawa, you will discover eye-catching and spectacular views along the sea. You can realize a refreshing trip, forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life, while feeling the awesomeness of nature that you would not normally enjoy on a normal trip.
Why not use this article to plan your itinerary and enjoy a luxurious moment on a slightly niche women's trip?

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