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[Kyoto ]It's not just green tea! 7 of the finest sweets stores only available in Kyoto

[Kyoto ]It's not just green tea! 7 of the finest sweets stores only available in Kyoto

2021-06-04 Management office

Kyoto has many delicious sweets. Although Japanese sweets have a strong image, Western sweets are also strong! All of the sweets are special and delicious, so please go home with a lot of them. When you are tired or want to relieve yourself, sweets have become a familiar reward that always makes you feel happy easily.
In Kyoto, there are many exquisite sweets that can only be found in Kyoto. We will introduce some of the best sweets that will make you happy, both in appearance and taste, so please visit the stores that interest you and try them.
Eat, yet take home with you, and eat and eat your way through the sweets, which are great souvenirs.
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Located in Kawaramachi, this store focuses on matcha, a typical Kyoto tea.
The most popular Matcha Sweets Plate offers five kinds of matcha sweets. There is also a set where you can make your own matcha green tea and coffee that is brewed in front of you, all of which make for a photogenic and exciting menu.
There are also menu items such as hamburgers and French toast!

Tickling the hearts of maidens everywhere.

In summer, this cute shaved ice will also join the menu.
All the sweets are rich in flavor and have a wonderful sweet taste that will make you feel happy.
If you like matcha, you will absolutely love this store!

"Store Information "
Address: 〒604-8035 447 Sakuranomachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-223-1400
Hours of operation: 11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Closed: Tuesday
Budget: 1,000-1,999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: A natural taste restaurant in the Shinkyogoku area where you can enjoy a matcha plate with five different flavors all at once.
URL: http://teokafon.com/

[Kyoto ]7 stores where you can enjoy satisfying sweets in Arashiyama and Saga area!

coffee shop soiree

The original Kyoto photogenic is Cafe Soiree.
Every girl in Japan has seen this jelly temptation at least once. The colorful jelly shines like a jewelry box, and has been on the menu since 1975.

It is photogenic from every angle!

In fact, the menu has been expanded to include many different types of food, with yogurt, milk jelly, and many others to choose from.
Of course, coffee and cakes are available, as well as toast.
Recently, the store also sells masking tape and little sundries in tumblers.

"Store Information "
Name: Cafe Soiree (Kisasoware)
Address: 95 Shinmachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8001, Japan
Phone number: 075-221-0351
Hours of operation: 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Closed: Monday
Budget: ~999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: Sparkling, photogenic jelly punch in a retro coffee shop.
URL: http://www.soiree-kyoto.com/

[Kyoto ]Must-see for your sweet tooth! 7 excellent sweets and cafes near Kiyomizu-dera Temple!

lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)

Located near Gion, where you can feel the Kyoto atmosphere, this sweet shop is unique to Kyoto with its machiya-style townhouse.
There are many sweet dishes such as warabimochi, green tea, and anmitsu, all of which are delicious. The taste of matcha is especially rich and delicious, so we recommend ordering something matcha-based.

Parfait, Zenzai, and shaved ice are also available.

Western-style matcha is also available, as well as zenzai and photogenic shaved ice.
There are many kinds of souvenirs to take home, such as green tea pound cake, warabimochi, monaka, and financier, all of which look so delicious that you can't decide which one to take home.
From the tatami room on the first floor you can hear the murmuring of the river, and from the tatami room on the second floor you can see the scenic view.

"Store Information "
Name of restaurant: Gigon Komori
Address: 61 Motoyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0087, Japan
Phone number: 075-561-0504
Business hours: 11:00 - 19:30
Closed: Wednesday
Budget: 1,000-1,999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: A machiya-style sweet shop with the atmosphere of a Gion townhouse along the Shirakawa River, serving delicious matcha green tea desserts and other delicacies.
URL: http://www.giwon-komori.com/

Chocolat Bel-Amer Kyoto Villa Sanjo

Chocolate brand Bel-Armel started this chocolate store in Kyoto. Renovated from an old private house, it is a perfect fusion of Japanese style and chocolate.
The store is full of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate, and all of the chocolates are so delicious that you will be roaring with delight, including the most photogenic chocolates. Chocolate lovers should definitely stop by.

If you go to the store, I would definitely like to try it!

Chocolate from a company that continues to pursue chocolates that suit Japan is absolutely delicious.
Moreover, the desserts made with the chocolate in the restaurant are of the highest quality.
There are many menu items available only in the café space, so be sure to try the finest.
Although the souvenir area is crowded, the café is relatively quiet and you can get in right away.

"Store Information "
Name: Chocolat Belle Amère Kyoto Betsutei Sanjo-ten (Chocolat Belle Amère Kyoto Betsutei Sanjo-ten)
Address: 66 Le Masuya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8111, Japan
Phone number: 075-221-7025
Business hours: 10:00 - 20:00
Budget: 1,000-1,999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: You can enjoy a variety of chocolates, which can be said to be the largest in Japan, in a store renovated from an old private house. It not only looks good but also tastes good, so please stop by.
URL: https://www.belamer-kyoto.jp/

Oboro 8 Ruiyuntang

This is the most voluptuous, fresh dorayaki you will ever eat at a Japanese sweets shop.
There is always a line, but only those who still want to eat it reach the best dorayaki. It looks like you are eating cream and it might get spicy in the middle, but it is not that sweet and you can finish it. Strawberry and maple flavors are also available, and some are only available for a limited time, so please try those as well.

The second most popular green tea is also recommended!

The most popular is the basic nama dorayaki, but the second most popular is matcha green tea. The matcha cream is mixed with azuki beans and melts in the mouth in perfect balance with the dorayaki.
There are many other items on the menu, and it has exploded in popularity as a sweet treat to eat. Please try it for yourself.

"Store Information "
Name: Oborohachi Zuiyundo
Address: 〒603-8411 Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Kita-ku, Shikotake Kamitakuden-cho 43
Phone number: 075-491-6011
Business hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Tuesday
Budget: ~999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: Fresh dorayaki with impact is available. Get there early because the raw gongs will be sold out as soon as they are sold out.

Japanese chestnut specialty store Saori

You can eat the finest Mont Blanc at a restaurant specializing in Japanese chestnuts. It is the finest cake spun from a press with a fineness of 1 mm. Both in taste and appearance, you will have something different from the Mont Blanc you have had before.
Located next to the Kamo River, you can immerse yourself in chestnuts as much as you like in a Japanese-style space.

Mont Blanc is performance after order!

The Mont Blanc made right in front of your eyes is a must-see!
The delicate chestnut cream piled up in front of you can be considered a work of art.
Incidentally, this Mont Blanc can also be taken out. It is a nice service to be able to eat and walk around. The Mont Blanc is limited to 100 servings, so be sure to get there early and get in line.

"Store Information "
Name: Saori Japanese chestnut specialty store
Address: 170-1 Wazumiya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8014, Japan
Phone number: 075-365-5559
Business hours: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Budget: 1,000-1,999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: The finest Mont Blanc from a Japanese chestnut specialty store is available, and we invite you to try the thread-like Mont Blanc cream cake that comes out of a 1 mm aperture.
URL: https://aim-e.com/brand_detail.php?id=24&mode=

Kissho Karyo Gion Honten

Kinako lovers can enjoy kinako parfaits at Kissho Karyo Gion Honten.
They have renovated an old private house and offer delicious kinako (soybean flour) sweets as a kinako specialty store.
Try the kinako-drenched parfait made with kinako (soybean flour), homemade ice cream, soy milk blancmange and hojicha jelly!

Strawberry parfait is also available during strawberry season

Kinako is not the only type of kinako available; strawberry parfaits are also popular.
Other items include warabimochi (rice cakes), a dessert plate full of kinako (soybean flour), and shaved ice in the summer. The variety of sweets made with home-roasted soybean flour makes this store a must for kinako lovers.
The shop also offers a Honwarabimochi Kinako Latte filled with our specialties and a Kinako Cake to take home, which also has a visual appeal that makes you feel like you could eat as much as you want.

"Store Information "
Name: Kisho Karyo Gion Honten
Address: 306 Ishibashi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0066, Japan
Phone number: 075-708-5608
Hours: 12:00 - 18:00 (subject to change depending on conditions)
Budget: 1,000-1,999 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: A kinako specialty store where you can enjoy sweets made from home-roasted soybean flour as much as you like.
URL: https://kisshokaryo.jp/shop/gion/


The sweets are so artistic in their pursuit of Kyoto's typical taste and appearance that it is easy to get lost in them, but the average woman can happily indulge in as many as she likes.
It is nice sometimes to be greedy, to see, eat, and buy souvenirs to take home! Chocolate, kinako (soybean flour), green tea, chestnuts, and any number of other things you can think of to eat. It is totally fine to eat too much.
Let's eat up all the sweets in Kyoto and feel as happy as you want.

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