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[Tochigi ]7 recommended restaurants in Tochigi, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kanto

[Tochigi ]7 recommended restaurants in Tochigi, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kanto

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Utsunomiya Gyoza Kai Rairase Honten

The first restaurant we will introduce here is famous for its gyoza (Chinese dumplings). As mentioned at the beginning of this article, when talking about gourmet foods in Tochigi Prefecture, we cannot forget gyoza (Chinese dumplings). Among the restaurants that deal with their own brand of Utsunomiya gyoza, this restaurant is very well known and is one of the most popular. The Chinese food looks delicious and the restaurant is stylish and impressive, and you can feel a sense of elation even before entering. The atmosphere is great and the taste is confident. It can be said that such points are one of the reasons for their popularity. Local brand stores have a strong aspect that can be enjoyed by tourists, and when you visit Tochigi Prefecture, be sure to enjoy gyoza first.

One of the most popular in Japan! Gyoza boasts a special flavor!

The gyoza available at this restaurant is one of the most popular and well-known in Japan. Competing with Hamamatsu Gyoza in Shizuoka Prefecture and others, they have gradually become well known for their deliciousness. The meat, cabbage, garlic, ginger, and other ingredients are concentrated in such a way that the more you bite into the crispy skin, the more the flavor and sweetness oozes out. Tochigi Prefecture is one of the top consumers of gyoza in Japan, and although they are loved by local residents, tourists should also check them out. They are good as souvenirs or eaten on the spot, and are a versatile gourmet dish. You will never get tired of it. It is a must-try when you visit Tochigi Prefecture.

"Store Information "
Name: Utsunomiya Gyoza Kai Kirakassa Honten (Utsunomiya Gyoza Kai Kirakassa Honten)
Address: B1F MEGA Don Quijote La Park Utsunomiya Store, 2-3-12 Babadori, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi
Phone number: 028-614-5388
Hours of operation: [weekdays].
[Saturday, Sunday, Holidays].
daily special (e.g. meal)
[Friday, Saturday, Sunday]
Closed: Menmen Monday Karan Tuesday Ryumon Wednesday Satsuki Thursday Minmin Friday
Budget: ¥2,000 - ¥2,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Large seating area, counter seating available
URL: https://www.gyozakai.com/kirasse/

Otawara Beef Cho-Honten

Since you are on a trip, many of you may want to get off your high horse and enjoy a hearty meal of meat. This restaurant is one of those that will fulfill the wishes of such travelers. Using plenty of Otawara beef and Tochigi Prefecture's brand beef, the dishes at this restaurant are truly of the top level; only top of the line meat, certified as A5 rank with a high degree of marbling, is "labeled as Otawara beef ", and you can enjoy a truly high-class taste. It has a unique presence among Wagyu beef from all over Japan, and you can encounter the charm of meat that you have never had before.

Ultra-premium premium products! Come and try our top quality meat!

The Otawara beef served at this restaurant is clearly the best in Japan. The meat, which has just the right amount of fat, is carefully grilled to give you a smooth taste and the true flavor of the meat. The grill marks the surface of the meat and you can taste the aroma of the meat. The more you chew, the more the flavor and fat that is locked inside the meat jumps out. This is truly a restaurant that is representative of Tochigi Prefecture and a must-visit for its meat.

"Store Information "
Name: Otawara Beef Cho Main Store (Otawara Gyucho)
Address: 1-2701 Honmachi, Otawara-shi, Tochigi
Phone number: 0287-24-0909
Business hours: 11:00~14:00(L.O.)
Regular day off: irregular
I have to calculate:¥5,000~¥5,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Stylish space, calm space, large seating area, sofa seating available
URL: https://www.otawaragyu.com/

Rice bakery in Nasu

This restaurant is a very well-known and popular bread store in Tochigi Prefecture. Bread itself is a dish that can be eaten anywhere, but because it is a popular restaurant loved by the locals, you can experience the local climate and lifestyle when you travel there. It is a restaurant with multiple locations in Tochigi Prefecture, and since it is an easy meal, it is useful as a snack between meals, making it the perfect place for those who want to efficiently experience the gourmet foods of Tochigi Prefecture in a single day. It is also a must for breakfast and snacks.

Chewy bread made from rice!

The bread available here is made from rice, which makes it extremely chewy and gives it a unique texture. The sweetness and stickiness of the rice is fully utilized and sublimated into bread, which is surprising. The variety of breads is abundant, and you can enjoy a wide range of breads, from standard breads to slightly elaborate and creative breads. We hope that many people will enjoy the rice bread that is the culmination of this store's unique attention to detail.

"Store Information "
Name: Nasu no Okome no Panya-san (Nasu Rice Bakery)
Address: 1579-330, Takakubi, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Wednesday
Budget: ~¥999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: Stylish space

Ishida-ya Yakisoba Restaurant

When talking about local gourmet food in Tochigi Prefecture, you cannot avoid "Utsunomiya Yakisoba ". The old-fashioned, age-old storefront is very friendly and has become a wonderful place loved by locals and tourists alike. Utsunomiya yakisoba is a nationally known B-class gourmet food and a must-try. The store is ideal for both take-out and eat-in, and meets the needs of a wide range of people.

The thick sauce and thick yakisoba noodles are intertwined!

The Utsunomiya yakisoba served at this restaurant is, needless to say, outstandingly delicious. It is a gourmet dish that is representative of Tochigi Prefecture. The medium-thick noodles give a strong presence to the satisfying ingredients such as cabbage and meat, and the thick, rich sauce brings the whole dish together nicely. The trademark is the fried egg on top. The yolk of the egg melts into the sauce and makes the overall flavor milder. The volume of the dish is outstanding and recommended for a wide range of people. It is a gourmet dish that cannot be missed.

"Store Information "
Name: Ishidaya Yaki Soba Restaurant
Address: 5-8-9 Chuo, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi
Phone number: 028-634-6945
Business hours: 10:00-17:30
Closed: Wednesday
Budget: ~¥999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Calm and warm atmosphere

Menya Yosuke

This ramen restaurant is one of the most popular and well-known in Tochigi Prefecture. There is a certain need for a ramen restaurant, and it can be said that this restaurant is suitable for the demands of various people, from ramen connoisseurs to those who want to eat something local.

The general manager of Sano Ramen! Come and enjoy the authentic taste of Sano Ramen!

The ramen called Sano Ramen available at this restaurant is a typical form of ramen from Tochigi Prefecture. The clear soy sauce broth is free of any cloying or bitter taste and extracts as much seafood and animal flavor as possible. The toppings are simple: menma (pickled bamboo shoots), chashu (pork), nareta (fish roe), and wakame (seaweed). However, these toppings have a presence that sets them apart from basic ramen. On holidays, a long line is inevitable, so we recommend that you plan your visit accordingly.

"Store Information "
Name: Menya Yosuke
Address: 232 Tajima-cho, Sano, Tochigi
Phone number: 0283-85-9221
Office hours:[Weekdays] 11:00~14:30 17:00~21:00
[Earth Day Blessing] 11:00~21:00
Closed: Tuesdays (or the following day if Tuesday is a national holiday)
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: Large seating area, counter seating available, tatami room available

Mitate Soba Nagahata An

The restaurant has a large line of customers in Tochigi Prefecture. As its name suggests, this restaurant deals with soba, and is popular for its traditional appearance and relaxed atmosphere. It is a great place for tourists to enjoy the unique culture of san-tate-soba. You can enjoy a relaxing moment while experiencing the tradition.

Simple is best soba is the best soba that can be found on the main road!

The soba served here is simple-is-best. Although there are no outstanding features or unusual tricks, this is the reason for the stability and long-lasting popularity of the restaurant. The soba noodles, with the aroma of buckwheat flour wafting through the air, are truly authentic. The buckwheat noodles are made using pure water and have a sticky texture that is addictive to the palate. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful taste of soba, which is an inheritance of Japanese tradition.

"Store Information "
Name: San-Tate Soba Nagahata An
Address: 635-1 Nagahata, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
Phone number: 0288-27-2488
Opening hours:11:00~16:00(Last admission 15:30)
Closed: Tuesdays and Fridays (open if the day falls on a national holiday)
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities:Calm space, counter seats available, tatami room available

Fish Tengku

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to this eel restaurant. This is another restaurant with a long history that seems to represent the relaxed atmosphere and calm soil of Tochigi Prefecture, and continues to be loved by the locals.

We will have a luxurious, fatty eel!

Eels are known as a luxury item, and among such eels, this eel is exceptional. The eel is so fluffy and light that it requires no teeth and is grilled to a golden brown. The secret sauce is also very sweet and spicy, stimulating the appetite, and goes well with rice. The entire dish is a well-balanced gem, which explains why it has become so popular.

"Store Information "
Name: Uotoku
Address: 467 Imaichi, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
Phone number: 0288-21-0131
Hours of operation: 11:30 - 14:00
Closed: Mondays and the third Sunday of the month (open some months)
I have to calculate:¥3,000~¥3,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Zashiki available, relaxed atmosphere, counter seating available
URL: http://uo-toku.jp/


Thank you for reading this far. We hope you have learned that Tochigi Prefecture offers a wide variety of gourmet foods. From standard local delicacies to slightly more extravagant dishes, please choose what you like according to your needs.

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