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[Kagawa ]7 recommended hotels in Kagawa area! Enjoy driving sightseeing in this calm prefecture where udon noodles are an attraction!

[Kagawa ]7 recommended hotels in Kagawa area! Enjoy driving sightseeing in this calm prefecture where udon noodles are an attraction!

2022-06-08 Management office

Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended hotels in the Kagawa area. The Kagawa area is well known for its udon, and many people come all the way from other prefectures to visit the area. It is also easily accessible from the Kansai region by using the Seto-ohashi Bridge, which is a great point of interest, and many people visit the area for sightseeing while driving around. The area is beautifully located facing the Seto Inland Sea, and there are many natural and power spots that can be enjoyed visually. I personally recommend this area and hope that you will enjoy your trip to the fullest. Then, after playing at the sightseeing spots in the area, please take a break from your trip at one of our recommended hotels.
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Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu

First of all, I would like to introduce you to this hotel. This is a wonderful facility that has received high ratings every year in the Chugoku-Shikoku area in the online reservation site review awards, and has been ranked first in Kagawa Prefecture for two years in a row. The outstanding reputation of this facility makes it the first place you want to stay, as it is a very popular facility with a high level of security. It is a gorgeous hotel that is a step up from business hotels, but at the same time, it is easy to approach and ideal for a wide range of people.

"God service "and topics! Come and enjoy a comfortable and elegant moment!

The main feature of this hotel is its high level of service, which is supported by many people. From the service itself to the various facilities provided in the guest rooms, a wide range of aspects of the hotel keep guests captivated. Even during the actual dinner, the staff seems to be very attentive to the preparation of the food, the particularity of the ingredients, and the way to enjoy the food, giving you a special feeling that you would not normally feel. The rooms have a warm atmosphere with a brown base, sublimating the familiarity of everyday life into the gorgeousness of a luxury hotel. We recommend this hotel, which makes visitors feel happy.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu
Address: 1-3-11 Kawaramachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Phone number: 087-823-2222
Budget: ¥8869~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, relaxed atmosphere, full of luxury
URL: https://ryl.anabuki-enter.jp/

Kokumin Shukusha Shodoshima

This is not a modern hotel, but rather a rather hard-edged ryokan with a relaxed atmosphere typical of Kagawa Prefecture. Surrounded by the spacious nature of Shodoshima, you can feel the charm of Kagawa Prefecture all around you. This ryokan blends in well with the scenery of Shodoshima without destroying it in any way. It is a recommended ryokan for those who come by car.

Overlooking the Seto Inland Sea! Shodoshima's top ryokan for peace of mind

The main selling point of this ryokan is the panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea from the guest rooms. Shodoshima Island, with its thriving olive groves and other tourist attractions, is a popular destination for many tourists visiting Kagawa Prefecture, and a major strength of this ryokan is that you can fully experience its unique atmosphere. You can also view another tourist attraction called Angel Road, which is a strong value for money. Yose-nabe and other dishes made with Shodoshima ingredients are appealing from a taste standpoint, and there is a wide variety of guest rooms. The hotel offers a very enjoyable sightseeing experience on Shodoshima. Please enjoy the unique sightseeing of Shodoshima.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Kokumin Shukusha Shodoshima
Address: 1500-4 Ikeda, Shodoshima-cho, Shodo-gun, Kagawa
Phone number: 0879-75-1115
Budget: ¥8047~
Space & Facilities: Stylish space, relaxing atmosphere, ocean view
URL: https://www.kokuminshukusha.com/

Benesse House

This is a popular hotel that has become the center of attention not only in Kagawa Prefecture, but also in Japan as a whole. Kagawa Prefecture is not an urban area, but if you search hashtags on social networking sites, you will find more than 12,000 photos of this hotel. It is clear that the hotel is gaining explosive popularity, especially among young people. The reason for its popularity among young people is, without a doubt, its overwhelming beauty of form and photogenic appearance. As will be explained in more detail later, this is a hotel that has captured the hearts and minds of the trend-sensitive young people and will not be forgotten.

Unparalleled quality! Synchronicity between museum and hotel!

The biggest selling point of this hotel is the fusion of a museum and a hotel. It is a concept so radical that it is difficult to understand what it means even at a quick glance. This is what creates the overwhelming identity of the hotel. "It is a facility created under the theme of the fusion of nature, architecture, and art ", and was carefully supervised by a renowned architect so that guests can stay in a museum. In this extremely modern space, you will be greeted by the glorious sunlight and a spectacular view of the lush Seto Inland Sea. At night, of course, you can enjoy the starry sky and feel the transition of the sky, and to our surprise, the transportation to the hotel is a gondola for the exclusive use of guests. This is an overwhelming and one-of-a-kind space that is unrivaled by any other hotel. We hope you will enjoy the memories that will last a lifetime.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Benesse House
Address: Kotodanchi, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa
Phone number: 087-892-3223
Budget: ¥27364~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, relaxed atmosphere, full of luxury
URL: https://benesse-artsite.jp/stay/

Yunagi no Yu HOTEL Hanajukai

This is a popular and beautiful ryokan that has recently undergone a sunny reopening. The special rooms, called "Executive Floor," are extremely spacious, with a maximum area of 124 square meters. You can enjoy the view of Kagawa Prefecture while relaxing in comfort. As the hotel is located in a green park, the flowers and trees of the season are constantly changing their expressions in the surrounding area. For this reason, the hotel is called the "flower inn. For nature lovers, this is the perfect place to stay.

The guest room open-air bath surrounded by nature is a great feeling!

Each guest room is equipped with an open-air bath. You can take a relaxing bath in your own private space. As mentioned earlier, this hotel is located in a natural setting, surrounded by a botanical garden. Bathing while enjoying the flowers and trees of the season is a luxurious and atmospheric moment that is uniquely Japanese. Please spend an elegant time as you wish, and create wonderful memories.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Yunagi no Yu HOTEL Hanajukai
Address: 3-5-10 Nishitakaracho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Phone number: 087-861-5580
Budget: ¥12936~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, relaxed atmosphere, full of luxury
URL: https://www.hanajyukai.jp/

Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku

This is a quiet onsen ryokan that is firmly in tune with the serene atmosphere of Kagawa Prefecture. The old-fashioned and relaxing style is proof of the long history of healing the fatigue of many people in this area. The location is also outstanding, at the foot of Mount Konpira, one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Kagawa Prefecture. Climbing Mt. Konpira can be very tiring, and you may want to get a good night's sleep after returning home. Such tourists can be well healed and ready for the next day's sightseeing. Please enjoy an elegant time with our proud hot springs and luxurious meals.

The sumptuous kaiseki cuisine with many items is worth seeing!

The meals at this ryokan are extremely sumptuous and attract the attention of many people. Fresh and sumptuous kaiseki cuisine, using seafood and seasonal ingredients from the Seto Inland Sea in sparing quantities, is enjoyed by men and women of all ages. In terms of items that have been served in the past, you can enjoy the very freshest seafood, such as abalone and fugu (blowfish). Breakfast is buffet style, where you can enjoy your favorite Japanese and Western dishes, and children are also welcome. While enjoying the delicious meals, you can relax your body from the fatigue of the trip in the hot spring bath that we are proud of.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku
Address: 685-11, Kotohira-cho, Nakadono-gun, Kagawa
Phone number: 0877-75-1000
Budget: ¥11781~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, relaxed atmosphere, full of luxury

Kotohira flower altar

This ryokan is another traditional ryokan, following the previous one, located near Konpira-san. The garden with its lush greenery is beautifully marketed and offers a solid sense of Japanese tradition. For those who have a wish to enjoy the scenery in their trip, this is a highly recommended facility.

Great location for cherry blossom viewing in the hotel! A spectacular view to color your trip!

It is no exaggeration to say that the biggest selling point of this hotel is its location in a Japanese garden, where you can enjoy beautiful trees from inside the hotel. The trees show us the changing of the seasons, especially in early spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom all over the area. The overwhelming beauty of the space is so impressive that visitors may think they have come to enjoy the cherry blossoms. If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful sightseeing experience unique to Japan, this is the place to visit.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Kotohira Kadan
Address: 1241-5, Kotohira-cho, Nakadono-gun, Kagawa
Phone number: 0877-75-3232
Budget: From ¥22952
Space and facilities: Stylish space, relaxing atmosphere, full of luxury, beautiful view.

Hotel Leoma Forest

This last one is a member of the Oedo Onsen Monogatari Group. The group is one of the largest and most well-known in Japan, so it is safe and secure. For example, there is a prominent onsen ryokan of Oedo Onsen in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, which has gained popularity among many people. The fun atmosphere of this onsen-themed theme park is impressive, and is recommended for families with children.

Hot springs and illumination galore! Sparkling space like a theme park!

This hotel is a wonderful space where various amusements such as hot springs, illumination, and delicious gourmet food are concentrated. The hotel is also equipped with attractions and other facilities that are similar to those found in amusement parks and theme parks, allowing you to enjoy the fun with all your senses. After a long day of fun in the facilities, you can enjoy a buffet with plenty of food from Shikoku and end it with a luxurious onsen (hot spring). "This is a space that sells entertainment that goes beyond the realm of a hotel ".

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: Hotel Leoma no Mori (Forest of Leoma)
Address: 40-1 Kurikumanishi, Ayaka-cho, Marugame-shi, Kagawa
Phone number: 0570-041267
Budget: ¥9800~
Space & Facilities: Fun atmosphere, luxury, onsen ryokan


Thank you for reading this far. There are many hotels that will help you enjoy the atmosphere of Kagawa Prefecture and support sightseeing that you can only experience here. Please use this article as a reference to create wonderful memories.

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