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Stay for the night when you travel to Yamagata! 7 hotels and ryokan where you can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere

Stay for the night when you travel to Yamagata! 7 hotels and ryokan where you can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere

2022-06-20 Management office

Yamagata offers many places to enjoy hot springs, delicious food, and delicious sake. Sake brewery tours and snow festivals are also a popular pastime, making Yamagata a popular destination for tourists all year round. We will introduce some of the best hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style inns) in Yamagata where you can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere. Please use them as a reference for your sightseeing.
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Yamagata 瀧波

Yamagata-za Takiha is located in Akayu Onsen, Yamagata. It is a designer ryokan that has renovated a village headman's crooked house and placed an open-air bath with natural hot spring water in all of its guest rooms. It has become a popular ryokan among Yamagata tourists as a special ryokan that offers a luxurious experience. The ryokan's designer space and cuisine featuring many of Yamagata's finest delicacies provide guests with an experience that can only be found at Takihami.

Welcome drink is also Yamagata's originality.

The welcome drink is a sake, which is typical of Yamagata, and is served with pickles. The menu also includes a variety of surprise dishes, such as a box of hairy crabs, allowing you to enjoy Yamagata's delicacies to the fullest.
Amenities are do organic to satisfy even the most discerning women. There is also a large public bath, so you can enjoy both the in-room bath and the large public bath. There is no day-trip bathing service, so if you want to enjoy the hot springs, please stay at the hotel.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Yamagataza Takinami
Address: 〒999-2211 3005 Akayu, Nanyo-shi, Yamagata
Phone number: 0238-43-6111
Budget: 70,000-80,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space & Facilities: A designer ryokan renovated from a popular Yamagata shoyakamagariya (village headman's crooked house). You can enjoy both hot springs and cuisine at this inn for a special time.

Name Yue-so

Meigetsu-so is located in Kaminoyama Hayama Onsen. It is a hot spring ryokan where you can relax in a more natural atmosphere. We recommend taking a stroll in the adjacent fairy forest to forget about time and spend some luxurious moments. A one-day plan is also available for those who would like to spend a little time in luxury, as it can be used just for a meal and a hot spring bath.

Snowy scenery is also ◎!

Located on a hill overlooking the Zao mountain range, the hotel offers beautiful scenery all year round, but winter is also recommended as you can enjoy the snowy scenery in peace and quiet. The large bath is made of Japanese cypress and offers a luxurious bathing experience in the midst of nature.
In addition, all rooms are in a separate lodge, allowing for the luxurious use of a large space with a total site area of 4,000 tsubo. Meals are also served in the rooms, so you can spend your time in a private space.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan Name: Meigetsu-so
Address: 5-50 Hayama, Kaminoyama, Yamagata 999-3242
Phone number: 023-672-0330
Budget: 70,000 to 85,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This is a washed-up ryokan in Yamagata. It has a hot spring and all rooms are in a separate inn on a large site.

Yuusuitei Isagoya

Located in Yunohama Onsen, Isagoya Ryokan has guest rooms overlooking the Sea of Japan.
With the Sea of Japan to the west, you can see a beautiful view of the sun setting over the sea at sunset time, and in winter, you can sometimes see a daruma sunset. You can see it beautifully from each guest room, so please enjoy the view outside the window at sunset time. You will have a very elegant time.
The meals are sumptuous, featuring Yonezawa beef and other seafood from the Sea of Japan, which can be obtained in Shonai.

There is also a private bath with a view!

You can see the sunset perfectly from the private bath with a view, although you need to make reservations early because it is crowded at sunset time.
In addition, there are a number of baths in the large bathhouse so that you can enjoy a variety of different baths, so you can fully enjoy the hot springs in the large bathhouse alone. We hope you will enjoy this ryokan that has been designed with you in mind.

"Ryokan Information "
Name of Inn: Yusutei Isagoya
Address: 1-8-7 Yunohama, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata 997-1201
Phone number: 0235-75-2211
Budget: 30,000-40,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: Located in Yunohama Onsen, this ryokan has guest rooms overlooking the Sea of Japan. You can see beautiful sunsets from the guest rooms.

Oyado Mori no Oto

This ryokan is located in Yamagata Prefecture Kaminoyama Onsen.
Located adjacent to a school, the bathhouse is in a natural setting and is surrounded by an atmosphere as if it were in the middle of a forest. There are baths, including an open-air bath, where you can relax both body and soul. From the window, you can see the Sea of Japan and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Chokai-san can also be seen beautifully.

Enjoy the extraordinary feeling to the fullest!

The ryokan is a perfect place to enjoy an unusual and extraordinary atmosphere. The large baths change by the hour, so you can take a bath in all of them.
The entire ryokan has a modern and stylish atmosphere, and the fireplace in the lobby is a popular place for people of all ages to take a breather.
Meals are prepared in a stylish and tasty manner with seasonal foods, including Yamagata's famous products.

"Ryokan Information "
Name: Oyado Morinone
Address: 〒999-3145 848, Kawasaki, Ueyama-shi, Yamagata
Phone number: 0570-030-810
Budget: 30,000-35,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This ryokan is located in Kaminoyama Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture. The ryokan has a modern, stylish yet warm atmosphere.

Yumemi no Yado Kanshokan

The Kanshokan is a famous culinary ryokan, the Yumemi no Yado Kanshokan in Semi Onsen.
If you want to fully enjoy the delicacies of Yamagata, Kanshokan is the place to go. The kaiseki cuisine changes monthly, allowing you to enjoy the most delicious food at that time. You can enjoy the seasonal delicacies of Yamagata, so be sure to try them. You can also enjoy a relaxing and luxurious time with a wide selection of carefully selected Japanese sake and other beverages.

Rooms and hot springs are excellent!

The soothing guest rooms are also clean and stylish. The hot spring baths are also spacious and large, allowing guests to fully enjoy the open-air and indoor baths.
Of course, the hot spring water is free-flowing from the source, and you can even hear the murmuring of the Oguni River from the outdoor bath. In the snowy season, the atmosphere is even more romantic.

"Ryokan Information "
Name of Inn: Yumemi no Yado Kanshokan
Address: 987 Ohori, Mogami-cho, Mogami-gun, Yamagata 999-6211
Phone number: 0233-42-2311
Budget: 10,000-13,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: Kanshokan is a famous ryokan (cooking ryokan), the Yumemi no Yado Kanshokan in Semi Onsen. The ryokan has a reputation for its delicious cuisine, but the guest rooms and hot spring baths are also tasteful.

Zao International Hotel

This is an international hotel located in Zao Onsen. Although the name "hotel" is attached to the hotel, the inside has the prestigious appearance of a ryokan (Japanese-style inn). Of course, the hot spring water is 100% free-flowing, so you can enjoy the hot spring alone. The meals are also a luxurious experience, featuring delicious seasonal foods from Yamagata and Zao. The view of the nature is also very scenic, and during the snowy season, you will be able to enjoy an emotional stay.

Internal, open-air, and loan-cutting air baths

There are a variety of baths, with different temperatures and atmospheres, allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of baths within the hotel. The overall atmosphere is classical and popular with people of all ages. Guest rooms can be selected from Western-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and Western-style rooms, and are popular with people of all ages.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Zao International Hotel (Zao Kokusai Hotel)
Address: 933 Zao Onsen, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture, 990-2301
Phone number: 023-694-2111
Budget: 17,000-19,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This international hotel is located in Zao Onsen, and has many 100% spring-fed hot springs.

Atsumi Onsen Bankokuya

This onsen ryokan is located in the mountains of Yamagata. The ryokan has been in business for over 300 years, and is a luxurious ryokan located in a natural setting where you can hear the murmuring of the river and the singing of birds.
All guest rooms are equipped with an indoor hinoki bath, where you can take a bath while enjoying the view of nature in front of you. Inside the ryokan are modern Japanese-style rooms that are popular with people of all ages.
Some of the rooms are bed-type rooms, which are also popular among the elderly.

Luxury in Nature

One of the attractions of Bankokuya is that there are many large public baths, including garden open-air baths, where you can enjoy a hot-spring tour.
There is also the Atsumi Hot Spring, which has acquired the number one ranking in the Tohoku region, and you can feel the goodness of the spring water so that your skin will be smooth by the time you return. We recommend spending a relaxing time in the open-air bath while actually feeling the changing of the seasons.

"Ryokan Information "
Name of Ryokan: Atsumi Onsen Bankokuya
Address: 〒999-7204 Yamagata Prefecture, Tsuruoka City, Yubinkai 1
Phone number: 0570-008-598
Budget: 26,000 - 30,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: Bankokuya is a long-established ryokan with Atsumi Onsen Hot Springs, which is ranked first in the Tohoku region. It has a history of over 300 years in business and offers a luxurious stay.


If you are planning to stay overnight in Yamagata, we recommend a place near the Sea of Japan. Be sure to see the sunset over the sea at sunset time. Take your time, stay overnight, enjoy delicious Yamagata gourmet food and drink, and enjoy the luxury of time.

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