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[Kyoto ]Introducing recommended fireworks shows in Kyoto area! A summer tradition!

[Kyoto ]Introducing recommended fireworks shows in Kyoto area! A summer tradition!

2022-06-28 Management office

Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce about 7 recommended fireworks information and spots to be held in Kyoto Prefecture. Fireworks are, after all, a summer tradition, and in Kyoto, interesting fireworks displays have been held for some time with tradition and history taking over. It is an unforgettable event for those who want to feel the Japanese style. If you are likely to visit Kyoto in the summer time, you should check it out. Note that in recent years, due to the Corona disaster, the event has been postponed in many prefectures. For more information, please visit the official website.
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Ayabe Mizunatsu Festival

This festival is one of the most popular fireworks festivals in Kyoto Prefecture. It has an advantage in that it is a traditional and relaxed Kyoto festival, and it enjoys wide support from both local residents and tourists. There are many advantages to the program, but the first thing I would like to mention is that it has been clearly stated that the festival will be held in 2022. No matter how good the festival is, it will be nothing if it is not held, so those who are interested in visiting may look forward to it first.

Mantonagashi and Yosakoi will also be held side by side!

First of all, I must mention the fireworks. The fireworks, which are designed to be seen from a distance, are shot up very high and reach the eyes and hearts of many people in Kyoto Prefecture. The nighttime in Kyoto is not bright enough to be seen from the viewpoint of protecting the scenery, but the colors of the fireworks pierce the cityscape. The fireworks are colorful, gorgeous, and open in a variety of shapes and sizes, which is very satisfying to see. And it is also possible to enjoy a very cool atmosphere with other events such as a yosakoi dance performance and the floating of lanterns on the Yura River. Looking up, you will see a flower of light blooming, and looking down, you will see the river sparkling with color. This is an event that will color the night of Kyoto and create gorgeous memories.

"information "
Name: Ayabe Minazuki Festival (Ayabe Minazuki Festival)
Held: July 23
Official website: http://ayabeminatsuki.org/index.html

Yasaka Noryosai Fireworks Festival

This is a popular fireworks display in the Yasaka area, known for Yasaka Shrine. While the previous fireworks display was attractive because of its large area and size, which can be seen from a distance, this is a much more powerful fireworks display that is even more appealing when seen up close. As the name implies, a festival is also held on the same day, and the night of Kyoto is decorated with fun. Enjoy the stalls during the day and the fireworks at night. It is truly a royal entertainment course.

Flashy fireworks set off to music!

The most distinctive feature of the fireworks at this festival is that they are set off to music. The fireworks are also called "musical fireworks," and you can enjoy the remix of the roaring music, just like at a festival, and the spectacular fireworks that color the night sky. It has become an unusual festival that no longer makes you feel extraordinary, and is well-liked by many. The festival itself is said to start at 1:00 p.m., but this musical fireworks display at night is still a popular attraction for many people. The show is supervised by the same pyrotechnician who performed the fireworks show at Namie Amuro's concert, and it is a notable event that continues the mashup of Japanese culture that we can be proud of to the world.
Implementation is planned and the festival will take place on Saturday, July 16.

"information "
Name: Yasaka Noryosai Fireworks Display (Yasaka Noryosai Fireworks Festival)
Held: July 16

Manjin Minato Festival

This is "Mamito Fishing Port ", an unusual fireworks display held near the sea, which is rare in Kyoto. Originally meant as a fisherman's festival to pray for a good fishing harvest, it has become a mainstream summer tradition in the area.

The fireworks are vividly reflected on the surface of the sea! A slightly unusual fireworks experience

One of the unique attractions of this fireworks display is the reflection of the fireworks on the surface of the sea. The fireworks display is held in a fishing port, so fishing boats are out on the water, which adds to the atmosphere, but the shiny reflections of the fireworks on the dark sea are a rare and precious sight. The shimmering lines of light shimmering on the sea are truly literary in their color and beauty, and attract many people. Of course there are beautiful fireworks in the sky, but you can enjoy a different taste by watching fireworks over the sea. These are rare and precious opportunities to see these fireworks, so please come and see them.

"information "
Name: Mamato Minato Festival (Taisana Festival)
Held: July 23 (2019 *not yet determined for 2022)

Sennichikai Tourism Festival

This next one is a larger-scale fireworks display, with as many as 1,700 fireworks being shot off. Based in Kyotango City, in the center of Kyoto Prefecture, it is a remarkable event that attracts many residents and tourists alike.

It is held at the same time as Daimonjiyaki and Lantern Floating Ceremony! A major summer event in Kyoto!

This event is held in early August. Many people may guess what this time of year in Kyoto is, but this fireworks display is an event held at the same time as the Daimonji Yaki and Lantern Festival. Although they are not held in the same jurisdiction, the timing of these festivals are aligned to make the summer in Kyoto even more spectacular. The contrast is truly palpable and enjoyable in Kyotango City, which is located in the middle of Kyoto. Although the festival was cancelled in 2021 and its future is still uncertain, it is an essential event to enliven the summer in Kyoto. We hope that many people will visit the festival when it is restored.

"information "
Name: Sen-nichi-kai Kanko-sai (Sennichi-kai Tourist Festival)
Held: August 9

Kyoto Art Fireworks

The first fireworks display was held in 2018, and despite its short history, it has gained explosive popularity due to its overwhelming scale and power. Generally speaking, fireworks displays are historical events held during traditional festivals and events, but this one is a fireworks display that follows the current trends and culture, and is especially popular among young people. Although it is officially announced that the festival will not be held in 2022, it is hoped that it will be revived in the future, and is a representative fireworks display of Kyoto.

Enjoy an artistic view with music x fireworks

Although it has been held only three times in the past, this fireworks display has quickly become very popular, usually attracting more than 20,000 visitors and providing a dreamlike 50-minute experience. In addition to the basic fireworks, there are many other types of fireworks that are unique in terms of color, shape, and other aspects that are hard to find. The fireworks have won the Prime Minister's Award in the past, so they are very prestigious and worth seeing. What adds even more color to the fireworks is the powerful music. The music is accompanied by the rhythm of the music, creating a show-like excitement. It is very unfortunate that the fireworks festival, which has such an impeccable combination of popularity and power, continues to be cancelled. The cancellation of the festival is partly due to the Corona disaster, but also because of a combination of various factors, including the fact that the Kyoto Racecourse, where the festival is staged, will be undergoing renovation until around the end of this year. It is hoped that the fireworks display will be revived as soon as possible.

"information "
Name: Kyoto Art Fireworks
Holding: Cancelled in 2022

Miyazu To-Ron Nagashi Fireworks Display

This one has become a traditional Obon event that adds color to Kyoto's quiet summer. "The main festival, nicknamed "Seirei Okuri "," has a history of more than 300 years, and takes place in Miyazu Bay. The lanterns that cover the entire surface of Miyazu Bay are very colorful and numerous, and are a sight to behold. The fireworks that are launched in harmony with the night are also a must-see. The festival was held in 2020, the year of the Corona Disaster, but not in 2021, making it a difficult festival to determine whether or not it will be held in 2021. Please check back for the latest information.

A summer festival in Kyoto where the sea and the sky play together!

The main attraction of this fireworks display is the artistic spread of the spectacle that takes place from two directions: the sky and the sea. The sea, of course, is filled with red lanterns, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Looking up at the sky, one's vision is also taken away by the multicolored fireworks. About 3,000 fireworks are launched in a great volume, and the climax of the "Marine Starmine "can be seen being launched from the sea. It is truly a festival that reminds us of the depth of Japanese nature. Please come and visit.

"information "
Name: Miyazu Toronagashi Fireworks Display
Holding: Cancelled in 2022

Egan Flower and Fire

Lastly, I would like to introduce this festival. Although not familiar to many, this festival is extremely popular among some connoisseurs and has become a wonderful event with many photos appearing on social networking sites.

Contrast that can only be enjoyed at this festival! Great for social networking!

The name "Ine" may not sound familiar, but the fireworks display here is a real treat. Although the number of shots is not so large (about 1,800), the contrast between the fireworks and the buildings and townscape of Ine, which has been designated as an important traditional building, can be seen. The combination of the historical town and fireworks is quite fresh and "emo "is one word to describe it. The event has been attracting a lot of attention from young people on social networking sites, and is expected to expand further in the future.

"information "
Name: Ine Hanabi
Venue: End of August *To be determined in 2022


Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Many festivals have been affected by the Corona disaster, and we hope that you will check the official website for the latest information.

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