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7 recommended hotels and inns to make your trip to Gifu more exciting

7 recommended hotels and inns to make your trip to Gifu more exciting

2022-07-01 Management office

Gifu Prefecture is famous for its sightseeing spots such as Okuhida Onsenkyo and Gero Onsen, Hida Takayama, Yoro Falls, and Shin Hotaka Ropeway.
In particular, Shirakawa-go Gassho-Zukuri Village is registered as a World Heritage site and has sightseeing spots worth seeing.
And there are also many delicious foods, and Hida beef and Hoba Misode are also famous. We will introduce recommended hotels and ryokan that will enliven your trip to Gifu Prefecture during your sightseeing in Gifu Prefecture.
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Hinan Hidaji

This onsen ryokan is a retreat for adults in Okuhida Onsenkyo.
The onsen ryokan is limited to 12 rooms, and all rooms have an open-air bath and an indoor bath made of total hinoki cypress. The rooms offer soothing views and two rooms, one with a sunken kotatsu and the other with a bedroom, allowing guests to spend their time as adults.
Local ingredients are grilled on the sunken hearth edge, and you can enjoy Hida beef grilled on a stone, grilled rockfish skewers, and other Hida specialties. Breakfast is also served at the sunken hearth edge, where you can taste the famous "Hoba Miso".

Open rooms and baths

There are many open-plan rooms and baths that allow you to enjoy quiet time and spend time as an adult. We recommend that you spend time admiring the sounds, breezes, and views that nature has to offer.
You can enjoy the hot springs at your favorite time without worrying about anyone else's eyes, and spend your time with your loved ones in the sunken kotatsu talking about the old days or checking your memories. Enjoy an exceptional time like the murmuring of a river.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Kakurean Hidaji
Address: 687 Fukuchi, Okuhida Onsenkyo, Takayama, Gifu 506-1434
Phone number: 0578-89-2462
Budget: 58,000-62,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This onsen ryokan is located in Okuhida Onsenkyo and is a retreat for adults. All guest rooms have an open-air bath and an indoor bath made of hinoki cypress, and the attentive service provides a relaxing stay.

Gero Onsen, Gero Onsen, Gero Onsen, Gero Onsen, Gero Onsen, Gero Onsen, Gero Onsen

Located near the Gero Onsen Gassho Mura (Gero Onsen Gassho Village), this Gero Onsen ryokan is situated on a hill and is a retreat for adults. It is a special inn with guest rooms with open-air baths and a detached house where you can spend quiet time.
Gero Onsen (Gero Hot Springs) can be enjoyed in the open-air baths paved with binchotan (Japanese charcoal). There are also garden open-air baths and private open-air baths for guests to enjoy. The stone-paved entrance, the warmth of the lanterns, and the polished lobby are picturesque in every way. The garden, where you can experience the changing seasons, is also magnificent.

A menu that pleases the meal, the mind and the body.

You can enjoy kaiseki meals and Hida beef for dinner, and a little bit of luxury for breakfast, with a choice of Japanese or Western food. You can enjoy your meals in a private room, so you can eat without worrying about being seen.
You can also order additional items such as Hida beef grilled with Hoba miso.

"Ryokan Information "
Address: 〒509-2202 Mori 2505, Gero-shi, Gifu
Phone number: 0576-25-3181
Budget: 45,000-50,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This Gero Onsen ryokan is located near the Lu Onsen Gassho Mura (Gero Onsen Gassho Village). Located on a hill, the ryokan is an adult retreat with guest rooms with open-air baths and a detached house.

Takimoto-kan Yuuki-no-Sato

This is a long-established onsen ryokan that has been in operation since 1878. It is built overlooking beautiful nature, where you can spend quality time.
Not only do you have a panoramic view of the Nobi Plain, but you can also see the morning glow in the morning and a star-filled sky at night. The view changes with the hour, so you can enjoy the scenery 24 hours a day. You can also see the Nobi Plain from the open-air bath and the observation bath, allowing you to spend a relaxing time. There are also guest rooms with open-air baths, where you can enjoy the satisfaction of having the view all to yourself.

A spectacular view all to yourself

The ryokan is located in the mountains, so it has a reputation for its wonderful scenery. The windows are made of glass from top to bottom so that the view can be seen clearly, giving the illusion of being outside.
The cuisine is kaiseki, a type of Japanese style meal that is filled with seasonal delicacies from the satoyama and the mountains and from the sea. Hida beef course is also available for meat lovers.
This is a very special ryokan where you can have a classy time, so please stay at this ryokan when you come to Gifu for sightseeing.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Takimoto-kan Yuki-no-Sato
Residence:1290-16, Yorai-machi, Yorai-gun, Gifu, 〒503-1254
Phone number: 0584-32-3111
Budget: 24,000 - 30,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This is a long-established onsen ryokan built in the mountains since 1881. The ryokan offers a panoramic view of the Nobi Plain, and the scenery, cuisine, and hot springs will satisfy all your needs.

Japanese inn Hida Takayama Yamanosato

This onsen ryokan is located in the midst of the pristine natural environment of Hida Takayama, an area of approximately 15,000 tsubo.
The inn is a 100-year-old gassho-zukuri building with a sunken hearth, and is a rare opportunity to stay in the same building as a World Heritage site. The baths are made of rocks and hinoki cypress, and the guest rooms have indoor hinoki cypress baths with a view of the scenery. The cuisine is also reputed to be delicious, with Hida Takayama's unique river fish, wild vegetables, Hida beef, and other seasonal delicacies at their best.

Beautiful scenery all year round

No matter what time of year you visit, you will always be able to see beautiful scenery and discover something new every time you go to this nature-filled ryokan. We recommend that you stay at the ryokan as if you were enjoying nature rather than resisting it.
The inn has become famous among gourmets for the meals served by the fireplace, and is recommended by Michelin.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Nihon no Yado Hida Takayama Wa no Sato
Address: 〒509-3505 1682 Ichinomiya-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu
Phone number: 0577-53-2321
Budget: 62,000 yen to 66,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: Located in the midst of 15,000 tsubo of natural beauty, Yamanosato is a hot spring ryokan in a 100-year-old building. Guests can stay in Gassho-zukuri style guest rooms.


This is a relaxing wooden hotel inspired by ZEN. Stylish guest rooms are recommended, filled with simple yet mannered interior design. This hotel is popular among tourists, blending in harmoniously in a place where good old Japanese scenery still remains.
Surrounded by Hida Takayama furniture, the rooms have gained a reputation for relaxing both mind and body.

Hida Takayama Furniture Lounge

In the lounge, surrounded by Hida Takayama chairs that make it hard to decide which chair to sit on, guests can enjoy free local sake, soft drinks, beer, and other beverages.
And of course, you can buy furniture, so we recommend that you try to find your favorite chair. You can enjoy well-designed, high-quality Hida Takayama furniture at this hotel. All rooms have interior sliding screens, and you can experience the Japanese spirit by experiencing matcha (powdered green tea) and zazen (Zen meditation).

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: HOTEL WOOD Takayama
Address: 〒506-0845 80-2, Kami-Ninomachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
Phone number: 0577-62-8888
Budget: 15,000-18,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space & Facilities: This is a modern Japanese-style hotel with wooden architecture. Guests can enjoy Gifu in stylish guest rooms surrounded by furniture from Hida Takayama and a local sake drinking contest in the lounge.

Ryu Resort & Spa

This resort hotel is located on the Shokawa Plateau. It is close to the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go, allowing guests to enjoy nature while staying here. There are trekking and walking courses on the grounds, and you can also play in the river. The hot spring is 100% alkaline hot water from its own source. You can enjoy the hot spring water for beautiful skin in the Roshu bath, which offers a sense of the four seasons, and in the large indoor bath.
This highland resort hotel is a summer retreat in summer and a ski resort in winter.

There is also a design room

For those who want to stay in a stylish room while enjoying the view from 1,000 meters above sea level, we recommend the design rooms and Japanese/Western style rooms.
There are stylish guest rooms that make you feel as if you are staying at your own villa for the holidays. The cuisine is prepared with kaiseki dishes that focus on seasonal ingredients to the fullest. In the morning, you can also enjoy Gifu's specialties such as handmade tofu and Hoba Miso-yaki (baked bean curd with soybean paste).

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: Ryu Resort & Spa
Address: 892-11 Shinbuchi, Shokawa-cho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, 501-5413
Phone number: 052-264-0843
Budget: 26,000 yen to 29,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This is a resort hotel in Hida Takayama and Shogawa Plateau. There are natural hot springs that you can bathe in as if you were in a forest, and views that you can only experience here from an altitude of 1,000 meters.

Honjin Hiranoya Hana Choan

This hotel is located right in front of the old streets of Hida Takayama. The hotel is close to the morning market, making it the perfect place to stay for sightseeing in Hida Takayama. The emotional building and attentive customer service will ensure a satisfying stay. The food is also highly reputed for its carefully selected ingredients and special cooking methods, which are sure to satisfy you.
For breakfast, you can choose between Japanese and Western-style meals, both of which include a small variety of carefully selected side dishes. The hot spring baths include an open-air bath overlooking the Hida Mountains and a large bath on the top floor, and there is also a large bath on the first floor with a view of the garden.

Clean rooms with a modern Japanese style

The guest rooms are modern Japanese-style rooms, all of which are spacious and relaxing.
We also have a selection of excellent esthetic treatments for women, and you can choose a yukata. You can also choose a yukata and go for a walk through the old streets of Hida Takayama.
The hotel also has a glamorous image and is recommended for women's travel.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan
Address: 1-34 Honmachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, 506-0011
Phone number: 0577-34-1234
Budget: 37,000-45,000 yen
No smoking and no eating: No smoking in the whole room
Space and Facilities: This hot spring hotel is located in front of the old streets of Hida Takayama. The hotel offers modern Japanese-style guest rooms and an emotional atmosphere where you can enjoy a hot spring bath.


We have introduced recommended hotels and inns that will enhance your sightseeing in Gifu.
Whether it is winter with snow or summer with lush greenery, Gifu Prefecture offers many ways to enjoy the highlands, hot springs, and cuisine.

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