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[Kyoto ]7 ryokans in the Gion area for 10,000-50,000 yen! Moderately priced and easy to use!

[Kyoto ]7 ryokans in the Gion area for 10,000-50,000 yen! Moderately priced and easy to use!

2022-12-14 Management office

Hello. In this article, I would like to introduce 7 recommended ryokan in the Gion area where you can stay with a budget of 10,000 to 50,000 yen. Although many people may have an image that ryokans in the Gion area are upscale facilities, we believe that ryokans with a budget of 10,000 to 50,000 yen can be used by a wide range of people, from students to adults. We hope you will enjoy Kyoto's traditional sightseeing at a ryokan such as the one introduced here, which is relatively budget-friendly.
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E-no Ye

The first ryokan we would like to introduce to you is this one. This ryokan advocates a pure Japanese-style ryokan, and you can enjoy the calm and traditional atmosphere that is typical of Gion, Kyoto. It is very conveniently located only a 5-minute walk from major sightseeing spots such as Yasaka-no-to (Yasaka Pagoda), and its Japanese-style rooms and Japanese-style cuisine are a perfect combination of what many people expect from sightseeing in Kyoto.

Rumor has it that the food is delicious! A moment away from reality in the heart of Kyoto

The food at this ryokan is particularly delicious and has a good reputation on the Internet. While most lodging facilities serve buffet-style breakfasts, this hotel offers Japanese-style meals served in a Japanese-style room in a ladylike atmosphere. It has a private atmosphere and is recommended for couples. The food is prepared in such an atmosphere, and the taste is impeccable. Kyoto ingredients are used in abundance to create exquisite kaiseki cuisine. Sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and special nabe dishes are also available. The best part is that you can even have a high-class bento box lunch at lunch time. This ryokan is a perfect place to experience the various culinary cultures of Kyoto, and is highly recommended.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Pure Japanese Cuisine Ryokan Kinoe
Address: 44-8 Bishamon-cho, 4-chome, Higashioji-dori Matsubara-agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 0120-55-1230
Budget: from ¥23276
Space and facilities: Stylish space, calm atmosphere, full of luxury, Japanese style

Yuzuya Hotel

This ryokan is located a little far from the city center, surrounded by shimmering trees, and has a slightly secluded atmosphere. As you can see from the actual storefront, the wooden entrance evokes a sense of warmth and age.

Ryokan integrated with a restaurant! We have absolute confidence in our meals!

The greatest feature of this ryokan is that it combines the facilities of a ryokan with those of a restaurant. The ryokan itself is a very popular restaurant, loved and highly acclaimed by people all over Kyoto, and the unique charm of this ryokan is that you can fully enjoy such a meal and even stay overnight. The attached photo shows the lunch menu, which includes 16 kinds of seasonal side dishes and yuzu zosui (rice porridge with yuzu citrus juice), and it looks great on social networking sites (SNS). The plates are small and cute, and you can enjoy the depth of Kyoto's food culture in a quiet atmosphere. The menu is extremely popular because it offers a variety of dishes at one time, making it a good value for money. As for the yuzu zosui, a whole yuzu (citrus fruit) is added to the dish, giving it an attractive aroma and a gorgeous appearance. The restaurant is often featured on TV and in magazines, and reservations are sometimes difficult at this popular restaurant. However, guests are able to enjoy this dish relatively smoothly.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan Name: Yuzuya Ryokan
Address: 545 Gion-machi South, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-533-6369
Budget: ¥38260~
Space and facilities: stylish space, relaxed atmosphere, Japanese style, good food

Hotel Information: Bai Mei

This is an old-fashioned ryokan that looks like a picture-perfect, even fantastical tradition. The refined atmosphere, as seen in movies and cartoons, is very attractive. Especially at night, when the lights are turned up, the place is not only sublime, but also has a unique presence. Please enjoy this special space that you will never forget once you see it.

The sukiya-style building stands out in the town of Gion! A space that retains the atmosphere of the Edo period

This ryokan has a very long history. Built in the sukiya-zukuri style, an architectural style that flourished during the Edo period (1603-1868), it offers a taste that is hard to find in modern times. When you travel by bridge across the river, it is as if you are in a different era. The culinary spots loved by the samurai of the Edo period have been mashed up as ryokan (Japanese-style inns). Kaiseki cuisine that makes use of ingredients unique to Kyoto, such as bamboo shoots, Kamo eggplants, and matsutake mushrooms, is extremely sophisticated and very satisfying. The deep and atmospheric meals are a rare and exquisite treat. The cuisine is prepared not only by professional chefs, but also by grandmothers born in the Showa period (1926-1989). Enjoy a nostalgic meal in Kyoto and warm your body and soul.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Ryokan Shiraume
Address: 78-6 Sueyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-561-1459
After calculation:¥29468~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, calm atmosphere, full of luxury, Japanese style

Kyo no Oyado Samifuku

This Kyoto inn, Mifuku, is run on a street where maiko and geisha come and go. It has a very long history of nearly 100 years and has been loved as a trademark of this area. It is a space that is not modernized, but is a breath of Kyoto from long ago. It does not have any new facilities or services that are specialized for young people, but it has remained popular for a long time because it is rooted in the traditional spirit of hospitality that is typical of Kyoto. Please enjoy a moment of relaxation in the spirit of calm service that takes good care of its guests.

A warm and dusty space! Heal your mind and body

The atmosphere of the rooms is very cozy without being overdressed. The relaxing space that touches the sensibilities of Japanese people will make you feel as if you have been familiar with the restaurant for a long time. The meals are also highly acclaimed. This inn is a one-night stay (breakfast only), but if you request it, they will serve you dinner. You can also enjoy conversation with the chef and invite maiko or geisha to your room, and enjoy Kyoto's Japanese kaiseki cuisine in a luxurious atmosphere. Please enjoy chatting with various people and making memories in a luxurious and open atmosphere.

"Ryokan Information "
Ryokan name: Kyo no Oyado Mifuku
Address: 140 Wakamatsu-cho, Ponto-cho Sanjo-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-221-5696
Budget: 20680 yen and up
Space and facilities: Japanese style, calm atmosphere, full of luxury

Yumean in the Ishikoshi Path

As the name suggests, this is a very quiet inn located on a stone-paved alley. Especially at night time, the soft light spreads to the edge of the aged stone tatami mats, creating a very magical atmosphere. Please spend a historic moment in this famous place, which is also designated as an important traditional building group preservation site.

A space with a shippity, Japanese-inspired atmosphere!

This ryokan places great importance on harmony, which is typical of Kyoto, Japan. In addition to the location of the ryokan, the rooms are designed with a great deal of ingenuity. The most popular rooms are Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats for a very relaxing stay, and there are many other rooms with beds that offer a comfortable mix of Japanese and Western styles. Almost all rooms have a view of the courtyard garden for a moment of relaxation. Enjoy the feeling of luxury in an elegant space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

"Ryokan Information "
Name: Ishibeikoji Mu-an
Address: 463-10, Shimokawara-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-741-8815
After calculation:¥20900~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, calm atmosphere, full of luxury, Japanese style

ANJIN Gion Shirakawa

This ryokan is limited to one couple per day, making it a very special ryokan for those in the know. The atmosphere is exceptional, with all of the luxurious facilities and services prepared just for you, allowing you to create memories that will last a lifetime. You can enjoy the feeling of a vacation home and color your private time with your loved ones.

The gift of more than 100 years of history is all to yourself!

The building itself is over 100 years old and boasts a very long history. The building itself is over 100 years old and has a very long history. The building was built in a style and texture rarely seen in modern times, and the windows of the tatami room are vaulted, so you can look out and enjoy the view of the Shirakawa River and other scenery. While listening to the murmuring of the Shirakawa River, you can taste the streets of Kyoto, also known as "Yanagidori ", and it truly leaves a strong impact on visitors. The price per person decreases as the number of guests increases, which is also useful for families. However, capacity is limited, so early reservations are recommended.

"Ryokan Information "
Address: 559-4, Karto-bin-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 050-3189-0049
To calculate:¥35000~
Space and facilities: stylish, relaxed atmosphere, full of luxury, beautiful view, private

Cherry Blossom Festival (Kitano Shrine, Feb. 25)

This last one, also located in the quaint shopping district of Gion, is a wonderful ryokan that creates an atmosphere that blends in with Kyoto life. Despite such a traditional background, the interior design incorporates Western-conscious essence, which makes it very friendly.

Renovated 100 year old house! Children under 12 years old are free!

This ryokan also places great importance on the spirit of ladylike hospitality, as is typical of Kyoto, and the interior design, based on a century-old traditional Japanese house, is very attractive, with a Western twist that is easily accessible to modern people. Indirect lighting in warm colors is very effective and gently colors the night in Kyoto. In addition, children under 12 years old who visit on vacation stay free of charge. The range of children's services is wide, and the hotel's desire for you to enjoy Kyoto is clearly evident.

"Ryokan Information "
Name of the inn: Sakara Karaku
Address: 541-2, Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-708-5400
Budget: ¥16388~
Space and facilities: Japanese style, relaxed atmosphere


Thank you for reading this far. We were very impressed with the calm atmosphere of the inns that are typical of Gion. There was a wide range of price ranges, so please find the ryokan that best suits your plans and preferences.

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