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[Gifu ]has many attractive sightseeing spots! 8 recommended spots

[Gifu ]has many attractive sightseeing spots! 8 recommended spots


Gifu Prefecture is not often on the list of potential travel destinations. However, Gifu Prefecture is actually home to many attractive sightseeing spots, such as nature, history, and hot springs. In this issue, we will introduce some of the best places to visit in Gifu.

Shirakawa-go Gassho-Zukuri Village

Shirakawa-go Gassho-Zukuri Village "is one of Gifu Prefecture's most popular tourist destinations and is registered as a World Heritage site. " The 100 or so gassho-zukuri houses in Shirakawa Village, surrounded by mountains and full of nature, are a true original landscape of Japan.

""Gassho-zukuri "is a unique Japanese architectural style of thatched roofs built with wooden beams in a mountainous shape, and is said to have come to be called gassho-zukuri "because it looks like palms together when viewed from the outside. "The structure is adapted to the natural conditions of Shirakawa-go, which has heavy snowfall and heavy snow ".

The village is lined with old Gassho-zukuri houses and residences that still have residents today, as well as souvenir stores and restaurants. There is also an observatory from which you can view the entire village, so be sure to take a commemorative photo!

Although not in Gifu Prefecture, we also recommend visiting "Gokayama Gassho no Sato "in Toyama Prefecture, located about 20 minutes by car from Shirakawa-go.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Shirakawa-go Gassho-zukuri Village
Address: Ogimachi, Shirakawa-mura, Ono-gun, Gifu 501-5627
Business hours: 8:00-17:00
Closed: No holidays
Parking: Available (passenger cars: 1,000 yen, motorcycles: 200 yen)

Old streets of Hida Takayama

In the heart of the castle town, the three lines of Takayama's Kamimachi and Shimomachi, which developed as a merchant town, are called "old townscape "and are lined with historic buildings built from the late Edo period to the mid-Meiji period, creating a space that is like a time slip back in time. The elegant appearance of the town, preserved as it was in the Edo period, is also called "Hida's Little Kyoto ".

Among them, the area around Kamisanomachi, Kami-Ninomachi, and Kami-Ichinomachi, lined with mansions built in the late Edo and Meiji periods, is also called "Sanmachi-dori ", and is a popular spot where the charm of "old townscape "can be felt most.

An irrigation canal runs under the eaves of the buildings, which are latticework with "degoshi" (latticework that extends outward), and sake breweries hang "sake palanquins "made of cedar leaves as beads from their eaves, creating a charming scene.

The "old streets "are also a great place to eat and drink. Visitors can casually enjoy gourmet foods such as Hida beef sushi, beef stew, croquettes, meat buns, and other snacks, as well as freshly baked savory Mitarashi dumplings.

For sake lovers, a tour of sake breweries is recommended. "There are 7 sake breweries in the old town ", so be sure to enjoy tasting and purchasing sake.

"Facility Information "
Facility Name: Old Town Streets (Furui Machinami)
Address: 〒506-0000 Kami-Ichinomachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
Parking: Yes (many pay parking lots available)

Miyagawa morning market

"Not far from the old town ", there is a morning market "Miyagawa Asaichi "where local aunts and uncles sell fresh vegetables, fruits, rice cakes, puddings, and seasonings that they have wholeheartedly prepared.

The history of the festival dates back to the Edo period. After overcoming numerous changes of venue and world wars, the festival was established in 1960 at the current location on the banks of the Miyagawa River.

In addition to being able to buy and eat fresh local products, the best part of the morning market is enjoying conversations with the vendors. They will tell you how to use the seasonings they are selling and how to enjoy eating vegetables.

We recommend staying at a hotel in the area and visiting the next morning to buy souvenirs for yourself and your friends.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Hida Takayama Miyagawa Asaichi (Hida Takayama Miyagawa Morning Market)
Address: Along the Miyagawa River, Shimominocho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, 506-0841
Hours: April-November 7:00-12:00 / December-March 8:00-12:00
Closed: No holidays
Parking: Yes (many pay parking lots available)

Gero Onsen

Together with Arima Onsen (Hyogo Prefecture) and Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture), "it is one of the three best hot springs in Japan ". It has a long history and was already famous as a hot spring resort in the Heian period (794-1185), and during the Warring States period (1467-1568), Nobunaga Oda is said to have enjoyed a hot spring cure there. It is also famous as "a hot spring for beauty ". There are several footbaths in the hot spring resort, and the area is lined with sweets eateries and souvenir shops, making it a pleasant hot spring town to stroll around.

The "yumeguri handbill "is popular for those who enjoy day trips to hot springs. This is a great value pass that allows you to enter three hot springs within Gero Onsen that are members of the "Yumeguri Handbill "(valid for six months from purchase).

Another fun way to enjoy a stroll in Gero Onsen is to visit "footbaths "and "eating ". There are nine free footbaths to enjoy, perfect for soothing tired feet after a day of strolling.

"As for eating ", you can taste a variety of gourmet foods, including cute sweets, onigiri rice balls, and other must-have Instagram-worthy foods, cafes serving special coffee, and Gifu's local cuisine "chicken "cooked with cabbage and other vegetables in a soy sauce-based seasoning.

Souvenirs and sweets are especially recommended at "Yumiya ", where you can soak in the footbath and enjoy sweets.

"Representative Facility Information "
Facility name: Yumiya
Address: 801-2 Yunoshima, Gero-shi, Gifu, 〒509-2207
Hours of operation: 9:00-16:00 (24 hours for footbath)
Closed: Check the installation
Parking: No (city parking lot nearby)

Pension Mandate Reversal

This art park in Yoro Park is the realization of a 30-plus year vision by internationally acclaimed artist Shusaku Arakawa and his partner, poet Madeline Gins.

Although artworks are called "artworks," visitors here do not enjoy viewing them, but rather enjoy entering the large works of art scattered about. There are many artworks that you can enjoy with your body, such as artworks that are intricate like a maze, artworks that are straight or diagonal and difficult to walk on, artworks that look like sofas that are tilted, and artworks that resemble the Japanese archipelago.

Be sure to wear athletic shoes to enjoy the art, as it is on a slope or at an angle, making it unstable.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Yoro Tenmei Intenji
Address: 1298-2 Takabayashi, Yoro Town, Yoro County, Gifu Prefecture, 503-1267
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Tuesdays and 12/29 - 1/3
Admission: Adults 770 yen, High school students 510 yen, Elementary and junior high school students 310 yen
Parking: Yes

Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos

This is a complex facility of Gifu City that includes the Gifu Central Library, Civic Activity Exchange Center, and exhibition galleries. With a library with an expansive artistic space, a Starbucks and convenience store for coffee breaks, and rows of trees that are illuminated in winter, this facility is more than just a city facility.

Of particular note is the library. The ceiling is covered with a wooden lattice roof made entirely of Gifu's Tono hinoki cypress, combined by hand by craftsmen. And from the ceiling hangs a bowl-shaped monument called the "Globe ", from which leaks beautiful light.

Not only is the interior unique, but there is also a wide selection of books, ranging from dictionaries to pure literature, as well as anime-related items, for the enjoyment of both children and adults.

"A library as a tourist? "You may think, "What's a library for sightseeing?" But we invite you to visit a library with a uniquely beautiful interior and exterior view.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos
Address: 40-5 Tsukasa-cho, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, 500-8076, Japan
Library hours: 9:00-20:00
Closed: Last Tuesday of each month (if it falls on a national holiday, the following Tuesday; if it falls on the year-end or New Year's holiday, the Tuesday of the previous week), 12/31 - 1/3
Admission: Free
Parking: Yes


"Magomejuku "is located almost in the center of Japan, an area where visitors can enjoy satoyama scenery of rice paddies and mountain forests in a sloping terrain, and the Nakasendo Road runs through the center of the region. The Nakasendo was a 530-kilometer road from Edo Nihonbashi to Kyoto, and 69 inns were established along the way. "Magomejuku "is the 43rd of the 69 inn towns.

The cobblestone-paved slopes and nostalgic streets that retain the atmosphere of the Edo period are like stepping back in time.

The stone-paved street is lined on both sides with stores selling oyaki, sembei, and gohei-mochi (rice crackers) and cafes built in the style of old private homes, creating a charming atmosphere. Please enjoy eating and walking along the street.

"Facility Information "
Facility name:Magomejuku
Address: Magome, Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu 508-0502
Parking: Yes (many pay parking lots available)

Gifu Castle (in Gifu Prefecture)

Located in the central area of Gifu City at the top of Mt. Kinkasan, the castle is said to have been first fortified between 1201 and 1204 by the Kamakura Shogunate regent Nikaido Administration, and was the residence of Saito Dosan during the Warring States Period. Later, later in 1567, Nobunaga Oda captured this castle and became its lord. Nobunaga is said to have changed the name of the place called "Inokuchi "to "Gifu "and the name of the castle called "Inabayama Castle "to "Gifu Castle ". In that castle town, economic revitalization measures called "Rakuichi Rakuza" were implemented, and the town became very lively.

The current "Gifu Castle "was reconstructed in 1956, and from the observatory within the site, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Gifu City, including the Nagara River, and in the distance, a magnificent view of the mountains surrounding the city. The area is also illuminated from sunset to 23:00, providing a fantastic view of the city.

"Facility Information "
Facility name: Gifu Castle
Address: 18 Kinkazan Tenshukaku, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, 500-0000
Hours: 3/16-10/16 9:30-17:30, 10/17-3/15 9:30-16:30
Closed: No holidays
Admission: ¥200 for those under 70 and over 16, ¥100 for those under 16 and over 4
Parking lot: Yes (310yen)


How about the sightseeing spots in Gifu? Gifu Prefecture is full of attractions such as nature, history, and hot springs. Why don't you add Gifu Prefecture to your list of future travel destinations?

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