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[Kyoto ]with temples and cityscapes "16 Hanami spots in Kyoto "!

[Kyoto ]with temples and cityscapes "16 Hanami spots in Kyoto "!

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Spring is the season for cherry blossom viewing.
Cherry blossoms are a special flower for Japanese people, and many people look forward to this season with great anticipation. For those people, Kyoto's cherry blossom viewing spots are definitely worth a visit.
In the ancient capital of Kyoto, cherry blossoms can be seen in a variety of situations, including temples and shrines, in nature such as riverbanks and mountains, and in Kyoto-like townscapes such as machiya (traditional townhouses).
This article introduces 16 such perfect hanami spots in Kyoto for your reference.
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Hirano Shrine

Hirano Shrine is famous for its cherry blossoms.
It was loved by aristocrats in the Heian period (794-1185), and when nighttime cherry blossoms were opened to the general public in the Edo period (1603-1868), they came to be enjoyed by more people as "Plain Nighttime Cherry Blossoms ".

There are 400 cherry trees of about 60 varieties, a very large number, and many rare types of cherry trees.
Because there are many varieties, another feature of cherry blossoms at Hirano Shrine is that they can be enjoyed for a long period of time, from around mid-March to about a month and a half.

It is also illuminated, and you can still enjoy "the nighttime cherry blossoms "on the plains.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Hirano Shrine (Hirano Jinja)
Address: 1 Hiranomiyamoto-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City
Phone number: 075-461-4450
Hours: 6:00~17:00
Admission: Free. Cherry Blossom Garden: 500 yen
Space and Facilities: Parking lot, lights available

Yodogawa River Park, Dorsal cutbank area

The area is famous for its 1.4-km cherry blossom tunnel with approximately 220 Someiyoshino cherry trees.
There are grassy plazas, wild birds can be seen, and the park is a unique and relaxing place to be.

During the cherry blossom season, an event called "Sakura Festival "is held where visitors can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms and food stalls on a boat.

The 25-meter-high "Sakura deai Kan "observation tower offers a panoramic view of the rows of cherry trees.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Yodogawa River Park, Sewariteichiku area
Residence: Hachiman, Hachiman-shi, Kyoto Prefecture
Budget: Free. During cherry blossom blooming season, "Sakura deai-kan observation tower "has a fee (Adults ¥300 / Elementary and junior high school students ¥100)
Space and Facilities: Parking lot and plaza available

Madoka Park

Maruyama Park is the oldest park in Kyoto City.
"The weeping cherry called Gion no Yozakura "is famous for being loved by the poet Akiko Yosano, and is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto.

The official name of the Gion nocturnal cherry tree is "single white higan-idarezakura ( "), which is now the second generation of the tree.
The first weeping cherry tree was designated a natural monument in 1938, but died in 1947.
The cherry trees we have today were seeded from the first generation of cherry trees and grown in the field.

There are about 630 other cherry trees, including someiyoshino, yamazakura, and yae-shidare-zakura, making hanami enjoyable throughout the park.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Maruyama Park
Address: Maruyama-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City
Phone number: 075-561-1350
Budget: Free
Space and Facilities: Parking lot, lights available

Daigoji Temple

Daigoji Temple, a World Heritage Site, is known as "Daigo of Flowers "and has been a favorite cherry blossom viewing spot since the Heian period.
It has been selected as one of Kyoto's "100 best cherry blossom sites "and it is said that Hideyoshi Toyotomi loved these cherry trees.

There are approximately 700 cherry trees, and the main varieties are weeping cherry, someiyoshino, yamazakura, and yaezakura.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi held an extravagant hanami called "Daigo no hanami "in his later years, and the event "Toyotomi Hanami Gyoretsu "is still held on the second Sunday of April.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Daigoji Temple
Address: 22 Daigo Higashioji-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-571-0002
Hours: Summer 9:00~17:00 / Winter 9:00~16:30
Budget: Adults ¥1,500 / Junior high school and high school students ¥1,000 (Spring term: from 3/20 to the last day of G.W. in May) Adults ¥1,000 / Junior high school and high school students ¥700 (Regular term)
Space and Facilities: Parking available

Kekkami Incline

Abandoned railway line near Nanzenji temple "Keage Incline ".
There are more than 90 cherry trees, including someiyoshino and yamazakura, and visitors can walk along the railroad tracks to fully enjoy the cherry blossoms.

The railroad originally ran to transport ships and operated from 1891 to 1948.
It is now designated as a cultural asset of Kyoto City.

It is a place where you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in an atmosphere different from that of shrines and riverbanks.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Keage Incline (Care Gain Incline)
Address: Awataguchi Yamashita-cho - Nanzenji Kusakawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Budget: Free

road of philosophy

"It has been selected as one of the 100 best roads in Japan "and is a charming hanami spot with its romantic tunnel of dancing cherry blossoms.
It is close to the Keage Incline introduced earlier, and you can walk to either.

Sekisetsu Hashimoto, a painter active from the Taisho to Showa periods, and his wife Yone donated 300 cherry trees to the site.

Currently, approximately 400 cherry trees, including Someiyoshino, Yaezakura, and Shidarezakura, are planted here.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Tetsugakunomichi (Road of Philosophy)
Address: Jodoji-Shimonanda-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-761-1944 (Philosophy Road Conservation Association)
Budget: Free

Kiyomizu Temple

Also known as the Stage of Kiyomizu, the World Heritage Site "Kiyomizu Temple "is a classic tourist destination that can be enjoyed throughout the year, with cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall.
There are also many cultural assets within the temple grounds, including the inner sanctuary, the Ayida Hall, and many others.

There are approximately 1,500 Someiyoshino and Yamazakura cherry trees, which bloom beautifully surrounding the main hall.
The view of the city and the cherry blossoms from the main hall, which is perched on top of a cliff, is also very spectacular.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Kiyomizu Temple (Kiyomizudera)
Address: 1-294, Shimizu 1-chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-551-1234
Hours: 6:00~18:00 (6:00~18:30 in July and August)
Admission: ¥400 for adults / ¥200 for elementary and junior high school students

Lung On Temple

Ryoanji Temple is world famous for its dry landscape stone garden.
In 1975, Queen Elizabeth of England also visited.
The contrast between the stone garden and the weeping cherry blossoms peeking out from behind the wall is beautiful and striking.
In addition to weeping cherry trees, there are several other types of cherry trees such as Someiyoshino, Yama-zakura, and Yae-zakura, each of which bloom at a different time, so that visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long period of time.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Ryoan-ji Temple
Residence: 13 Ryuonji Goreng Shimo-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City
Phone number: 075-463-2216
Opening hours: March 1~November 30, 8:00~17:00 / December 1~End of February, 8:30~16:30
Admission: ¥500 for adults and high school students / ¥300 for elementary and junior high school students
Space and Facilities: Parking available

Mt. Kasaki Nature Park

"It is an excellent hanami spot, selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan ".

Kasagi, with approximately 3,000 cherry trees from the foot of the mountain to the summit. During the full bloom season, the cherry blossoms beautifully wrap around the mountain.

Many people come for hiking, the "Sakura Festival "that is held during the blooming season, and the lighting up of the cherry blossoms at night attract many people during the season.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Kasagiyama Shizen Koen (Mt. Kasagi Nature Park)
Address: Mount Kasagi, Kasagi Town, Souraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Tel: 0743-95-2301 (Kasagi Town Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division)
Budget: Free
Space and Facilities: Parking available

Changsilkwangsa Temple

Jojakkoji Temple is a quiet mountain temple located halfway up Mt.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy hanami in peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Although it is famous for its autumn foliage, it is actually a hidden gem for its cherry blossoms, especially the large weeping cherry trees.

Other flowering trees such as camellias, azaleas, and rhododendrons can also be enjoyed.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Jojakkoji Temple
Address: 3 Saga Ogurayama Ogura-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City
Phone number: 075-861-0435
Hours: 9:00~17:00
Space and Facilities: Parking available

Kamigamo Shrine

Kamigamo Shrine is the oldest shrine in Kyoto.

There are various types of cherry trees with different blooming times, such as "Saiozakura ", a 150-year-old tree, "Goshozakura ", which is at its best in early April, and "Kanhizakura ".
Therefore, one of the attractions of this area is that visitors can enjoy the cherry blossoms for a long period of time, from mid-March to late April.

Please visit the park according to the blooming time of your favorite cherry blossoms.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Kamigamo Jinja (Kamigamo Shrine)
Address: 339 Kamigamo Motoyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-781-0011
Hours: 5:30-17:00 inside Ninotorii Gate, 8:00-16:4500 inside Toromon Gate, 10:00-16:00 for special viewing (16:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
Admission: Free. Special visit ¥500
Space and Facilities: Parking available

Sanchikan, the Three Thousandth House (Japanese reign name)

Sanzenin Temple was founded by Saicho in the 8th century.
The Amida Nyorai statue, a national treasure, and the beautiful garden make it a popular tourist destination.

The best time to see the cherry blossoms is a little late, in mid-April.
More than 100 cherry trees including weeping cherry, someiyoshino, and yamazakura are in bloom, and the weeping cherry in the inner sanctuary is especially beautiful.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Sanzen-in Temple (Sanzen-in Temple)
Residence: 540, Ogara Yonin-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Phone number: 075-744-2531
Hours: 9:00~17:00 (Nov. 8:30~17:00, Dec.~Feb. 9:00~16:30)
Admission: ¥700 for adults / ¥400 for junior high and high school students / ¥150 for elementary school students

Genjingu Nijo Castle

Tokugawa Ieyasu built the castle to protect the Kyoto Imperial Palace "Nijo Castle ".
It is a popular place for sightseeing throughout the year, but it is also a popular place for cherry blossom viewing, with more than 300 cherry trees of about 50 varieties, ranging from early to late bloomers.

Every year "the Nijo Castle Cherry Blossom Festival "is held, featuring a modern approach to the charm of cherry blossoms, including lighting, projection mapping, and interactive content.

The majestic castle and the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms offer a different way to enjoy cherry blossoms, with an approach that enhances the charm of the castle and the cherry blossoms.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Motorikyu Nijo Castle
Address: 541 Nijojojo-machi, Nijo-dori Horikawa Nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-841-0096
Opening time: 8:45~16:00
Entrance fee: General ¥1,300 / Junior high school/college students ¥400 / Elementary school students ¥300
Space and Facilities: Parking available

Gion Shirakawa

It is a place rich in Kyoto's atmosphere, with machiya houses lining the riverside streets, cobblestone paved ground, and sometimes maiko can be seen, and is sometimes used as a stage for TV dramas.

Although there are not many cherry trees (about 40), the view of the rows of cherry trees along with the elegant townscape is spectacular.

During the cherry blossom season, the restaurant is illuminated at night, creating a more magical atmosphere with the lights of the ryotei.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Gion Shirakawa
Place of residence: Yamato Oji-dori Shijo Kamiru, Sueyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Budget: Free

peaceful path

Located north of JR Kameoka Station, it is the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot in the Tamba region.
The sight of approximately 1,500 cherry trees of 30 varieties, including Someiyoshino, blooming along the river is spectacular and fantastic.

You can enjoy about 280 cherry trees of 28 varieties at the nearby "Sakura Park ".

There are also Izumo Grand Shrine and other tourist attractions nearby.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Yawaraginomichi
Address: Chitose, Chitose-cho, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto
Budget: Free
Space and Facilities: Parking available

Renhe Temple

The head temple of the Omuro school of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, "Ninna-ji Temple ".
About 200 cherry trees including Someiyoshino and Shidare-zakura will be in bloom.

Among them, the forest of cherry trees called "Omuro-zakura "is famous as the late-blooming cherry tree in Kyoto, and has been popular as a cherry tree for common people since the Edo period.

It has been designated as a place of scenic beauty, and has been written about in numerous waka poems, indicating that it has attracted many people over the years.

"Spot Information "
Spot name: Ninnaji Temple
Address: 33 Omuro-Ouchi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-461-1155
Hours: 9:00~17:00 (December~February 9:00~16:30)
Haikankan (Gosho Garden): Adults ¥800 / Undergraduates no material
Space and Facilities: Parking available


We have introduced 16 great hanami spots from various areas of Kyoto.
Cherry blossoms bloom all over Japan, but Kyoto has many unique cityscapes and historic buildings that make cherry blossom viewing a uniquely special experience.
Next hanami season, why not enjoy the special cherry blossoms along with Japanese traditions and culture in the ancient capital of Kyoto?

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